Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Wondering Almost Wordless Wednesday

Hmmm, open gate.  Should I or shouldn't I???

Woos - Timber

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Tuesday Talk

So let's hop on the Happy Tuesday blog hop sponsored by Sandee at Comedy Plus.  

We are all pretty happy here despite some new challenges for Lightning.

October was a blur for our home.  It was a busy month with lots of activities with the grands, lots of eye doctor appointments for Dad, annual physicals for the three of us, a couple of injured boy grands, and some new health issues for Lightning.  Well, there was a lot more going on, but that is probably enough for you to understand why we haven't been around much.

We don't have a photo of Dad, but here is another one of us for your viewing pleasure:)

As some of you know, our Dad has faced multiple eye issues for over 20 years now, ranging from glaucoma,, chronic inflammation, cornea problems, detached retinas, etc.  For the most part he has done well, although he has little vision left in one eye.  For the past six months or more, he has been battling some serious issues with his "good" eye.  The doctors have been trying unsuccessfully to get a bout of scleritis under control.  He needs to use some prednisone drops for the scleritis, but the prednisone aggravates the glaucoma.  The cocktail of drops has been changed around so many times he has lost count.  One week we see some progress, then the glaucoma pressure numbers skyrocket.  We are all hoping the doctors can find the right balance and make his eye better. He can't afford to lose the vision in that eye too.

The grands are all good, with the two girls dancing nonstop and the boys in full basketball mode.  The Texas boy got clipped hard on the side of the head a few weeks ago and had some severe jaw pain and blurry vision. Fortunately no concussion, just a badly bruised jaw, and the vision is now back to normal.  Twin boy J took a hard elbow blow under his chin that clamped his mouth shut tight with his tongue getting pierced by his top two teeth.  Thankfully he is fine too.  Mom says no more injuries.

Now for us.  Let's start with the Princess Misty.

So mid-October I had my annual vet visit with the very nice Dr. B.  Mom was thinking I was getting a little "chunky" - horrors, how dare she!!! - BUT Dr. B. said my weight was just fine.  Now that I have turned three, he said I am developing some good muscles:)  If you remember, I have trouble with being allergic to some of my vaccines. So last year, I got a three year rabies shot to drop the count down a bit. This year Dr. B. said he wanted to give me a three year distemper vaccination as well, so now my rabies and distemper shots will be staggered.  I had a little bit of snooter swelling with that one distemper shot but not as bad as the really bad reaction I had another time.  I still have to go back to get my last two vaccinations, but I will take my benedryl before I go.  

Otherwise, I am doing very well and Dr. B. wants to know how Mom gets so lucky to find such wonderful Siberians.  He is very impressed with my charm:)

My turn???  It's ME, Timber!!!

I also got to spend some time with Dr. B., and let me tell you, he gives the best tummy rubs ever.  AND he is pretty easy with treat dispensation.  He was pleased to see that I have gained a couple of pounds after being so skinny for my first two years.  He wouldn't mind if I put a little more weight on, but he is OK with where I am now.  I got ALL my vaccinations and had no trouble at all.  

I am in fine shape, and Dr. B. also said I am handsome and well-behaved.

OK, I guess the oldest gets to go last.  Lightning here.

So where do I start?  Well, I too had my annual visit, and a couple of more visits after that one.  My annual went well.  My weight is up a bit, but since I get little exercise these days, it is understandable.  My "good" knee - the one that had surgery a year ago - continues to do fairly well, although it doesn't work as well as I wish.  My "bad" knee - the one that can't have the surgery - continues to be a nuisance.  The joint has gotten stronger over the past seven months, but it still gives out on me when I least expect it.  I get around pretty well, but I really want to be outside with Timber and Misty running around.  There is no chance I will ever be allowed to run again:(  Mom walks me 7-8 times a day to keep me moving.  We have had a very cold fall, with temps below freezing too often, so I really appreciate all her help.

So now for the not so good stuff.  Mom asked the nice Dr. B. to look at my right eye, the brown one, when we were there for my annual exam.  It has a funny spot that covers about one third of the iris, and the white of my eye often gets very bloodshot.  Dr. B. put some funky drops in my eye to check the cornea for scratches.  He didn't see any, but he did say I have corneal mineral dystrophy.  At this point there isn't much that can be done for it, but Mom has to watch closely for any signs of tearing or infection because the cornea could get damaged.  Then I might lose vision in that eye.

