Sunday, December 19, 2010

Something isn't quite right with this picture.

Why do I have the old silly bird, and SHE has the new one?

Well, we have to have a little talk about yesterday's post. The Momster says that we are all living in a world of fantasy and that a white blue-eyed sibe girl is just a pipe dream for now. She has 87 gazillion reasons why we can't get a new sister for Dad for Christmas. We wish we could make it happen, but at least she didn't say NO, just not for Christmas. The chief concern is Phantom and how much stress a new member could cause for him. And then there is the whole issue of finding the right one since both Mom and Dad are pretty particular about the whole thing. If any of you have any good leads for us, please let us know and we will try to work our magic on the Momster. Sorry to all of you who were so excited for us.

As many of you know, getting Phantom to eat is quite the challenge. He has never been a good eater but he is really giving the Momster a run for the money now. He may eat one and then he feels lousy for two or three days and refuses to eat anything. She has tried everything - chicken, rice, raw meat patties, canned food, different kibbles, etc. - to entice him but he is very stubborn. He does love pasta but it seems to make his tummy sick. His newest thing is that he will not eat out of his bowl. For a while he would eat his kibble if Mom put it in a pile on the floor, but that didn't last long. Then he would eat only from her hand. Here is a little video of the newest technique to get him to eat even some of his kibble - the Momster says it is like playing a game of marbles.

The next thing you know she will have to start tossing it in the air for him to catch piece by piece:)

Woos ~ the OP Pack


The Thundering Herd said...

Q-Tip is disappointed that he will not have a twin sister over there, but we all understand the need to think of the current pack first.

We are fortunate here - we get the periodic skipped meal, but very rare to skip more than a couple in a row.

Wyatt said...

Well, that looks like a fun way to eat.
Stanzie is a big hold out, especially at breakfast....she likes parmesan cheese sprinkled on her food :)


Tanuki Maxx said...

Hang in there TD! My my! The princess is almost as tall as you!, no new addition? but you know what? There's so much love and happiness among the three of you! That's plentiful!!

Follow the kibbles..
LOL! You're like a little birdie Phantom! Cute! Cute! Cute!

Aunt of 14 said...

oh boy. I went through problems like this with my two boys. First, it was Freddy when he was just a pup. He was just not a good eater... but eventually he grew out of it. The only thing is, it cannot just be dog food in his bowl or plate. It has to be mixed up with a little something else. Shredded cheese... liverwurst... bacon. (not all together, just cheese one meal, then liverwurst the next meal) and suddenly he is eating like he's never been fed before.

Buddy... on the other hand... will eat ANYTHING. Except dog food. That has to be hand fed to him, one bit by one bit. Otherwise he just won't eat it. So for breakfast, we hand feed him. for dinner he is on his own and when he is hungry enough he'll get to it. No pressure. I wish Buddy would eat independently but... one thing that DOES seem to help a little bit is putting his food on a plate, not a bowl.

Phantom, you gotta start eating! its good for you!!

Doris Sturm said...

That's exactly what I did for one of my Eskies years ago when she didn't want to eat. I called it "bowling for kibbles" and it seemed to work, but she grew out of it.

How old is Phantom? Has he always not eaten without being coaxed? What does the Vet say? I'm tired of hearing: "Leave him alone, when he gets hungry, he'll eat" and meanwhile you're having to wipe yellow foamy puke from the floor because they vomit after 2 days of not eating...Gizzy goes through that, but thankfully he's small and I just stuff food in his mouth and make him eat and after a few bites, he accepts it when I hand feed him, but I've been hand feeding him for quite some time now. I wonder if it's now a habit and he thinks it has to be that way or if that's how it'll be from now on, but I don't have a life, I have nothing better to do than to dote on my dog ;-)

Good luck with Phantom's eating - I wonder if there isn't some sort of appetite pill for them to want to eat, you know like the munchies? (NO, let's not go there!)

Ms. ~K said...

Oh pooh, as much as I would love to see a new member to the pack, you have made the right decision for Phantom's sake.

Oh the things we will go through to get our pups to eat...Sassy is my picky eater, especially when we travel. I wish I had a solution for you.

Hugs and belly rubs to all,

♥I am Holly♥ said...

