Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Talk

Phantom here, reporting that I am still an unhappy boy. I had to go to the vet yesterday. Here I was thinking that my two weeks were up and those stitches would come out AND I would be cone-free.

It was not to be. Mom called the vet early yesterday because late Saturday she caught a bad smell coming from my face. She thought my incision looked OK, but she was worried about an infection. So off we went yesterday to the vet. My incision is fine, and there is no infection - YAY!!! The smell is from some nasty dermatitis due to the area around my incision staying moist. Now Mom has some liquid to wipe on my face and the odor is already gone.

BUT Dr. P. wouldn't take out my stitches and said I had another week to wait. He thinks I may have popped a few of the stitches near the widest and deepest part of my incision. There is a nice healthy scab formed there. If he takes the stitches out AND I go coneless, he is worried I will scratch the scab off, and then the healing will have to start all over again.

So I am still hanging out in the laundry room where no one can bother me.

Momster here now. We are very sorry we are not yet able to comment on all your wonderful posts. But so many of you have written to us asking about Phantom that we thought we would just give you a quick update. We were very disappointed that the cone can't be removed because Phantom is not eating well at all. We have tried all sorts of very tasty things to try to tempt him. He has lost two pounds which isn't a lot in a typical Siberian, but he doesn't really have two pounds to lose. We are going to try removing the cone during mealtime to see if that will help. But he will have to be monitored very closely because he beats that paw against the cone so we know he could do a lot of damage if he got at the incision.

Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara also want to let you know that they all had a wonderful time at The Bachelor Party for Frankie and The Bachelorette Party for Ruby and Penny. We missed out on all the fun of commenting on those very special posts that Pip, Daisy, Mayzie, and Puddles prepared so beautifully. Thanks to all for a wonderful time.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Pee Ess, we are trying very hard to read all the posts since last week, but we are getting very close to thinking we may have to "mark all as read" and start fresh once life here settles down to its normal state of frenzy.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Sorry 'bout the extra issue and extra khone time -

Momster's got a good plan fur the removing it fur feeding time so PLEASE DON'T MAKE IT TOO TOUGH ON HER!

PeeEssWoo: I thought your state was Kansas - not Normal Frenzy

Beaglebratz & mom too said...

Awwww Phantom - we r so very sorry that u weren't able to git that dreaded cone off - like mom haz told us - if it ain't one thin'then sumnthin'else popz up. The cone will b gone soon an'then u will b such a happy camper - er, pupper.

From the mom - let me know how things go when they return to "normal". You just take your time - I know how it is when you want to go to different blogs and comment but it hasn't happened yet for me and I only have 43 followers. I'm thinking that maybe I should make a schedule of which one to do next and when. You do what you need and we all understand.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh Phantom we are sorry that you have an extra week of the cone and stitches - but at least the incision is not infected so that is good. And we are with Khyra - don't make it too hard on your mom when she tries meals with the cone off(plus if you do it will go back on!)

And don't worry about the visiting thing - it happens to all of us. I end up doing that mark as read thing more than I like, but since I try to not do too much visiting on the weekends, I usually give up by the end of the week if I am super busy. We all understand!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh, I was going to add - if you are using google reader you can do mark all items older than 1 day as read - just use the arrow drop down next to the mark all as read - that way you don't loose the most recent stuff!

The Thundering Herd said...

Go ahead - clear out the old GR stuff. Sometimes you just have to. Blogging is meant to be fun, not stressful, so don't worry about it.

Sorry about the cone, dear Phantom.

Lola said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about the extra wait time. It'll go fast but not fast enough, I guess. Phantom, you've just got to eat. I don't blame you for not wanting to right now, but it's impawtent.

Hope things are better very, very soon.

lotsa licks, Lola

Sam said...

Hit that "Mark as Read" button and give yourselves a break. Hang in there, Phantom. That cone will be off soon.

Frankie Furter said...

Oh Phantom. I am soooo sorry that you have to wait another week. Don't worry about us... let US worry about YOU.
that is what that handy dandy little button is for. You can always go back on some cold winter day and look over the stuffs.
My paws are crossed for you buddy. PLEASE EAT.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Aw, Phantom! We're so sorry the vet couldn't tell you what you wanted to hear and you're still wearing the cone. BUMMER!

Still, it's better to be safe than sorry...

C'mon, milk that cone for those tasty temppting treats and take advantage while you can!