Mom wonders how so many things can develop so quickly with one dog who is only 8 years old and in pretty good health overall.  On three occasions over the past three weeks, I have had these odd "episodes".  The first time I just sort of sat down as we were headed out the door to go potty. Then I got this odd star in my eyes and couldn't seem to get up.  Mom didn't pay much attention to it at first because she thought maybe my leg gave out on me and I was feeling uncomfortable. But then the next time about a week later, we were a few houses up the street and the same thing happened.  When she finally got me up on my feet, I kept looking to the left, not tilting my head, just turning to look in that direction.  I kept it that way for at least two minutes, and at the same time I kept leaning into Mom's legs.  If I stopped moving forward, Mom said it looked like I was trying to curl my body into a honeybun.  At first she thought I might be having one of those vestibular syndrome thingies going on, but my symptoms didn't seem to match.  She should have videoed me, but she had gloves on and was holding my poop bag, and it was about 12 degrees out.  She was more worried that I might damage my leg even more if I collapsed on her.  The third time it happened was about a week ago, and she didn't have her phone with her. We went back to see Dr. B.  He told us that it sounds like I am having partial or focal seizures.  Seizures???? After what we went through with Ange Ciara, Mom says NO, not again.  So now she is going to try to catch me on video if it happens again, and she has started keeping a log of the episodes.  Woe is me, woe is Mom.

What???  Did you think I was done???  Nope, one more thing.  Last week Dad felt a big bump on my upper back.  Mom checked me out and found a big dry scab.  It looked like a dead tick would look but it was about four times as big and a little bit stinky.  Off we went again to see Dr. B.  He cleaned the area, removed the scab, and said it was a benign tumor that had burst.  He said it would take 1-2 weeks to heal, and Mom has some antibiotic cream to put on it.  Well, it has been a full week now, and it isn't looking much better.  Mom is trying to be patient and give it the two weeks, but . . .

OK, I am done now. That's plenty, don't you think?  I will take all the good vibes you can send my way.

How about we end on a happy note - here's Piper!!!

Piper is a very happy bird.  He sings early in the morning and right before he wants to go to bed, and a whole lot in between.  He loves to compete with music playing, the TV, the vacuum cleaner, and people talking (especially when Mom gets on the phone).  He especially loves it when the sun is shining and the blind on the window is open for him.  And if Mom forgets to take his cover off in the morning, he starts to sing really loud to let her know he is awake and ready to greet the day.

We like getting back to the happy part.  We see a box of Trader Joe turkey treats on the counter, so let's get going, Mom.  TREAT TIME.

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Monday, November 18, 2019

Monday Monday

A lazy start to our week. . .

It isn't easy getting used to that time change. 

Piper has a new "perch" - way up high on that bar table. 

Piper loves being right near the window. This is a fully sealed triple glass window, so he doesn't get a draft.  We don't like it because he has a bird's eye view of what we three are doing, but we can't get to him.

"Maybe I will sing for you in my next post appearance."

We will be back tomorrow (hopefully) to fill you in on what's been going on around here.

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Serene Sunday

Let's start with a Sunday Ussie!

So sorry we have been MIA.  Mom keeps saying our blog is on "paws" - huh???

Aren't we the ones with paws?

You know we do love to play so we hope we can get her to put our blog on "play" again.

Happy Serene Sunday to all!!!

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday Friends

Hey, we are both a year older, and we still fit together on the hearth.  Butt to butt, and tail to tail:)

Have no fear, we both do like to snuggle with BIG brother Lightning too.  Yep, he is a lot bigger than Timber.

We are getting ready for a busy weekend.  The human brother and family are coming in for the long weekend.  Lots of fun planned with a very full house of big and little peeps.  We may not get around to visit much, but we will be back once we get back to our normal schedule.

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Wordless Remembrance Day





Lightning with Angel Ciara, Angel Thunder, and Angel Phantom

Dakota: 8/15/1997 - July 25, 2009

April 28, 2006 - July 1, 2013

November 20, 1998 - April 2, 2015

12/10/2009 - 10/6/2016

You are all forever in our hearts; we love you and miss you so much.

Woos - Lightning, Misty, Timber, and Mom

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday Selfies???

Well, maybe we are faceless, but . . .

Happy Selfie Sunday!!!

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber