Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Woeful Wednesday for the Woos


Where are you going now, Mom?  You left us Monday night for a while. Then last night you were out way too late - we almost fell asleep waiting for you to get home.  Where are you off to now?

Well, my dear pups, you know I have a very busy week, busier than ever. Monday I had to put on my chauffeur cap to help out with the grandbipeds getting here, there, and everywhere.  And last night granddaughter K made her Confirmation.  That is a big event in our faith, and the ceremony lasted over two hours!!!

Here is Ms. K in the middle with her sponsor, the nice lady L. on the left, and Ms. K's mother, our human sister K on the right in the pretty burgundy dress (yes, the one so many of you have been thinking good thoughts about - she just finished her radiation treatments and is doing pretty well).

Ms. K with her younger sister Ms. C (our little dancerella who isn't so little anymore).

And Ms. K flanked by her brother and sister, twins J and C.

OK, Mom, we get it. So what about today AND tonight - you are leaving us again??? 

Sorry, guys, but yes, more family duties are calling.  But Dad is here to be sure you are not neglected.  But I will be back for dinner before heading out again.

Whew - good thing we won't be missing dinner.  Did you tell Dad to be sure to give us some treats to sustain us in the meanwhile???

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Monday, April 16, 2018

Mischief MOMday

Mom is a thief!!!

Look - she is stealing my furs, AND she is using those tools of torture!!!  Yes, those are ALL MY furs.  Lightning and Misty, this is fair warning to you too.

Woos - Timber

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday Question

April showers bring May flowers.

What does April snow bring?

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Friday, April 13, 2018

Fridge Friday

No, that is not a typo. We didn't mean Frigid Friday - it is hot and sticky and humid outside.  We are also under a tornado watch and might get BIG hail.

So we think the Momster needs to hit that button up there on the fridge and give us some ice to keep us cool.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Special Review Opportunity from - #ChewyInfluencer

Ms. Natalie from asked Mom if she would like to do a special review of a new collar and leash.  Mom thought it would be nice to treat one of us to something new.  Misty is the lucky one chosen to model some new accessories.

This is the new collar and leash Mom selected:

We received a Frisco Patterned matching dog leash and collar in midnight floral, sold separately.  The collars are available in four sizes: x-small, small, medium, and large.  The leash is available in 6 and 4 foot lengths and varying widths.  There are also several other color options, including a geo graphic print, red tribal print, and bright chevron print.

Let's see how the collar looks on Misty.

She must like it - look at that smile!

Let's see what we learned about the collar from


The Frisco Midnight Floral Patterned Dog Collar is a retro-inspired, elegant collar that is sure to make your pup the most stylish canine on the block. Designed for everyday wear, this collar prepares your four-legged friend for adventures outdoors and provides comfort and security during your daily walks. It comes in multiple sizes with adjustable slides so you can make sure your pup has the perfect fit. This is also a great feature for puppies that may still be growing. When your pup is waiting at the front door, hinting for a walk outside, this collar goes on with little effort so you won’t spend tons of time getting ready. To easily and securely attach your pup’s leash, simply clip it onto the D-ring, and you’re all set. Most sizes also feature an ID ring for attaching ID tags without cluttering the leash ring. It’s made for durability with high-quality, polyester webbing that’s been lab tested to withstand up to seven times the maximum recommended weight for each size. For a clean, polished look, this collar is made with sleek, nickel-coated hardware, and the plastic buckle is curved for your dog’s comfort. The Frisco Midnight Floral Patterned Dog Collar also has a matching Frisco Midnight Floral Patterned Leash option so that you and your beloved fur friend can really strut in style.

Key Benefits:

  • This fashionable midnight floral collar is made from high-quality, durable polyester webbing for everyday wear and fun outdoor adventures. It’s been lab tested to withstand up to seven times the maximum recommended weight for each size.
  • The D-ring lets you easily attach a leash, and the collar is made with nickel-coated hardware that gives it a clean, polished look. Also features a separate ID ring for attaching ID tags to the collar without interfering with the leash (except for the extra small).
  • Collar comes in multiple sizes with adjustable slides that are easy to use, so you can get the exact fit your pup needs. The plastic buckle is also curved for your dog’s comfort.
  • Outdoor adventures can sometimes lead to dirty paws and collars, but you can easily clean these collars by hand washing with mild detergent.
  • Frisco Patterned Dog Collars come in the same designs as Frisco Patterned Dog Leashes, so you can mix and match or coordinate patterns.
Here is a closer look at the beautiful pattern we selected - midnight floral:

And similar information related to the leash can be found on the website by clicking HERE.