We sure understand not getting a puppy right now or any kind of dog. As much as I wanted the Sibe at the SPCA and was ready to just run down there and get him, I didn't because of many reasons.

I burst out laughing at the kibbles coming flying across the room for Phantom!! I have had to do that with Holly since she was puppy...she goes through spells of not eating. She loves to pick up a mouth full now and bring it into the dining room, put it all on the carpet and eat it! I have had to hand feed her too along with getting a dropper to make her drink water. I think they are playing with us sometime to see what they can get us to do!!! Your white blue eyed girl will come along when it's time..right now you are so lucky and blessed to have three beautiful ones. Give them lots of hugs and kisses from us! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

Stella said...

One thing that has always worked for me is baked potato. Bake a few russets, leave the skin on, and when they are cool enough, dice them up in chunks. You can even add a little grated cheese to entice them further Put the rest in the fridge, andwhen you want another, do the dice, then warm them in the microwave. Maybe this Sibe boy has enough Irish in him to eat a spud!


Pepsi Bum said...

Aww, I thought there was gonna be an addition to the OP Pack soonies. But I'm sure your Momster and Dad are doing the right thing for now, and in time there's gonna be a new addition!

A was just saying I'm a fussy eater too. Sometimes she has to handfeed me as well. I hope you find a solution soon!


Mr. Pip said...

Dear sweet Phantom you must eat! If I could give you my appetite, I would. Mama says I have the appetite for 3 or 4 dogs. I will eat anything, which sometimes causes tummy problems.

Your pal, Pip

Kari in WeHo said...

Phantoms eating habits reminds me of Big Carl. He eats every couple of days. We also tried everything and there is nothing other than Mesa threatening to steal his food that will make him eat!


BeadedTail said...

We understand the reason for not added to the OP Pack right now. Phantom is certainly the first concern and a new puppy would certainly be very stressful for him.

Phantom is such a good boy for cleaning his kibble off the floor! We wish we knew of a way to entice him to eat more often but the concept of being picky and not wanting to eat is very foreign to us. Sadie is always hungry and will eat anything and everything. She never gets full even though she gets fed more than she should (and is chunky to prove it!). Give Phantom a hug from all of us!

Life With Dogs said...

The things we do for our loved ones. Our aging Dalmatian decided she preferred drinking from the tub instead of her water bowl. We accommodated. :)

houndstooth said...

Well, darn it! We'll keep our paws crossed for you!

Mom says that when our older dogs have gotten bad about eating that she tries to put a little bit of something that's really smelly in the food and sometimes that does the trick. Low sodium beef or chicken broth warmed up a bit helps sometimes, too!


houndstooth said...

Well, darn it! We'll keep our paws crossed for you!

Mom says that when our older dogs have gotten bad about eating that she tries to put a little bit of something that's really smelly in the food and sometimes that does the trick. Low sodium beef or chicken broth warmed up a bit helps sometimes, too!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Spirit khonkhurs with Q-tip but also understands -

As fur the kibble khwandry -


Khome on!!

Woo must keep up your energy to keep up with TD and PC!!!

Of khourse, the khatching the kibble khould be fun too - maybe all of us should ask fur that fur a change -


Cyber-sibes said...

Hey, what ever it takes to get down one more bite, right? that's what our mom says.... speaking from experience, I guess.

We're furry fast at clearing food off the floor, especially Jack!

jack & moo

Holly and Khady said...

Lets see, some things we did with Shula when she decided she didn't want to eat, hot dogs, meat babyfood (chicken, turkey, beef, etc.) chicken nuggets, deli sliced ham.

Hey, whatever it takes! People food always seems to work!


Samantha said...

Awww Phantom... next thing you know, your Mom is gonna have to set up something like a hoops in the kitchen and throw kibs through it - fun for you both! We could helps, of course... we'd have it scarfed in 2 secs flat. Hmmmmnnn. The Brick? (Nina Ottoson?) - might that work? We'll think on it! Meanwhiles, we're sending you big xmas kissies and yes... there is lots of snow in the Sierras!

Sammie and Avalon

tula said...

oh phantom- anything fur woo! in fact, i'll lend woo my kibbleball if that'll help- (just a loan:) )


Mollys Momma said...

