Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sibling Solidarity and an Update

We each tried to do something nice for Phantom while he is away.

I protected your loveseat and kept it warm for you, big bro.

And I let the Momster take away some of my furs for your face. (Yes, Ms. Wild Dingo, I too am blowing my coat.) Of course, I know nothing about that hole behind me.

The Momster here now - Phantom will be very grateful to both of you. For our readers, I have a preliminary report on the surgery. The lump has been removed and Phantom did well during surgery. The vet said that he believes he got good margins but that the tumor was a little deeper than he expected. It was almost encapsulated, but he found several trailers leading away from it. No further speculation was given on the type of tumor, but it will be sent to the pathology lab for examination. We could hear something this week, but the last time it was about a week. I am going to count on the longer wait so I don't get too anxious. Phantom will also be coming home with sparkly pearly whites as he got a cleaning while he was "out". He could possibly come home this afternoon depending on how he does.

We don't have the words to thank ALL of you for your continued support and prayers for Phantom. So many of you included him in your posts and we had so many new visitors wishing him well. We are trying to visit all of our new visitors as time allows. It is really comforting to have your such wonderful friends and furiends. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much.

Woos, the OP Pack and Mom


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Thanks FUR the pupdate!

We did our furry best from Pawsylvania too!

Khyra and Khousin Merdie

Maggie and Mitch said...

We're sending lots and lots of AireZen and our paws remain crossed! We have thought about you all day, Phantom!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

3 doxies said...

Gosh, I am so relieved to know dat he came through okie dokie and hopefully he will get to come home today. I just don't even know what to say other than...wooooowhoooo...we's kinda been on pins and needles today.
Ciara and TD...dat was very thoughtful of ya'll to do such special things fur Phantom today. He gonna loves his new face wig...hehehe. And TD, I'm so sure he gonna be so grateful you kept his spot warm.
Thank you so very much fur da update.


The Two Country Poodles & Uncle Puppy said...

Thanks for the pupdate. We have been super worried about him! At least he got a two fur one deal with the toofer cleaning. TD it was nice of you to keep his spot warm for him. he will enjoy that alot when he returns!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

BeadedTail said...

Thanks for the update! We've been thinking of Phantom today and are glad the surgery went well! We hope he heals up quickly and that everything is going to be okay. We'll continue to send purrayers and cross paws for him!

Thunder and Ciara, we think Phantom will appreciate the warm loveseat and extra furs!

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Thanks for the update. We've been looking out for it. Glad Phantom did well through the surgery and paws crossed that the recovery will be speedy and problem-free.

Your Friends at
The Poupounette

Stella said...

Phantom is one of the coolest guys we know in the Sibe world and our prayers will continue for his total recovery. Thats TOTAL, Phantom, so we aren't looking for anything else.

Kisses and blessings,

Stella and Jo (and Ali Z upstairs!)

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Catching up with what's been going on... it sounds like surgery went well, now it's the waiting game. I hope Phantom is comfy at home by now, with his family around him. Hang in there, big guy! Sending lots of love and soft hugs,

Cloud and his mom

Jake of Florida said...

Our mom is besides herself when we have a simple tooth cleaning -- so it's not hard to imagine how you must have been feeling while Phantom was having his surgery. We're glad he came through it OK -- and we're sending even more wirey love for a good report.

We think ice cream and treats might be in order!!!

Paws continue to be crossed!

Jake and Just Harry -- and Mom

Sychoberians said...

We are glad Phantom should be coming home. There is nothing like having such caring siblings preparing for his return, good job Thunder and Ciara.

We will continue to keep Phantom in our thoughts.

Remy and Flash

Kira The BeaWootiful and Mom said...

Wooos For Phantom! We will be keeping him in our thoughts and prayers.
Nice job spreading
the fur around the yard, almost looks like snow!

*husky kisses*
~ Kira the BeaWootiful~

Lacy said...

w00fs, we kept watchin for a update..then when we seed it, heart skipped a beat..mama said a quick prayer and me made sure me paws wuz crossed...the waiting on results will b bad...but with us all behind u, u will b good to go..

b safe,

Frankie Furter said...

That is very much wonderful news. Very agressive on the surgery.. I think that is always bestest. Keep us posted. My paws are crossed tightly.

Bijou said...

We will keep our paws and fingers crossed that all the tumor was taken out. Thunder and Ciara did a terrific job filling in for Phantom. BOL Thanks for the pupdate.


AFSS said...

Ciara & Thunder we knows Phantom is going to appreciate your efforts. Wow, y'all sure do shed a lot.

We are so glad Phantom made it through surgery OK, with clean teeth no less. We are purring extra hard for him and sending all sorts of GOOD VIBES. We can't wait to see his sparkly white smile.

The Heartbeats said...

Good job OP Pack!
When Momma said that Nikki was "blowin' her coat" Daddy made fun of her cuz he didn't know what that meant. DUH!! Anyhoo- she coulda made you a black face wit and youda been more like a PHANTOM!!
Feeeeeeeeeellllllll BEEEEEEEEETTTTERRRR!


Nubbin' Tails said...

So glad to hear that things went so well. Hopefully he'll be home on his loveseat before he knows it!

Sending Lucky's good healing vibes since I heal so slow! :-)


Mr. Nubbin'

PeeS. My mom looked for the comfy cone, but the Petco here only carries up to a large and my neck is so fat that didn't fit. I needed an XL and that required online shopping.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the good news about Phantom.... hope it cools off around here SOON.

YD, sometimes with ♥Samantha and ♥June said...

Thank you for the pupdate. We are glad that Phantom made it through the surgery. We hope to see him soon.
TD and Ciara, woo two are just great brofur and sisfur!

