Monday, January 24, 2022

Awww Monday

 Monday Morning Meeting Time.

Only one item on the agenda - HOW ABOUT THOSE CHIEFS!!!!  
Way to go, Mahomes and our home team The Kansas City Chiefs!!!

Awww, we just love you all!!!

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Wordy Wednesday

 It's a great day to be MISTY!!!

I bet you can tell why.  I have been granted full and complete freedom!!!  

The dreaded cone is gone!!!

My tail has healed beyond beautifully AND my furs are growing back quickly.  In fact, Dr. B. said my thick furs were making it tough to find all the stitches.  He was very, very proud of how well I healed and how well I behaved for the past two weeks with that ghastly lampshade. Mom told him she was very proud of his surgical handiwork.

Mom thinks she is funny. She is suggesting that she could put my "duster" tail to very good use around the house.  Sheesh!!!  But at least it isn't really a poodle puff even though my first name with my birth family was Princess Puff.

Now, you know we had snow last week, and I offered everyone my snow removal services.  I actually was surprised at all the takers I had.  But now that our snow is mostly gone, I need to repurpose that contraption.

Don't look at us, Misty.  We have absolutely no use for cones, lampshades, shovels, or whatever.  Maybe you should advertise it on eBay along with the two vintage duct-taped ones you have.

I am not going to pay any attention to those silly boys. This is the first thing I did when I got home cone-free.  I so missed my bone chewing time even though Mom tried to hold a bone for me with her human paws.  It just wasn't the same as using my own paws.

Ah, it is so good to be back to being Misty.

And even better to be able to enjoy all the fun time with Lightning and Timber.

Thank you to all my friends out there who were sending me good vibes and healing thoughts.  Life is good.

Woos - Misty

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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Got Snow???

 Just call Misty!!!

Reliable snow removal service - in exchange for belly rubs and cookies as payment:)  Better hurry - this offer expires in three and a half days when my snow removal equipment goes into storage.

Woos - Misty

Monday, January 10, 2022

Awww Monday

I, Timber, am a great sunpuddle lover.

Mom thinks I might be channeling Angel Phantom.

Yes, Angel Phantom adored a nap in a nice sunpuddle. There are so many things about me that remind Mom of Angel Phantom, and she says they are all good things:)

Woos - Timber

Pee Ess - Misty wants you to know that she has both a comfy cone and an inflatable collar. But she is too clever for those because she always figures out a way to get around them and reach that tail.  So she is stuck with that cone for at least another week.

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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sunday Selfies

Happy Sunday!!!

Yes, I am STILL wearing this silly lampshade, even for my Selfie. Truth be told, it is the third cone since Tuesday when I had my tail surgery.  When I am outside and try to come up the stairs, the bottom edge of the cone hits the stairs and shatters in the cold.  Mom has duct taped two of them to the point that there is more duct tape than plastic. So she picked up two new ones Friday at the vet's.  So far this one is in good shape.  Too bad Mom spots the cracked one before I get a chance to figure out what the heck is going on with my tail.  It feels really weird and makes me very itchy.  But old Eagle Eye Mom is always on patrol.

In case you want to see how my incision is doing (this is a first for me too since I can't see it either), my tail decided to do a Selfie too.

Or would that be a Tailsie???

As you can see it is healing extremely well.  All those little circular marks are where Dr. B. used that fenestration process to make some slits in my skin so it would stretch more easily to cover the big incision.  Mom is very pleased with how everything is looking.  Too bad I can't help it along a bit:)  But I am being a good girl (for the most part).

And lastly we have another odd Selfie for you.

Mom's latest Bgraamiens "Flower Whisper" Puzzle.  At least it kept her busy while she was cooped up inside with the cold and slippery walkways.

Woos - Misty

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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Wordy Wednesday

 Mary had a little lamb,

Its fleece was white as snow.

Everywhere that Mary went,

The lamb was sure to go.

Well, my name is NOT Mary, but . . .

Misty has some little lambs.

Their fleece is white as snow.

Everywhere that Misty goes,

Those lambs are sure to GO!!!

GO - that is the important word!!!!  I want them to GO away. Hanging around my tail is so annoying!!!  Baaaa - or is that Bah!!!  I have been trying to shoo them away, but I can't seem to get the message across.  I even tried going round and round in circles trying to catch them, but all that did was make me dizzy.  Mom says she thinks they are going to stick around for another day - sheesh!!!

Aside from those lambsies, I am doing well.  Last night is a blur to me. I was still pretty dizzy and unsettled from the anesthesia. But after a good night's rest in my kennel, I am feeling much better today.  I want to say I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but I think I may have lost some of that bushiness:(  The lamb bandage can come off tomorrow, but the cone is here to stay for two weeks until the stitches come out. At least I got a new cone.  Mom kept the duct-taped old one as a backup.  Mom doesn't think I have much pain, but you know, we Sibes are very stoic.  I am not telling:)  I can't take Rimadyl because it upsets my tummy.  I am getting some tramadol, but Mom has a feeling it too is bothering me.  She is going to cut the dose in half for a day or so, and then maybe stop it.  She is going to talk about that with Dr. B. tomorrow when he calls to check on me.  In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas for how to deal with those silly lambs, please let me know.

Woos - Misty

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