Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday Talk

No mischief from us here today, but Mother Nature sure was acting up last night around here.

Late yesterday afternoon was pretty scary here in Overland Park.  We had tornado sirens going off for over an hour with very heavy rain, strong winds, and lots of thunder and lightning.  We spent a good hour tucked away in the basement safe area with Mom and Dad.  There were a number of funnel clouds spotted by people on the road and several radar-detected ones as well.  After the threat had passed, our human sister (mother to K, J, and C) sent this photo to Mom, taken by a friend and posted on Facebook.

Pretty impressive and scary, right?  Well, here is the really scary part.  This photo was taken one half mile from our home!!!!  It was at the corner of 143rd St. and Quivira Rd.  We live at 139th St. and Quivira Rd.!!!  As Charlie from Downunder would say - CRIKEY!!!!  That is way too close for comfort.  Quivira is the street we do most of our walking on.  It is where we visit the mini-donkeys!!!  That's our neighborhood.  To say the least, Mom and Dad were pretty freaked out.

This one was taken less than a mile in the opposite direction at 135th and Nieman, just east of Quivira.  One of our walks every day takes us along Quivira from the 143rd intersection in the first photo to the intersection with 135th.  Mom is pretty sure it is the same funnel as the first one, and so it must have passed right over our house.  This is probably the closest we have come to an actual tornado.  We sure hope it is the last.  It was way too close.  We are also thankful we didn't know it was there while we were in hiding AND that it did not touch down.

Although I was not too happy in that hidey spot, at least the rain kept the fireworks quiet last night.

Mom says I am working my stress out by doing a lot of chewing on my bones.  I still won't go outside for her after dinner - but she is just letting me work my way through it for now.

Lightning keeps telling me it is OK out there. The bang bangs don't bother him at all. Very strange given all the other things he is terrified of.  

Can you see him back there watching and waiting for me to go out and do zoomies with him? I told him maybe tomorrow:)

To change the subject a bit, we have a bit of information here for any of you who have dogs taking Soloxine for thyroid issues.  Since early this year we have had trouble getting our order filled by an online source whose prices are quite reasonable compared to what we pay our vet.  We initially thought it was an issue with this one online company. But we are now discovering that Virbac, the manufacturer of Soloxine, is not producing any Soloxine at any of the dose levels at this time, and it could be some time next year before it is available.  The customer service representative at Virbac to whom Mom spoke told her there are a number of reasons for what is happening.  One is that the FDA changed the specifications for the drug and Virbac must get their product in compliance  Secondly one of the active ingredients has been unstable, an issue they are working on.  Those were the only two explanations she was given.  The lady did tell her that whatever we have on hand or can find "out there" is safe to use.  We have tried to find it at a number of sites online, but they are all on backorder.  The site will tell you it is expected to be available at a not too distant date, say 7/15/15, but the customer service department will tell you they do not expect to receive any for a long time.  Mom ended up buying all that the vet had on hand in Ciara's dose, but she had to pay four times the price she was paying online. We have enough now for about three to four months.  There is a generic form for soloxine, but she is hesitant to switch Ciara's meds at this time because we have been told that the generic may not be completely comparable in effect.  Ciara would have to take it for a period of time and then recheck the blood levels.  There is also a liquid version that needs to be refrigerated and is also more expensive.  We will have to make a decision in the next few months as to which route we will go.  We just thought it might be helpful to some of you to know about this situation.

So that's it from us today. We hope you all have a nice day and get to have some tasty treats like we are going to get from Mom as soon as she finishes with the flashy beast:)

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Mischief

 Mom said that Dad and I were both mischievous Thursday night.  She said that Dad gave me some of his ravioli dinner when he KNOWS he is not supposed to do that.

BUT she was in the garage when he delighted me with a taste of that yummy pasta and sauce.  HOW did Mom know???

What????  Is there something wrong with my snooter?

Ciara wanted to tell everyone that she was feeling so much more relaxed yesterday afternoon:)  Her bed cover was in the wash after it got wet during her seizure early Saturday morning.  She seems to prefer her bare bed:)  Now Lightning wants to know why it is not considered mischief when she wets her bed, but he gets in trouble when he decides to water the edge of the cabinet door???

UPDATE:  Mom was outside with us late yesterday afternoon when in the distance Ciara heard two pops.  She scratched at the door to get back inside.  Then Mom tried to take us for a walk after dinner, and the fireworks were back. Ciara heard three pops and that was it for her. She pulled all the way back to the garage door to get back into her safe zone:(  Guess it will be a while longer before serenity returns:(

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Serene Sunday, Please!

 Ciara here, I am so hoping today is a quieter, more peaceful, SERENE day than the past two days.

Can you tell I am NOT a happy camper?

I don't like those fireworks AT ALL!!!  Mom tried everything to calm me.  The TV was on, the doors and windows were all closed, I even wore that Thundershirt for a while.  The thing that helped the most was my bandanna that Mom sprayed with Adaptil.  It seemed to calm me even if it only lasted for about 15 minutes.  She almost used a half bottle last night.

 As you can imagine, after a seizure and lots of anxious moments, I am very happy to be doing this today with Lightning having my back.  I sure hope those stupid peeps ran out of fireworks last night.

Hope your day (and night) is filled with peace and quiet.

Woos - Ciara (and Lightning - who isn't bothered at all by the fireworks but don't let a bike or sign or balloon anywhere in his sight)

Note from Mom:  We will not have another 4th of July like this one for my girl - I vow I will find something to give her ahead of time that will keep her calm and happy.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

It's a Great Day to be an American!!!


Woos - Ciara and Lightning

An added note: Ciara started today with a bang - seizure set in at 3:55 a.m. after some late Friday night neighborhood fireworks. Dang those boomers - they will be worse tonight.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Fun

I wonder if I can get "J"
to play with me!!!

Hey, look at ME.
I want to show you what I can do.

How is this for a cool move?
Can you do it too?

Almost there, but you can't just show your tummy.
 Get that human paw UP!

There you go!  Pawesome, "J".
All you need now is a fluffy tail.

Oh, I like that a lot!!!

I am not scratching you,
I am just trying to pat you too:)

High fives for sure!!!
We boys have to stick together.

Wait a minute.
I want IN on this action too.

How about a kiss, "J"?

NO, Lightning!!!
No more kisses!!! (as Ciara chuckles)

No worries, Ciara.
You are still MY special girl!

Girls rule!  Boys drool!

Woos - Ciara and Lightning, with the twins "J" and "C"