Thursday, November 20, 2014

T is for a Terrific and Thankful Thursday

Wake up, Sleepyhead!

Way too early, Mom - what's up?

Just tell me, so I don't have to get up yet.

Say what - it's my what???  I didn't quite hear you!!!!

IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY, PHANTOM!!!!!  16 YEARS YOUNG!!!!  Yes, you were born on this day 16 years ago in a little house in Manchester, CT.  You were a birthday present to Mom from her human kids - it was a very special year.  That was when you came home to join Angel Dakota and the two little cockapoos Lucky and Shamrock.

Well, if it such a big day, why don't I see anything special around here???

Oh my goodness, what have we here?  I see BIG boxes of milkbones, my bedtime snack.  

 And Dr. Tim's natural turkey chips AND oxtail chips.  

 And Orijen black angus beef treats, and Bil Jac liver treats, 

And Trader Joe's pumpkin treats.  I am so overwhelmed with all this goodness, that my legs are giving out.

Hurry, Mom, not sure I can hold this pose much longer.

Oh, one more I forgot - more pumpkin treats - Doggy Delirious - I am getting delirious with desire to taste ALL of them.

Ciara and Lightning, why are we out here?  I thought Mom was going to give us SIXTEEN of those treats to celebrate me turning 16.

Oh, there you are, Mom - sure, I can manage another nice pose for you.

Now this is getting out of hand, Mom - let's start the party.

Nom, nom, nom, crunch, crunch, crunch - yummy, yummy, yummiest!!!

And the race is on to see who finishes first.

Lightning is stepping forward for more.

Phantom is gasping at seeing only a small crumb left.

Checking for any stray pieces.

How did that happen - they are all gone already!?!

Hey, look, Lightning - there are two more of those BIG boxes of milkbones.

Oh, thanks for telling me that, Lightning - these two boxes are the ones I am going to share with the less fortunate pups at the local shelter.  I think they will enjoy helping me celebrate too.

I really don't play with toys anymore.  Mom had a hard time deciding what to get for me or how to honor my special day, so we decided to make a day of thanksgiving and sharing.  That is why we are going to share these milkbones with those dogs waiting and hoping for homes.

We also want to honor the staff at the veterinary clinic that has cared for me for 15 years and 1 month of my life here in Overland Park.  The veterinarians, the vet techs, the office help, the kennel help, and the groomers have all had many opportunities to care for me over the years.  There have been many changes in staff as time has gone by, but I have never met a vet who didn't treat me like a king.  The vet techs have been great too, helping the vets during my visits, giving me my Adequan shots every 7-10 days, trimming my fur between the pads on my feet, trimming my nails, keeping tabs on my weight, and just giving me lots of hugs.  The office help are always there to greet me with a big "Hi, Phantom", a smile, and a box of treats on the counter.  Even that cat who sits up there is pretty decent.  Until this year, the clinic had a boarding kennel, and the kennel help was super.  They tried their darnedest to get me to eat - I sure gave them a challenge.  They gave me and my pack lots of good outdoor time too.  And now that the kennel part of the clinic has closed, the vets have still said they will keep me if Mom and Dad have to go away.  Lastly, I have to thank the groomers for the loving and gentle baths and grooming they have given to me, especially in the last couple of years when it hasn't been easy for me to stand for a long time.  And so, Mom and I are going to the clinic today for my Adequan shot AND to bring this to my pals.

I know they will really enjoy this!
Thanks to all of you from me and Mom.

Mom, I think you forgot something - there is only kibble in my bowl - I had made a special request for some steak.

I bet you have it stashed in here.

Yeppers, found it!!!  I just knew she would remember.  I know I won't be getting the bone, but Mom saved me the whole tenderloin and a piece of the other side of a superb t-bone.  I know it is going to be delicious in my dinner bowl tonight.


And what are all those question marks for?  Well, that is where you are supposed to see me modeling a present for me that Mom says I am not going to want but that I definitely need.  So where is it?  Stuck in the UPS la-la land - it was supposed to be here two days ago:(  Oh well, I will show you as soon as it arrives.