Sam & June

Asta said...

We awe pwaying vewy hawd fow ouw deew Phantom..I just know he will be all wight!!! I'm sending an extwa hooge twuckload of smoochie healing kisses
love and good tewwiew vibes

Sue said...

Hey Ciara,
I'm blowing coat too. Do you need some black hair for your collection?

Anonymous said...

OMD I hope you have Phantom and his pearlies back home today. There's something very reassuring about having your loved ones at home, isn't there? Who can take better care of us than our families??? Paws crossed, breath held, and we're waiting with you. Yes, good idea to expect to hear back from the doctor later.
Twinkie and family

Anonymous said...

This is a Good Pupdate! I will still keep my paws crossed that all is well and Phantom will be home and feeling well soon.

woo woos, Tessa

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

We are so glad that you all are taking care of everything while Phantom is away..
We are glad to hear the good news, that Phantom is doing well.. We still are sending big Heeler Vibes your way the power of the paw always pays off...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Sagira said...

Thunder and Ciara, you guys are such great siblings to Phantom for doing that.

Glad to hear that the surgery went well. Hope Phantom feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Phantom is gonna be proud as punch when he gets home and sees how good you tooks care of stuff!

And I have been thinking and thinking of Phantom all day. I'm very much glad his operation went okay! I know waiting is real hard but we'll all do it together and maybe it won't be so bad.

Please gives Phantom a really gentle nose kissie from me, 'kay?

Wiggles & Wags,

KB said...

I'm so relieved that the news is good - Phantom came through it well and the surgeon thinks he got good margins. I don't think that you could have given a better report!

I know that you'll all (even you Ciara!) will dote on Phantom and help him recover. He's lucky to be part of the OP Pack!

Rambo said...

Thanks fur the update on Phantom. We are sending healing vibes his way and can't wait to see his "pearly whites" he he he.
Rambo and Midget
pee ess...good job TD

Wyatt said...

Looks like the siblings have it under control. (with the exception of the hole in the garden ), I'm sure Phantom would approve! Speedy recovery big dog!


sprinkles said...

Thanks for the update. I've been on pins and needles all day thinking about him. Didn't really think we'd get one today but still came over and checked.

I remembered to light a candle for Phantom this morning!

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! to you Phantom. Sending you lots of Golden LOVE n Golden Healing Thoughts for your recovery. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Thor said...

Thanks for the pupdate. We've been thinking of Phantom all day. Glad the surgery went well. I'll keep my paws crossed for a speedy recovery!

jgaffneycards said...

hope phantom is feeling lots better, can't wait to see some beautiful photos of his pearly whites, his is in my thoughts xox

Jenny, xox

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Thanks for the update on Phantom. We have been praying and thinking about him all day and will continue to do so! We hope he does come home this evening to find his couch was taken care of very well! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Phantom is bound to recover quickly with help from thunder and Ciara!

Looking forward to hearing some good news with regard to the biopsy.

Santa and Minnie said...

Sorry that we have not been around much and we have missed you! Sorry to hear about Phantom but glad that he's doing well now. We wish Phantom a speedy recovery!

Scout 'n Freyja said...

There were many and many crossed paws over here in Michigan for Phantom during surgery. It is a furry good thing that the operation was good and that his toofies is all clean and shiny. That way he will be able to eat all of the wonderful treats that you, the momma, will bestow on him when he returns from the dog-tor.

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Thanks for the update. We continue to send Phantom our strong healing energy and are directing positive vibes to the pathology lab. We share you anxiety in having to wait for results.

Kari in WeHo said...

you two are such sweet siblings. Phantom has been in our thoughts.

Don't forget, we've moved to http://dogisgodinreverse.com

Wild Dingo said...

It's nice to see Ciara practicing her innocent look around mysterious holes. Juno never learned to master that part of her gardening skills.

And I still don't believe you. your house is too clean. do woo vacuume the beasts daily? woo must.

glad to hear all went well. we're still crossing paws over here though.

hugs to your 3 pooches.
wild dingo

Honey the Great Dane said...

So glad to hear the surgery went well!! Keeping paws crossed for good news from the test results!

Honey the Great Dane

Ruby's Raiser said...

Thank you for posting during such a stressful time; great relief here in the Rockies that the patient came through quite well and with nice, shiny teefs to boot!

Lorenza said...

I am so happy to know everything went well with the surgery!
Paws crossed here for good results!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Mango said...

Phantom! Come home! Not another sleep over at the vet? Oh dear. Please get well.


Deborah said...

Oh, I'm hoping the margins are clean.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We have been thinking of you all day.
Mommy hurried in from work to check for updates,,,,
We keep our paws crossed.
You are our beloved friends and we are with yous

Melissa and Emmitt said...

we are so relieved that everything went so well today.
we are sending big hugs! thank you for the updates!

♥♥♥♥Team Husky♥♥♥♥ said...

We are so relieved to hear Phantom is doing okay after his surgery and the VET is definitely the best place for him to be right now.

Thunder and Ciara ~ it won't be long now until your big bro comes home and you will be able to spoil him rotten:)

Team Husky

Wild Dingo said...

ps. juno didn't blow her coat for a full year after i got her. just sayin... ;) you got lucky! :)

Mack said...

We just heard the news! Phantom got through the surgery with flying colors! WoOt! Make that double WOot!


LUCKY LUKE said...

We love you, the Phantom.

We do.

And we have a very good feelin.

wif love from the Luke

Dennis the Vizsla said...

The Sibe Tribe takes care of its own. :-)

FiveSibesMom said...

That is so nice to keep that couch warm for Phantom. I know he'll appreciate it!