I wouldn't worry about not getting to the blogs comments. Life happens!

Ruby's Raiser said...

So sorry to hear about the dermatitis and another week of the cone. Maybe he'll be so distracted by all the goodies in his bowl that he'll forget to paw at himself during cone-free mealtimes. Sending you our best thoughts that the week will go quickly. Do not worry for a second about the blogs, just mark 'em read and we'll be right here when you're ready!

YD, sometimes with ♥Samantha and ♥June said...

Oh Phantom, so sorry that you have to keep wearing the cone thingy. We hope you will eat something so that you don't get weak. We will keep sending you our hugs and love.
Since woos are a little busy lately, we will just tell you the news here, so you don't miss it when we post in our blog. Remember the soon-to-be new addition to our family? We are going to have a little brofur!

Sam & June

Wild Dingo said...

That darn Phantom! He's sulking soooooo well! scarin' the bejezus out of you. He's stubborn as the day is long. darn tootin' doggie... and his eating sanctions: "i'm nefur eatin' again until this cone is gone!" ... i guess he doesn't negotiate with ... well, you know.

hope he lets down his sanctions when the cone comes off. :)
glad there's no infection. silly boy.
best wishes for his health.
wild dingo

AFSS said...

Phantom, we are very sorry the cone has to stay on. Don't know if this will work for you but sometimes when I am being a picky eater Mommy feeds my by hand. For some reason the same kibble that I totally ignore in my bowl is delicious out of her hand one kibble at a time. It takes longer that way.

Hope y'all can come by Thursday for Socks party.

Doris Sturm said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Phantom, and get your rest. You are in very good hands. Not to worry!

Have a happy day everyone :-)

Gizzy and his mommy

George the Lad said...

Thanks for the update, thats a bummer, a enother week!! its for the best Phantom. Don't worry about coming to us, just put an up date on, and we will come to you, there's alot on your plate at the moment. Hope to see you guys at the wedding we can catch then.
See Yea george

Mrs. JP said...

Aww, bummer Phantom. We're hoping that next week is the week of liberation and we'll see happy pictures of you.
I think it's a great idea to let him have meal time cone-free---but, as you say, you'll have to be diligent to watch him. Poor thing.

The Two Country Poodles & Uncle Puppy said...

We are super duper happy to hear there is no infection. Sorry to hear you still have to be a cone head.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Anonymous said...

Well, doggone it, Phantom! I'm so very much sorry abouts the cone not coming off yet. But hang in there, handsome boy. The next week will be over before you know it and then you'll be all healed up and CONE-FREE!

Maybe you could just con - er - ask your mom to hand-feed you. I bet that would make you feel better!

Wiggles & Wags,

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

OH BUMMER, Phantom! I really feel for you. I hope they can take the cone off when you eat. And Yuu-Chan says he knows all about getting really skinny and worrying #1 about not eating enough. Hang in there, buddy! It will be over soon.

Hi TD! Hi Ciara!


Zona said...

Momster, we all understand about the "mark all read" predicament. Phantom and the pups come first!!

I hope taking the cone off at meal time helps. Phantom, no scratching... just eating! We don't want you to lose any more weight. One more week! How are you feeling aside from not wanting to eat too much?

Thinking of you!


Piappies World said...

Hello there Phantom,

Worry not, you will be cone-free really soon. For now, please take it easy and do eat lots of yummy treats. Hang in there and you will be back on your paws to play with Thunder and Ciara.

Take it easy with the blog/ commenting catch up as what's important is that all is well with you there. We are just here and we do understand. Mom here has been busy too.

Take care lots, Phantom!

Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

Anonymous said...

Mark them, mark them! It's the only way to maintain your sanity :)

Mack said...

A week more's not too bad. Just don't act like you are gonna do any scratchies, it may never come off! Hang in there buddy!

Sychoberians said...

Damn it, hang in there Phantom brother. We can imagine how miserable you are and are hoping that cone come off soon. Try to stay relaxed and dont walk into too many walls and doorways and tables and chairs and ....

Take care of yourself

Remy and Flash

Gus said...

Oh yeah..we like Maizie's Idea about hand feeding. That always make me eat! Sometimes the hand, if muzzer is sleepy, but usually just the foodables.

We are sorry about the cone, but still think that Phantom does the tortured hero look very well.


Sue said...

It's hard to see him looking so miserable. I wish there was some way to cheer him up. It's at times like this that I wish I could explain to them that they aren't being punished, it's all to help them feel better.