And don't forget my other request - I want to be sure I get some of that turkey next week:)

And now from Mom - today is a day I never thought I would see.  Phantom is the only dog I have ever had to live to be 16.  One other was 15.  I never dreamed that Phantom would have much more time after we lost Dakota because it was only days after her passing that he had that massive chest surgery to remove a huge malignant mass.  Without clean margins, the prognosis was not great.  His tumor was the type that is likely to return and spread and sadly it has.  But he has coped with all his ills so very well.  He is such a stoic boy, rarely complains or cries out despite the fact that he has a bad tummy and arthritis and spinal deterioration and all those bad lumps.  He takes several medications to keep him comfortable.  There are many days I wake up to see him very tired and unresponsive and I think this could be the day, but then he perks up and he gains another day.  He still enjoys a walk, short though it may be.  He likes to spend time in the yard with Ciara and Lightning, who are both very good to him and with him.  They just seem to know that he needs a different kind of fun time.  Who knows how many more days we will have together, but I am thankful for every day I can have.  He is that kind of dog who makes it easy to love him - AND I DO!

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy Phantom.

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, Lightning, and Mom
Note:  Many thanks to our very good friend Ann of Zoolatry for the birthday graphic.


sandy l said...

Happy birthday Phantom!!! You are an amazing dog in so many ways and you remind us to find the joy (and treats) in life everyday. Wishing you extra Milkbones and oxtail chips!

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Happy Birthday, Phantom! SIXTEEN! You're doing something right.

perhaps it's all those Milk Bones. You are so nice to share with the unfortunate pups.

We know you'll have a fantastic day. Hope it snows for you.

Ann Adamus said...

Happy Birthday to my most favor-tist doggy in the whole wide world and you know I love you very much ... and am sending you the biggest (but most gentle hug) ever wrapped up with lots of love!

Mitch and Molly said...

Our mom could barely read the last sentences through her tears. Happy 16th Birthday, Phantom! You are one loved pup by sooooooooooooo many! Enjoy that steak, buddy ☺

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Julie said...

WooHoo HAPPY BIRTHDAY Phantom, have a great day. Looks likes yous getting lots of fuss and treats just as you should do!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Frank The Tank said...

HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY Phantom, I can not believe it, it is your SWEET 16 today, I am glad to see you are having a wonderful Woo-ing time and a fun pawty with all those delicious treats and the steak, even though you have not yet had the special gift from your Momms (our postal service is pretty stupid too, especially around this time of year!) and how very kind and thoughtful you are sending those two huge boxes of milk bone treats to share with the less fortunate pups at the local shelter. I think they will enjoy helping you celebrate too, they will love WOO! I love you too, my big woo brother! I'm really proud to be an honorary Woo and I will be celebrating with you today too! MOMMA WHERE IS MY STEAK? Phantom has some, that means that I can have some too!!!
You are also so kind to send the Vets something too, I am sure they have enjoyed taking care of you over the years!
Enjoy your special day! Love and licks from your furiend and Woo Frank xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday dear Phantom! Have the best SWEET 16 of all times! It's just wonderful that you can celebrate this milestone today and I'm happy with you! I bet the thingy what's still in UPS-land is a truckload of snow just for you :o)

Miley's Daily Scoop said...

Happy Sweet 16 Birthday, Phantom! You look fabulous for 16! What a great post, have a wonderful day!!!

Amber DaWeenie said...

♫♫♫♫ Hap-Pee Birthday, Phantom! ♫♫♫♫

You are officially a SWEET 16 and that means cake....lots of cake! I'm on my way!


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Happy happy 16th Birthday old Mr Blue Eyes - you have had such a wonderful life and have bought so much love to your family - you are one very very special boy and we love you too

Dory and the Mama said...

Happy Sweet 16 Phantom!!! Mama's eyes are leaking because you remind her so much of Bilbo (who was also not expected to have such a long and happy life)...We hope you know what an inspiration you are for all the senior doggies out here (and their Mamas!)!!
Happy Birthday Smileys!
Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

Nanük said...

What a happy day! We shall all have a spot of turkey for dinner to celebrate, woo are a handsome dude Phantom, here's to many more happy times,

Nuk & Isis

stellaroselong said...

Oh Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Boy, our mom has tears in hers eyes and so do we but for different reasons. See her tears are for all the trials you have went through and yet have stayed so strong and loving bravo.....and ours is for that STEAK cos that is something we have never even got to taste...maybe when we are sixteen you can remind our mom to fix us one.
Hugs Buddy!!!
stella rose and family

rottrover said...