Wow you have got some great ideas from everyone else so the only thing I can add is maybe if you have not tried one already is maybe a buster cube as they are very good, I wasn't sure if you had them over the pond but here is a link i found

I expect you have probably tried most things though.
With Love
Momma Tea
xx xx xx

sprinkles said...

I watched your video and heard what sounded like a football game in the background. But I didn't hear any hollering and yelling like I usually do when my dad watches the game so I'm going to guess it was just on for background noise.

I wonder if maybe putting Phantom's food in a Kong toy might help. My dad's beagle LOVES his and often chews on it even when there aren't any treats inside. My boys weren't overly interested in them until I showed them the food inside but once the food was gone, they couldn't have cared less about it.

I was slightly bummed to hear you won't be getting another pet but I do understand the reasoning behind it. You always have to think of the current pack first. Another one will come in time.

I Am HoneyBuzz said...

Kibble tossing. Da tinks these hoomans will do for love.

Big slurps, HoneyBuzz

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mitch thinks that having his food slid to him sounds like a fun idea! Whatever it takes to get you to eat, right, Phantom?

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Mango said...

Phantom. Not wanting your foodables is very upsetting. I hope that you feel better and like you should eat again soon.

You know, momma has talked about getting a puppy too, but we agreed that it was a bad idea because it would be too stressful for ME. I'm not a young dog and I like my peace and PeeWee and I have worked things out but a pup would be too much. Besides, it would want momma's attentions and I don't think that would be fair.


The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

You are so lucky to have such a wise and patient Momster!!

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

3 doxies said...

Gosh, dis has to be exhausting fur da momster...and worrisome. Maybe her should try singin' or dancin' while throwing da food. I wish I had a solution. Mum just goes by what da vet say...they'll eat when they want too. But, Phantom does concern us alot.
Nows bout da puppy. Bringin' in a new puppy is a decision not to be taken lightly dats fur sures...and I knows you is weighin' everything. You 'll know when it's da right time fur ya'll and da pack. Ummmm...I was super excited though...hehehehe!


Lola said...

Oh, that's a toughie, but it might be not the right time to add a young pup to the pack. Whatever you all decide will be the right thing, I know. It's hard for humans to help themselves when they get the urge to adopt a new pack member so we'll see what happens.

lotsa licks, Lola

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I've never had a dog that wasn't totally into their dinner. I can't imagine the worry it must cause you!

Stumpy would love a brother or sister for christmas. I just keep telling her she has to wait. It ain't easy. There's nothing i would like better, either. But timeing is everything!

Gus said...

We are disappointed about the puppy, but quite understand. (we wrote your dad's song before we read your post, sorry)

We prefer plates to bowls also, particularly around this time of year when we get those cute plates with the trees on them. Even on the road, we take bowls for water, and plates for food. However...the eminently practical muzzer takes PLASTIC stuff for our trips. Sheesh!

We think Phantom is enjoying bowling for kibble. Maybe the Momster better start warming up the pitching arm.

Frankie Furter said...

Well now... I am just gonna hold out hope that Santa Paws will not pay any attention to your mom and go ahead and get you a puppy anyway. hehehe
I am a very much fussy eater too... except fur treats. My mom has tried everythingy. Sometimes she sprinkles Parmeasan Cheese on my foods... butt I just eat all of that and leave the yucky stuffs. Bawwwwaaaah

Minna Krebs said...

Oh my dogness! Watching that video is like watching dinner time at my house! You just replace da Sibe with a Black Wirehair Doxin (who shall remain nameless)

My momma has to use the hand feeding and da food rolling technique with me sometimes too!
One picky-eater like to have our kibbles rolled at us one at a time! When you roll too many at once, we lose interest. sigh

Good Luck! Let my momma know if da song and dance routine during dinner works, her might try it on me!

KB said...

Oh my, that looks like a very slow method - and it shows me how VERY much you love your Phantom.

I'm afraid that I can't be much help. My labs always eat everything, including things that they aren't supposed to eat, except when they are ill.

I was excited about a pup but I can guess your many reasons!

Zona said...

Another vote for broth here!!

We'll keep our fingers crossed that someday you find the perfect fit for a new sister for your pack!


Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

When the time is right, it will happen. Hope Phantom eats soon!

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

Jake of Florida said...