JD and Max said...

Oh Phantom, we're sorry you have to keep your cone on. But at least you know it won't be for much longer now so hang on in there! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Ruby and Penny said...

Hang in there Phantom & EAT something.
Love Ruby & Penny

Stella said...

Dr. Stella here: Phantom have your Mom make you a peanut butter and bacon sandwidge, cut it into tiny pieces and hand feed it to you. You will always remember how this turned the tide for you and was the best thing you ever ate.
Then try to remember the old hard plastic cones, you can think about that while you are laying snugged in your soft cone. One more thing, a Week is Nothing! You can do this, my good pal, you can do it!

Stella, M.D.

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

Mark all read and start afresh sounds like a plan!!

Hope Phantom is doing better soon.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

3 doxies said...

Ah dude, dats awfuls to be in da cone longer BUT it's ONLY a week. I gots faith in ya bud, you'll make it...just sleep fur a week and it'll be overs before ya know it...hehehe...oh but you still has to eat.
No worries on da commenting...we still loves ya'll and know ya'll is busy, busy.
I am soooo glad everybuddy had a good time at da pawties. And I promise, I had NO idea Ciara was pole dancing...bwhahahahaha!


Sagira said...

Oh no! Poor Phantom. I hope this week goes by fast and you can get those nasty stitches out and go cone free, you will feel like your nekkid! haha

Remington said...

Hang in there buddy!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Bummer about the evil lampshade! Hang in there a wee bit longer, Phantom!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

doyle and mollie said...

oh phantom we feel your fustration another week as a conehead is like a whole year hang in there ok loves and licks

Huffle Mawson said...

Poor Phantom. One more week gives you some time to think up your revenge on the mum, though.

Clive said...

Phantom, we are so sorry to hear that you have another week of the cone! You look so miserable!

We're thinking of you and sending you lots of best wishes.

- Clive and Murray

BeadedTail said...

Phantom, we're so sorry to hear you have to have the cone on for another week. We are glad you didn't have an infection though - phew! Hopefully you won't scratch at it when your mom takes the cone off at meal time. We're sending you healing purrs and hugs!

Angel, Isabella and Sadie

Lacy said...

w00fs, ooo that week will pass in no time..git ur mama to give u a hot dog..or livermush...its yummmmy..

b safe,

houndstooth said...

Aww, Phantom! I am really sorry you're still stuck in the Cone of Shame! Maybe your mom could try putting socks on your feet and take the lampshade off for just a little bit so you could eat something delicious. It's only one more week -- hang in there!


♥I am Holly♥ said...

Phantom, we are so sorry to hear you have another week to wear the cone. Please eat something! Let your mom take the cone off and eat anything you want! Don't worry about the comments...you have lots going on there! We are sending healing throughts to Phantom right now. Lots of love to everyone there! Debbie and Holly

sprinkles said...

I feel so bad for you, Phantom! I know you don't understand why you have to wear that stupid cone but please know your mommy isn't doing it to be mean. Just one more week!

And please eat! It makes me nervous to hear you aren't eating.

Life with 5 dogs said...

Sorry that you still have to wear your cone Phantom! Only One more week you can do it phantom!
Doggy Kisses from all of the dog here and human kisses from me.
Feel Better Phantom!

3 dogs said...

Oh, poor baby!!! So sorry to see he is still recuperating :(
Hugs and kisses to him to help speed the process along!!

♥♥♥♥Team Husky♥♥♥♥ said...

Oh Phantom, we are so very sorry you can't have your cone off just yet and that you had to go to the vet again - we sure were relieved to hear your incision isn't infected though!

We think you need to promise your Mom you will be a good boy at meal times if she takes the cone off you so you can eat properly.

Please please please start eating Phantom ~ you need your strength and it really will make you feel better if you have yummy food in your tummy!

We are thinking of you lots and sending tons of sibe vibes, love and hugs your way!!!

Team Husky

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Oh Phantom, sorry you still must wear the cone but we are glad that you do not have an infection. Mumster does seem to be trying VERY hard to make you more comfortable at least at mealtime...please eat your dindin and DON'T scratch! We are sending you Special Eskie healing powers!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Dear Phantom
We are so sad for you. We know how you want that cone off.
We also know how worried your mama is about you. My mama is the same way,. and when moms worry, it just seems like they can;t get ahead.
Your mamma is so busy taking care you and your pals,,,,, tell her to not worry about us,
We love you all, and are here for you.
She can get caught up some other time.
We care about all of you, that is why we come.

