Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Fun

 We had a visitor today.

Why, hello there.

What do you think that is, Misty?

I don't know, but I think he wants to play with me.

 I bet Chester L.W. Spaniel will like seeing my pal, Georgie Grasshopper!!!

Hey, Georgie, come down a little lower so I can shake one of your many paws.

No, not UP, come DOWN!!!

I can't wait all day - hurry up and get a few of those legs moving down.

Don't you want to be my friend?


Friend???  I just want a taste.  I bet he is crunchy.  And if not, maybe we can get Mom to roll him in some panko crumbs and fry him for us:)

Happy Silly Friday, everyone.

Woos - Lightning and Misty


Kinley Westie said...

BOL! Me and Brinley would be barkin him.

The Army of Four said...

Oh, I LOVE pouncing on those things!!! I've never had one come knock on my window to see if I'm home, though. That's mighty cool!
Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Sue said...

Tsar loved to take grasshoppers and crickets apart to see how they worked. Then he couldn't put them back together again.

Madi and Mom said...

Bravo bravo my Woos for a very very fun and exciting post. We were sitting on the edge of our sits wondering what in the world you two saw?
Georgie Grasshopper was teasing you big time... Mom says all mystery meat taste like chickHEN
Hugs madi your bfff
PS your grass is very green and your windows are very clean!

Marg said...

Wow, a grasshopper came right to your window to visit. What a fun thing to happen. We also love your nice pretty yard. You all have a great day and good week end.

Molly the AireGirl said...

ooooooooh - free entertainment! I probably would have run to my bathtub to hide. I am so not into bugs of any kind.

NanaNor's said...

I haven't seen any grasshoppers yet, but we hear Cicada's all the time-do you get those in your area?
I know lots of people in different countries eat grasshoppers, but not me. Have a great weekend.
Noreen and Hunter

Mama and da DB Boyz said...

TeeHeeHee...Good try Misty, very good try!!!
Arty & Jakey

Brian said...

Oh my goodness, that would drive me wacky!!!

Millie and Walter said...

It's too bad your little friend didn't come down to meet you. He sure kept you occupied though.

Idaho PugRanch said...

How nice of him to come and visit you. We had a praying mantis on our deck railing. Mom got him to move higher so I would not see him and try to taste him BOL!
Hazel & Mabel

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song said...

I think that was Ciara visiting you.

C.L.W.STEP said...

Wow! That's a gigantic grasshopper! Thanks for showing us and for the link in your post. I would have loved to give it a "shake" too. Haha! (I hear they're quite tasty!) Ghostwriter has been hearing a huge chorus of katydids lately when she gets off work at 11:30pm all around the nursing home parking lot, even if it's pouring rain like last night.

Mark Muller said...

Lightning that is a tasty idea!!! let me know about the taste of such a hopping thing ;o)

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Grasshoppers ARE crunchy. We've tried them. But they don't play for very long...they tire easily.

Anonymous said...

Guess what....I've had a snack of one of those things and they are rather tasty.....panko crumbs and frying it up would make it even BETTER!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Teddy

Huskies622 said...

Wow! Having a new green friend is SO exciting! And your mom didn't want him to come inside?

Katie Dawn Wing said...

Thats one big bug!!! You sure are brave to get that close!!!

Puppy Growls,