As you read on our last post, we too sometimes have a foodable problem. It usually works out with an addition to Jakey's kibble; but not always. Who knows what lurks in the minds and tummies of our furry ones?

When we travel, Jake looks at his bowl (the one from home) and his food (the food from home) and says "That's not my bowl. That's not nmy food." It takes several meal times before he decides to take a chance!

Joan by permission of the Boyz

Mrs. JP said...

Good for you, mom, for not giving up! Isn't there a pill? Even if it's a steroid! Cheese? Bacon?
That video was precious. It was funny for us but sad for you I know.
Hey, maybe a puppy would create some competition and increase his appetite. But then, what if it didn't?
Please keep us posted. You are a show in for marbles competition!!
Merry Christmas to you all.

PaigeandSimba said...

I hope somebody has some good advice about what to do about Phantom. I know that getting them to eat can be tough, Simba is picky but not nearly like Phantom. You are doing a great job! Don't give up! :-)


Tucker said...

Oh I is a picky eater too at times. Have you tried Parmesean cheese (the kraft shaker kind) in the kibble. I gobble up my dinner with that every time.

woof - Tucker

Daisy Dog said...

Not sure if you have tried this, but when Daisy gets picky it seems she has an upset tummy. I give her a pepcid, and usually by the next day she is eating better. You may want to check with your vet, but mine says 1-2 times per day. Daisy is about 60lbs. E-mail me if you ahve quesitons.

Sarge said...

Hey Sibermama, this is Sarge's Mom.
I feel your pain. Sometimes Sarge is really picky too. I sometimes make beef broth and soak his dry food in that. I also like to make him do a few tricks for his food...that seems to convince him that he must really want it! He also has a "treat cube" that you pour dry food into and as he rolls it around, the food tumbles out. That can be a good way to talk him into it.

rottrover said...

Good decision about the puppy. Timing and pack comfort are everything. The only time the rottens refuse food is when something is seriously wrong. Except Ruby, the rescue, who refused to eat plain kibble without canned food mixed in! I did the low-sodium broth thing, and will try the parmesan cheese trick. If the vet says everything is OK, maybe he needs more walks? Maybe just special Phantom and Momster walks? In any case, he has a very patient and loving Momster :-)

Toma said...

Phantom (hug) <3

Cooper and Lola said...

dear Santa,

Please bring Phantom a hungry stomach.. He really needs to eat.thx

Amy and The House of Cats said...

We think that it is the right decision to wait considering how Phantom is feeling about eating - not stressing him is a good idea. And we think Phantom almost sounds like he could be part cat, being as pickey as he is! We know that is common for cats to get that way but we had no idea dogs could be like that too! We wish we had suggestions - for cats we say baby food is always a good option (like human baby food) because it has such a strong smell and most cats like that, but we aren't sure what to suggest for a dog - all we can do is send purrs and good luck wishes for him to eat some more!!

Anna the GSD said...

Thunder, you KNOW the girl ALWAYS gets the new toys!! :)

Maybe you could tie the food to a string and have Phantom chase it! Or put it on something he's not supposed to eat, like on a plate you leave on the couch when you get up to do something, then poof! It's gone!

Remington said...

Too bad about not getting a new sister for Christmas, but I shouldn't upset Phantom. I hope his tummy gets better and he eats A LOT!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Oh Phantom you need to eat.. Mom is doing a great job but you need to do your part...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh - so sorry to hear about Phantom! Can't think of much to help - you seem to have tried everything! The only thing I can think of is to maybe coat the food in tuna or some other kind of oily fish? (if he's allowed that) - coz usually the fishy smell really attracts dogs and the oils would be good for their hearts, etc, anyway. We sometimes give Honey tinned tuna mixed with plain boiled rice, when she is having a tummy upset. The smell alone usually wakes up the appetite! :-) So maybe if you mixed in some tuna flakes with his kibble?


Sagira said...

You will know when the right girl comes along. :)

Games sometimes are a challenge, but they are so worth it.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello woos its dennis the vizsla dog hay re phantom i hav got too wurds for yoo in-n-owt burger!!! mmmm yummy!!! ok bye

Sue said...

Oh, we're very familiar with that game and yes I've tossed food in the air for Tsar to catch. Whatever works.