Happy Birthday, Phantom!! Mom thinks you and I have a lot in common. Like you she thinks I'm stoic, too - whatever that means. Steak. Man, that's awesome!


Two French Bulldogs said...

What a fantastic and special day!!
Happy Birthday buddy
Lily & Edward

C.L.W.STEP said...

Wow! You are older than Joey dog! Happy birthday. BTW, Joey also approves of the all those wonderful treats! Yum!

Casey said...

Happy happy happy 16th barkday, Phantom!! You give Momma and me hope that we'll still have Cinderella around for a good long time to come. It's so nice of you to share you barkday gifts with the shelter and your vet too! I bet they'll fuss all over you at your appointment today. You MIGHT even be too tired for steak.

...NAH!!! :D

BeadedTail said...

Happy 16th Birthday handsome Phantom! We're so happy to see you so alert today! You've been through so much but your face is always the sweetest ever. It's very nice of you to honor your vet's office on your special day too!

holly and the huskies said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Phantom! We are so happy for you! Our mom is so excited to see you turn 16 that she would do cartwheels for you(even at her age), but we have lots of snow here. We hope you have a great day and many, many more! Now, a note from our mom: I wish you a sweet 16 and enjoy the day! Big husky hugs from Holly and the huskies!

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Happy Birthday, you sweetie! Here's to a healthier new year filled with lots of love.

Marg said...

Oh Phantom, good for you to make it to your sixteenth birthday. You are such a great fighter and your Mom is the best to take such good care of you. We love this post. Glad you got all those treats and that yummy steak. And donated some of the treats to the shelter. How great is that. And the cake to the vet is just the best idea. So a very very Happy Birthday to you Phantom.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...


WOW what GRAND Gifts you got... and are going to have a FABULOUS DINNER as well. LET THE PAWTY BEGIN...
ENJOY your very much SPECIAL DAY.

Savannah's Paw Tracks said...

happy Birthdat to Woo Phantom! Mom L was having leaky eye problems writing this comment. We are so happy to have my Sibe pals in Blogville. Woo are having a wonderful 16th birthday. Mom L's puppy girl Mischa almost made her 15th but North of The Bridge called her before. Play bows, and paw hugs, Savvy and Mom L

Brian said...

Happy Birthday handsome Phantom! I hope your special day is super special just like you!

Idaho PugRanch said...

Phantom! We are thrilled to wish you a very HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY!!!!! Looks like you are gonna have a wonderful day. And bravo to you for sharing your birthday treats
Mr Bailey & Hazel

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Phantom! You deserve all those treats and more. Like your Mom, I never expected that Morgan would be the one to hit 15. She almost died of liver failure at 3 and it's been up and down ever since. We can't wait to see your surprise gift. It's very nice that you're sharing with the less fortunate and also with your vet staff.

Anonymous said...

Phantom my friend you are a wonder....sixteen is a wonderful age - you've seen a lot in your time and I hope you see a whole lot more. I'm glad you got your birthday steak - you sure deserve to have everything your heart desires as you celebrate Sweet 16! I'm happy to know you Woos.....and I send all of you hugs but only you get a VERY big SAMMY BIRTHDAY HUG!

Love, Sammy

Madi and Mom said...


Anonymous said...

WOW Phantom...we be sending you over Scottie kissies and huggies on this very special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our furpal, lets see how old does that make you in human 27!

The Mad Scots

The Army of Four said...

Happy, happy, HAPPY sweet 16, sweet, handsome Phantom!!!!! You are one remarkable boy and we hope you are enjoying this day to its fullest!!! You're so sweet to share your bounty with pups in need - and to thank your wonderful vets and their support staff!
What a blessing you are!
PS: Do you get to drive now? If so, come on out to Manhattan!!!

KB Bear said...

This post brought tears of happiness to my eyes. You're an amazing pup, Phantom. It looks as if your mom has an amazing day planned for you... and even STEAK! You deserve it, my friend. You are so easy to love for your family and for all of us who know you from afar. Happy Birthday, my friend!

Do you get a Drivers License? How cool would that be?

