Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Signs of Spring

Sunny skies.

Birdies chirping.

Flowers popping up.

Trees budding.

Warmer temps.

A long walk.

And a cool tiled floor in the laundry room just for ME:) (And Mom adds, muddy feet make for dirty floors.)

Woos - Misty

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tasty Tuesday Treats #ChewyInfluencer

We always get excited when the doorbell rings and Mom comes back with a Chewy box.  It means that either it is time for our monthly autoship or it is time for us to do another ChewyInfluencer review for  We were super delighted when we saw this:

Not just ONE Chewy box, but TWO, and both are pretty big.  So let's get started with our first review for March.

One of the options to select this month was a box of True Acre treats. There were only 25 boxes available, so we got Mom to request a box from Ms. Natalie right away.  We figured we would get a bag of yummy treats to try. So were we ever surprised when we saw what was in the box:

A gigantic box of True Acre Foods Baked Biscuits in the medium size treat.

That box weighs 8.5 lbs.!!!!!!!!!  Take a peek inside.

Look at ALL those biscuits.  Mom says we will have to share them with our cousin pups, Ruby, Duncan, and Dexter.  We are OK with that for surely there are plenty for all of us.  Now let's learn more about them.


Give your pup the simple goodness of a tasty, crunchy baked treat. True Acre Foods Medium Original Baked Biscuits are baked with care for the crunchy texture and savory flavor dogs love. Plus, they’re fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals for even more goodness in every bite. Keep a box in your cupboard for anytime your dog deserves a flavorful reward, or anytime you want to get his tail wagging for a delicious snack. They’re great for medium dog breeds, or you can break them up for smaller pups.

Key Benefits:

  • Crunchy dog treat biscuits are baked with care for the texture dogs love.
  • Fortified with 12 wholesome vitamins and minerals for added goodness.
  • Great as a tasty reward or anytime snack your dog will wag for.
  • Crunchy texture and tasty flavor keep dogs coming back for more.
  • Perfectly sized for medium dog breeds. You can also break them up for smaller dogs to enjoy.
Mom was a little disappointed to see that the biscuits contain meat and bone "meal" and wheat flour. But since we eat a grain-free kibble, and we don't get to have LOTS of extra treats, a little wheat flour and meal would be OK.  She likes that the biscuits are very crunchy so we have to use our teeth to grind the treats, and that has to be good for our teeth.

We don't know about all that grain and meal stuff, but the biscuits in that box smell great to us.  Let's get on with the tasting, Mom.

Here are a couple of short (and not very good) videos.  Mom needs to have a second set of human paws around when she does these videos.

Despite the poor quality of our videos, we think you can tell we enjoyed the treats.

When you head over to Ruby's house to share some of our yummy treats with her, can I come too?  I want to be sure Ruby understands how delicious True Acre baked biscuits are.

Ruby???  Who is that??? And why is she getting some of our cookies???

This is Ruby - our cousin - the sweet Golden Retriever who shares her home with the three grands, Ms. K, Ms. C, and Mr. J.  Isn't she pretty?  Misty didn't get to go with Mom, but Ruby told Mom to tell us she loved the biscuits too.  She tried to get in the car to come home with Mom.

Pretty - sure she is, but don't forget how handsome I am???

Pretty?  Handsome?  Never mind about all that - I smell those treats!!!  C'mon, everyone - let's give Mom a money shot so we can have some more biscuits.

Nope, not yet - she doesn't have any of those True Acre baked goodies in her human paws.  Let's give her the "synchronized" non-cooperation shot.

NOW she does!!!  OK, Mom - hand over the goods. We have waited patiently while we finished our review.

Thank you to Ms. Natalie and for giving us the opportunity to taste test this product.  We all (including Ruby) agree that they are fantastic!!!

Disclaimer:  We received this BIG box of True Acre Baked Biscuits from at no cost to us in exchange for a fair and honest review.  

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Sunday, March 17, 2019





Yeah, yeah, yeah - she is so cute with that head tilt, but I can make you smile too!!!

See - I told you I could do it!!!

O'Woos - O'Lightning, O'Misty, and O'Timber

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday Fun or NOT

Yeah, Fun for Mom!!!

 NOT so much for US!!!

We hope this is the end of her supply of silly St. Patrick's Day stuff!!!

Putting our heads together to plot our revenge!!!

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Not-So-Wordless Wild Weather Wednesday

Did you hear there is a "bomb cyclone" heading across the country today?

BOOM!!!  - did it hit here already???

Ha Ha - did I fool you?  This disaster was created by ME!!!  I am so bored with my inside confinement due to all this rain.  So I decided to blow up my toy box!

Oh, OK.  Mom, I am sorry.  I was just trying to be funny.  Now I am more serious, and I am sending good vibes to everyone across the country to be safe from this monster storm.

Woos - Timber

Monday, March 11, 2019

Monday Mischief

Mom's Masterpiece - 1000 pieces!!!

Oops - 999 pieces!!!

Mom's Mischievous Munching Helper

That was fun, Mom.  Let's get another one started!!!

Woos - Timber