Here is Misty all ready to head out for a nice walk.  It is a beautiful day here in OP (for a change) and she will be admired by all we meet on our walk as she struts down the street all decked out in her new collar and leash.

She looks pretty happy about her new look.

Good girl, Misty,  You are doing a great job as Mom's model.  Mom wishes the collar and leash had arrived before Easter so she could start singing:  "In your Easter collar, with all the flowers on it, you'll be the prettiest girl in the Easter parade!"  Sorry if we just got that song stuck in your heads.

Hey, wait a minute, Mom.  

What about ME?

And ME too???

Don't you think WE deserve to get all spiffed up too?

No worries, boys.  Mom thinks the Red Tribal collar and leash will be just perfect for Timber - after all, you do have a bit of a wild side to you.  And Lightning, you will be so debonair in a geo-graphic printed one.  Mom just needs to hop on over to and order those for you handsome boys.  And all of our readers can do the same thing by clicking HERE to check out your options.  We think you will find the prices to be quite reasonable.

Misty loves her new collar and leash.  Mom thinks it looks beautiful on her too.  She also likes the sturdy clasp and how easy the collar is to adjust.

It is very important to Mom that our collars have secure clasps.  For some reason she doesn't want them coming undone when we are out walking.

And the handle is very soft and smooth and thus very easy to handle.  

She also likes the sturdy bolt snap on the leash.  

So as you can tell, we were very happy with the Frisco product provided to us at no charge by and Ms. Natalie in exchange for a fair and honest review.  Thank you,

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Monday, April 9, 2018

Mischief MOMday

Yesterday we received this comment from Abby Lab.

"Mom can't figure out how your house always looks so spotlessly clean with all of those paws in and out.  We have hardwood, and it always looks like it needs a mopping.

Abby Lab"

Mom said not to be fooled by that "whitish" carpet. It is actually pretty dirty and needs a good cleaning. But she keeps saying not until the muddy yard is really dry. And our hardwoods always need a mopping. Meanwhile she takes other measures to help prevent the muddy pawprints through the family room. We think it amounts to total Momster Mischief.

The only way for us to get outside to our outdoor kingdom and then back inside is through the door that leads to the deck. The other back door goes into the garage. If we were to use that door through the garage, Mom would have to leash us and walk us around the side of
 the house and in through the gate. That doesn't work for her at all.

The view headed to OUTSIDE via the deck door.

The view as we come IN from the deck door entry. Outside door on the left at the front of photo and kitchen gate on the left at the far end of photo. The other gate more to the right keeps us from gaining access to the formal living room, dining room, and upstairs.

Whoever designed this house decided to leave a hardwood pathway along the carpet of the family room. Years ago Mom used plastic runners to protect the carpet, but the plastic runners had spikes on the backside of them and that would scratch the floors. If she used the runners without the spikes, the runners would move out of place all the time. When Mom and Dad decided to replace the family room carpeting a few years ago, the salesman told her about another option. He recommended that long runner you see in the photos above.  Mom found a remnant of a very high quality carpeting . It was under $100.  The firm that does the binding for the carpet store recommended a product called teebaud. They used the teebaud as an underlayment attached to the carpet runner along with the binding.  It works superbly. The carpet doesn't move on the white carpet OR on the floor.  It stays completely in place.

The blue is the teebaud material.  The runner now works well for dry days when our feet are not dirty or wet. 

If our paws are only wet, it is still a good protection for the white carpet. BUT when we have a muddy yard like we have had forever now, Mom resorts to extreme measures.

The old quilts help grab some of the mud as soon as we come in and head to the kitchen. And then all Mom has to do is toss the quilts in the wash for the next muddy occurrence.
BUT somePup (and it is not a boy) likes to make a full circle through the family room on her re-entry to the house.  And of course, if we all come in at the same time, it is RACE ON for all of us.  And THAT makes for a very not-so-white carpet!

So the mischievous Momster has now resorted to these gate contraptions you see here.  

So whether we are headed IN from outside or

getting ready to go outside, the gates keep us on the quilts.
SHE thinks we haven't discovered that there is still a way for us to get around the barricade.

BOL - you can't trick us - but at least our paws are clean:)

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber