Sunday, March 1, 2015


Wait - that should say:


It's pretty nice out here, Mom - come join me.

Hmmmm, who made those track marks in the No-Sibe zone?

I hear something in there - come here, little rabbit:)

Yes, we are very happy to report that we got snow - SOME snow.  It snowed for almost 18 hours straight and left us with a whopping 2.5 inches that is already shrinking. But we will enjoy what we have while we have it.

Here is Lightning getting ready for the marathon with Dodger, one of the two new neighbors.

Happy Sunday to all!!!

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sunning on Saturday

Phantom always enjoyed a good snooze in a sunny sunpuddle.

This shot is from November 2011.  

For some reason, Phantom doesn't look for the sunpuddles so much any more.

But the other day Mom spotted him in almost the same spot as the pic above.  Her camera battery was dead so she missed catching him IN the sun.

Hey, Sleepyhead, wake up - you need to follow that sunpuddle - it has shifted on you:)

Happy Saturday to all of you!  We are hoping for some snow tonight.

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Fun - The "Dino" and "Pup"-sitters

We are very happy with our jobs today as you can tell from our big smiles:)

Keeping watch over the Dino Twins!

Keeping watch over my brother:)

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thanks on Thursday TO . . .

The Wonderful, Fantastic, Fabulous, Terrific Sydney from!!!!!

The day after we received our last taste testing box from Chewy, Mom got an email from that nice lady Sydney telling her that Chewy just realized that the selection we had made, Kanoodles, was not a U.S.A. made product.  Sydney knows that Mom doesn't like to take any chances with treats that come from certain countries.  Now those Kanoodles might be just fine, but she said we couldn't have them.

SO Ms. Sydney decided that The OP Pack needed to have something so she sent us some surprises in another box.

We found one of our favorite treats in the box - a bag of Orijen Black Angus Beef Treats. We have had these before and even did a review about them.  Mom has also purchased them for us, but we were delighted to have a new bag to replenish our supply.

You may not be able to read this blurry shot, but they have wonderful ingredients:  Angus beef liver, boneless Angus beef, and Angus beef tripe - who could ask for a better mix!!! They come from pure and natural Angus beef raised free-range on Alberta's vast prairie ranches.   They are a very nice size for both big and small dogs - we just think Mom needs to give us more than one at a time.

Also in the box were these two prehistoric creatures from Nylabone.  Nylabone Dura-Chew Dental Chews.  Here is what we found on about them:

Nylabone DuraChew Dental Chew Dino Dog Toy, Large Chew Toy

If there's one thing brave pups wish they still had a chance to chase, it's a dinosaur! The Nylabone DuraChew Dental Chew Dino Dog Toy is one tough toy that's able to stand up to tons of chewing. It has raised, rounded nubs that help clean teeth and the clean scent freshens breath. Best of all… Dino Dog Toys don't bite back!
Key Benefits
  • Made for dogs up to 50 lbs
  • Chew will be shipped in Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus or T-Rex shape (chosen at random)
  • Fun shape keeps pets entertained
  • Freshens breath
  • Vet-recommended for clean teeth and gums
  • Made in USA

We are all in favor of anything that will help keep our teeth clean and our breath smelling good.

Here is a closer view of the dinosaurs:

Aren't they just the cutest?  We need to come up with some good names for them.

Here is a short video of Ciara and Lightning enjoying their chews with a brief cameo of Phantom at the end.  Mom was really surprised at how much we enjoyed those dinosaurs as we don't usually stick with chews for very long unless we can devour them:)

My teeth are pretty old and I really don't like to chew things that are really hard, but I wouldn't mind a few of those beef treats, Mom.

Blurry view, but it was really good.

Yep, the second one was just as good.

How about one more just so I can be sure the whole bag is going to measure up to my taste approval?

Sure, Mom, I can give you a nice pose for one or two of those treats.

And where is Mr. Lightning???

We have new neighbors moving in today (a secret YAY from Mom), and he is just too busy right now checking out those men in black with all the scary boxes.

No, I was not too busy to come in and get my share of the beef goodies.

And just for good measure, we are all ready for a triple treat:)

Many, many, many thanks to Sydney and for our surprise package - CHEWY is THE BEST!!!

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday's Maybe Miracle Tail's Tale

Once upon a time . . .   isn't that how a good fairy tale starts?

Well, once upon a time there was a handsome blue-eyed sibe who had the most beautiful plume of a tail . . . 

. . . that he would always hold high and proudly.

And when it wasn't fully furled up high, you could see how thick and fluffy and gorgeously shaded it was.

"I can barely bring myself to show you.  Beware, ugliness to follow."

"Here is what my tail looks like after my trip to see the Miracle Worker Dr. B."

A side view as well.

"I am home now and I will let Mom tell you what happened."  

The Momster here hoping this newest effort will work.  First the vet tech shaved all the fur around the three lumps on the tail and cleaned up the area where the lowest one had burst.  That one was actually as big as the one in the middle but it burst sometime overnight Saturday into Sunday.  As of this morning it was still seeping blood and didn't appear to be ready to close on its own.  I was pretty worried because I know there are no options to remove any of the lumps from his tail without anesthesia and without leaving the remaining holes open to heal and close (maybe) on their own.  

My sweet boy Phantom is just so brave.  Dr. B. wanted to try to use cryotherapy and freeze the tumor that burst to see if he could kill off enough of the tissue to stop the bleeding.  That is the area that you see in the photos above that is bright red.  This doesn't remove the tumor nor does it prevent it from regrowing, but the hope is that we stop the bleeding.  The large mass above that is going to burst soon as well.  He could have helped that one along, but we decided to leave it alone and see if the cryotherapy would work on the smaller one first.  The very top mass is a regrowth of the one that burst about a year ago that is now rapidly regrowing.  Sigh, it never ends.

BUT as long as Phantom remains comfortable, we will keep trying.  He came home and took a long nap.  

"And now I am up and ready to take on the day:)"

And here is where we are supposed to something about "living happily ever after".

Woos - Phantom and Mom