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Happy Birthday Phantom, we are so happy we get to celebrate today with you. And we are so glad you got your steak. And we know the shelter pups are going to be very touched that you choose to share your celebration with them.

Paws crossed you get some TURKEY next week.

We <3 you and Happy Birthday!!!!

Sage said...

Wow, Phantom. You really scored for your birthday!! 🎂 And it was so nice to share.

Pee Ess: You sure are lookin' good. 🐶

Happy Birthday

Jenna,Mark Drady said...

Oh phantom!!!!! Happy 16th birthday pal!!! Woo wooooooo!!!! What a HUGE day!!! I am so happy I got to celebrate your super special day with you!!!
I am sending an email with a birthday card for woo!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

Cinnamon said...

Happy Special 16th Birthday Phantom.
You sure got a lot of nice treats and how very kind of you to share with the
We are proud to call you our friend.
xo Cinnamon

Ruby said...

Oh Phantom, I am doin' a Happy Happy Happy Burthday Dance over here for you!!! Ouch! Oooops, I don't thinks that I was suppose to flash you that!!! BOL (don't tell Murphy...☺)
I can't believes you gots all those Milk Bones!!!! OMD, yummers!!!! You are one lucky doggie!! I am soooooo happy that you are here with us, and that you have such a FABulous Family that will not only give you such YUMMY gifts, butts are giving that gift to those lonely pups in the shelter waiting for a family as good as yours.
You ROCK dude!!!!
Ruby ♥
pees: I'm comin' overs with a margarita just for you!

Millie and Walter said...

A super big Happy Birthday Phantom! How sweet of you to give back to your vet and other pets in need on your big day.

Janice Webb said...

Happy Sweet 16 Precious a Phantom!

Janice, Snuggles, Sassy, and Dixie

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Here I am Phantom to wish you a Happy 16th Birthday!!!!
Your story is an example of what love can do. Love and good care from your family and doctors.. and love from your woooo mates..
And your desire to live and enjoy everyday,,, Showing us all how it is to be 16 and feel loved and blest. Happy Birthday.

Cupcake said...

Happy Birthday, Phantom!! You are a very handsome, distinguished gentleman. I'm so glad you have such a loving family.


Little Reufus said...

O Handsome Phantom!!! Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!!! We love you SO very much!!!

Little Reufus and the Mom

Jo's World said...

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Mr. Blue- Eyes! Even though we have never met in person, you have been one of my very favorite dogs for quite a few years! Phantom, I hope you can keep on truckin' for more years and we will be right along side you!

Hugs to you and your Mom, on this special day!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Mr. Pip said...

CRASH, BANG, BOOM …just your good friend Angel Pip coming back to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and deliver some magic cheeseburgers! Sorry I seem to have crash landed into your mom's potted plants.

Wishing you all the love, good health, and magic cheeseburgers in the world.

XOXO, Angel Pip

Moondance Huskies said...

Hi Phantom,
We are a little late, but we want to wish you a Very Happy Barkday! Hope your day was as special as you are. How sweet of you to share your treats with less fortunate truly have a heart of gold.
Sending you wishes for love, health and much happiness with your family. ♥
Skye, the Moondance Huskies Sleddog team, kitties and mom Joan

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello phantom its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy belayted birthday my frend!!! yoo deeserv all the speshul treets and luv that yoo git on yore birthday and evry day!!! ok bye

Misaki @ misadventuresofMisaki said...

Happy 16th birthday Phantom, hope you enjoyed your steak!

Taffy said...

Oh, Phantom! I'm sorry to be late for the party but I'm glad I got to stop by! Mom and I are so happy to see that you are still celebrating birthdays! You are one special boy to the two of us. I hope you had the best day ever!

Anna the GSD said...

Oh sorry I missed it! But happy happy happy super-dooper late b'day! So now you're just 16 +5! Looks like you had a terrific b'day with noms and steak and noms and love! You go super senior!!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

OH MY DOG!!!! 16???? NO WAY! I'm so sorry we missed your special day but happy HAPPY belated Phantom!!!

The Websters said...

Catching up on old posts. Happy belated birthday Phantom! I had no idea you were 16 years young this year. AMAZING. You look as good as every buddy. Probably all those grandkids around keeping you on your toes!