Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giving Thanks on the Day After Halloween

Mom's day for pics - all her precious grandchildren - giving thanks for the joy and love each of them brings into her life.

On the right, Harry Potter a.k.a. Jaden, our California guy, age 8 1/2.

We think he must be quite popular with the girls:)

The Kansas Gang - five of them, two families. Back row, sisters Cambrie (5 almost 6) and Kaeleigh (8 almost 9),  Tyler (5 1/2).  Front row, Brady (3 1/2), brother to Tyler, and Jack (5 almost 6), twin to Cambrie and brother to Kaeleigh.

And now the proud Grandma gets carried away with a bunch of random shots of the local gang.  She is still hoping to get a few more pics from California Boy.


 Brady, a.k.a. Brady Bear

Brothers Tyler and Brady

Buddies and Cousins Jack and Tyler

Count Dracula a.k.a. Tyler

Twins Jack and Cambrie

Siblings Kaeleigh, Jack, and Cambrie




Oh wait, she did remember to add one more pic:)

Of course, she is also very thankful for all of us - yes, even you, Lightning.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


Jo's World said...

Thats a very cute gang of five that called on you last night! I am happy that California Boy gets to join the party too! Did you get many kids off the street? I didn't even get ONE! So be it!

a belated Happy Holloweenie!


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Aww, the kids look so fantastic, great costumes!
Everyone looks like they are having a lot of fun.
LOL, poor old Lightening :)
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks fantastic in all of their costumes!!

Molly The Wally said...

Hope Phantom is better today. We love seeing the little peeps. What fun and we are glad you all survived the spooky night. Have a terrific Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

ra husky said...

Hawooo! That's just pawsome. We only got two kids all night:( NukNuk had to stay in the bedroom and was not too happy about it. Play bows,


Sue said...

They're all adorable but I could just eat that little Brady up.

GOOSE said...

What an awesome bunch!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

What a sweet band of tricksters you have there!!

Lilly, Piper, Ivy and The Sweet Buglets

Berts Blog said...

Those are some pretty cute kids you got there. And it looks like a great time was had by all.

Thanks for letting me know about my post. It has been being worked on all day. So I think we have it now. At least for a day or two.

Happy Day After

scotsmad said...

Glad you got a look in.

The kids look like they're having great fun!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

ZOOLATRY said...

Aawww... couldn't be sweeter, cuter, more precious. (and that includes the four covered with fur)

Madi and Mom said...

Gorgeous bipeds...Woos
Goodness me ther are such good DNAs
In your family
Madi your BFFF

The Websters said...

Oh wow! You guys are so lucky to have all those kids in your family. They looks so nice and fun and super duper.

I guess you guys look good too.


Anonymous said...

Now that a large pack of little two legged peeps, with all them, did you guys get any treats. Or just lots of GOOD HUGS.

Your Furiends
Susie & Bites

Mitch and Molly said...

What cute cousins you have, guys! Did they share any non-chocolate treats with you?

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

those were some wonderful costumes and what wonderful memories to have....hope Phantom is feeling better today

Sam said...

Very cute!


Ginger Jasper said...

Beautiful blessings everyone.. Love all the pictures.. Hugs GJ xx

Amber DaWeenie said...

Looks like Howl-O-Weenie was a huge success! Beautiful pictures and beautiful kids!

Ruby said...

Oh, what cute grandpeeps!! Just adorable costumes!!!
I hopes you guys didn't scare off too many of the ankle biters with your deep soulful barks!


pees: Lightning, I still loves you!

BeadedTail said...

The little beans all had very cute costumes for Halloween! We hope they got lots of treats too! Phantom, we hope you're doing better today too!


Those were fun pics...thanks for sharing!!

The Florida Furkids

Two French Bulldogs said...

great costumes!!
Benny & Lily

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What great pikhs!!!!!!!!!!

PeeEssWoo:| so, did woo snag any khandy?????

chicamom85 said...

Mommy says that you have beautiful grandchildren! They all look so happy and like they must be having fun. I like them also, but the last picture is my favorite.

Loveys Sasha

rottrover said...

Great costumes in that last picture! They look so real!!

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! FUN. WOW to Tyler's costume. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Aww, such cute mini-humans!

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Woos, what a wonderful family you have. We loved the photos. Their costumes were fab. Bet they all had fun. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

What a great gang of little ones! And of course, the pic of the Woos was wonderful.

We're hoping Phantom is feeling better.


Priscilla said...

Awww, those little sweet bipeds look so wonderful in their costumes. We hope you guys did get a lot of treats from those little peeps and had lot of fun with them too.

Hope Phantom is feeling better!

Dory and the Mama said...

OMD those are the cutest costumes!!! What a wonderful post of thanks!


Mollie said...

What a gorgeous gang you have, you must be so proud of them all. My boy use to love dressing up for Halloween, now 14, those days are sadly gone..They grow up too darn xx00xx
Mollie and Alfie

Anonymous said...

Your Halloween must been "spooktacular", thanks for sharing this wonderful pics with me :o)

Marg said...

Goodness, that is five good looking grandchildren. What fun to see all their pictures. And we are especially glad to see all you Woos. Hope all of you have a good week end and we are sending more purrs to Phantom. Please feel better.

Misaki @ misadventuresofMisaki said...

What great costumes!!

sagechronicles said...

What a fun Halloween you must have had with all your beautiful grandchildren. Loved their costumes!

KB said...

You are SO blessed with such cute, healthy, and happy grandchildren. I adored those photos. I admit that I'm partial to "Brady Bear"!

And, of course, the Pack is precious.

Cotton said...

Aww... those kids is adorablest of adorable! I love that green hair on Cambrie and the blood on Tyler's mouth :)

Little Reufus said...

O my... that whas a CUTENESS ecksploshun!!! Yeur the Mom muss be busting wif the pride ober all her sweet and gorgeous kids!!!

wif lubbs from Little Reufus

Murray's Mouth said...

aw, so very cute!

Echo said...

Very cute pictures !!
Halloween is not a popular holliday here but we sure enjoy our friends pictures ^^

Woos of love.

Echo & Link

Lovable Lily said...

Awesome pictures! Loved the costumes, but loved the smiles on all of their faces even more.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Anonymous said...

We had lots of cool trick-or-treaters, and I scared 'em with the woo woo woo!!!!

Thor and Jack said...

so much cuteness :-)

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

The grandkids are cute but the fur-kids are more my speed!

FiveSibesMom said...

Such cute costumes on the bipeds! And a beautiful group of furry Howloween watchers!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Those are great costumes! We didn't dress up this year. The pet trick-or-treating that we have been going to was on Tuesday this year and since Dad isn't here during the week, Mom didn't think she could handle taking us by herself. It was fine with us, although we can always use some treats.

Our cousin was Raggedy Ann for her first Halloween, but she didn't go trick-or-treating because she was sick. She dressed up and people came to her house to see her though. We didn't go unfortunately since it's 1100 miles away. :-)