Sunday, January 25, 2009

Making the most of a sunny day . . .

Noontime, Saturday, Overland Park - 17 degrees - cold and sunny!!!

Some like it hot. Phantom found his place in the sun.

Some like it cold. Thunder first does his patrol work.

And then finds a cozy spot on the deck.

And some just like to complain. Dakota speaks her mind.

And then just sits and watches.

Woos, the OP Pack

Woos, the OP Pack


Tracey and Huffle said...

I am so very impressed with the number of posts in a row you have all done!

If you want some extra sunshine, you can come and play at my house. We're expecting 40C plus all week.

Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

Mango said...

At least you found some sun to bake in.


Mason Dixie said...

What great sun spots to nap in, we still have no sun and lots of snow. =)

Pippa said...

Oh I don't know which is nicest - Phantom's spot inside in the sun, or Thunder's spot on the deck. I think I'd have to go for that last one.


The FOUR Musketeers said...

WOW ! All three different characters ! CUTE ! :D

Kapp pack said...

Just goes to show we're all free-thinking individuals!

Royal Kisses, King Skyboy

Ozzie the OZmonster said...

I prefer the sun spot inside the kitchen. Mostly it's the best when it streaks my eyes and dialates my pupils so I look all fierce like.


The Army of Four said...

How could you CHOOSE?!?! You guys must have worked really hard.
It was a tad colder here - but nice and sunny. And it looks like you got the "dusting" of snow that we had. Sigh. I was so hoping for more!

Raising Addie said...

I loved seeing what each of you were up to!!

That is sooo much fun!

Lots of Luv & Kisses

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my goodness! you three are so pretty! we love to see what you are up to!
m & e

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I'm leaving this khomment whilst outside under my tree IN THE SUN!!!

Woo all chose some furry khool pawsitions to spend your day!


Joe Stains said...

We are sharing some sun and warmth on our blog today, tell Phantom to stop on by!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Whoa, that's pretty chilly. I'm an inside kind of guy while Kat wants to stay outside all the time!


Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
You make life interesting. Everyone of you have a different way to enjoy a sunny day!
Kisses and hugs

Thor and Marco Polo and 3 Kats said...


What a great sunny Saturday! We sure love seeing Dakota pictures because she reminds us of Samantha!
Happy Sunday!

Thor and Marco Polo

Anonymous said...

What are you saying, Dakota? You sure have beautiful eyes.

Your pal,

River said...

We love lying in the sun, too! It looks like you found some great places for sunning.

love & wags,

The Daily Echo said...

I really don't think she was complaining....she was just informing you of something important. There's a difference woo know. I'm just sayin'.