Deborah said...

OMD, I really pray that Phantom will be OK. I hope he eats. I'm wondering if you can take the cone while your sitting with him to give him a break.
I have been working A LOT and I need a lot of catching up to do also. Maybe this weekend but I promised my son I would take him to six flaggs!
I hope all else is well.

Anonymous said...

Phantom, this is very upsetting... I sure hope this next week goes by super duper fast for you and hopefully you will eat some with the cone off!!
Don’t forget to hop on over to my blog for the Give-A-Way! You could win a custom made dog collar just for YOU! You even get to pick the fabric and style. All you have to do is leave me a comment and get an extra entry by also telling me what your favorite fabric is or by posting about it on your bloggie! It’s that easy peasy for 3 chances to win!! I hope you will play with me!! Good luck!


Mr. Pip said...

Oh Phantom, do try and eat a little for us! We are all so worried about you.

Your pal, Pip

Holly and Khady said...

Poor Phantom! We are sure sorry you are having so many problems and hope you heal fast!!

And, don't worry about visiting our blog, we know you are very busy and will come visit when you have more time!

Holly and Khady

Bijou said...

Hi every buddy,

We hope Phantom can get rid of that cone soon cause we sure can see how skinny he has gotten. Please eat your kibble and get better soon.


Lorenza said...

Phantom! Phantom!
I wish I could do something to make you get better soon!
Please, be patient and you will get rid of that cone sooner than you think!
Now... go to the putter and press the "mark all as read"... now!
You don't need to be stressed!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Poor Phantom. Maybe you should turn Dennis in to the aliens and collect all that yummy ham, then you would gain that two pounds back.

ForPetsSake said...

Just a little trick we use at the hospital...If you feed wet food, warm it up for just a few seconds in the microwave. The smell is stronger and babies tend to like it. Good luck!! you'll get that silly cone off before you even know it!

Cocorue said...

you Have to try to eat Phantom, you can't afford to lose any more weight.....pleeease?

the cone's a nuisance and i do know. please hang in there


Mochi and Mommy said...

Poor Phantom! I'm sorry that you still have to wear the cone! Please eat when your mom takes it off during your meals!

Lots of HUGS!


KB said...

I'm sorry to hear that the healing hasn't gone as fast as hoped and that Phantom isn't eating well. All paws are crossed here hoping that things look up soon. Those cones are a dog's worst nightmare, I think.

Don't worry about keeping up with the blogosphere. Everyone understands that there are times when it's just not possible.

KB, K, and R

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh Phantom - I'm so sorry to hear the bad news about the cone - and that yucky skin ouchie! But I think taking your cone off when you're eating is a good idea...maybe then your human could watch you while you're eating and make sure you don't rub your nose since it's only for a short while - and then you might have a better appetite without the cone making you stressy?

Anyway, I really hope it gets better soon. I have burst stitches too before - when I had my big Operation at 6 months and I also had to have another extra week of "rest" like you - I HATED it!

Slobbers and thinking of you -
Honey the Great Dane

Thor said...

Phantom, I'm so sorry to hear you have wear the cone more time.
Get well soon!
We're thinking of you lots!


Holly and Zac said...

We are sorry you have to wear the head gear for another week. We have paws crossed here that you heel up soon and it can come off.

It sounds a good plan having it off at meal times, we hope you eat properly soon.

Tell your mum not to worry about the comments thing, mark all as read. Our human doesn't use the google reader as she would get to stressed, she just uses the links on the side of the blog, it is less stressful.

Get better soon Phantom!

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hey P, T, and C you always manage to comment on posts, unlike us.

Hope you are feeling better soon. It's hard to eat when you feel out of sorts, i know. I left my breakfast today for a while because I wasn't hungry, maybe cos that was cos it was hot.

But you just look after yourself and eat nicely and get back to normal.

Pippa, thinking of you lots.

Hound Girl said...

So sorry the cone couldnt come off sweet boy, we have our paws crossed for you and glad you are on the mend!

Fred and Haylie

Mango said...

Thank you so much for the Phantom update. It is worrisome. I will keep my paws crossed.

Never you mind about reading blogs.


Joe Stains said...

We hope you can ditch that dreadful cone very soon buddy.

Kari in WeHo said...

another week? thats no fair

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