Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sibes for Hire

Mom said she is broke now that her Christmas shopping is done. AND she added that we were both old enough to start earning our keep.

So Santa, here we are, are you hiring this year?

We are even being very cooperative with the flashy beast and looking right at it.

Even Phantom.

We think we would be a pawfect addition to the sleigh team.

We haven't heard from Santa yet but it looks pretty bare under our tree.
Hope he is still planning to stop here.

Since the tree has such pretty sparkly lights, we decided to light up our eyes to add to the decor. What do you think?


We have been very busy here getting everything ready for the holidays. Our human brother and family are coming to visit and all six of the grandkids will be here together along with their moms and dads. Mom is at that point where she is starting to stress about all that still has to be done. We are trying very hard to keep up with visiting and commenting on all of your wonderful blogs, but we may have to slow things down a bit. If you don't hear from us as much in the next couple of weeks, please know that we are thinking about all of you and wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. We will be with you in spirit and in heart.

Woos, Thunder and Phantom and our humans too


the 4 Bs said...

you two look like the perfect helpers for Santa! your tree is beautiful and we bet that Santa will deliver lots of pressies under it for you. we hope you have a great christmas!


Anonymous said...

Those are the BEST Pictures!! They sure made me smile and get into the festive spirit! I think I have to petition to all my Sibe friends to see if I might be named Honorary Sibe... I sure am LOVING my snow!! :)

Want to come play with me?!


KB said...

Thunder and Phantom: You'd be awesome additions to Santa's team!!! You are both so gorgeous, and you look great with antlers!

I absolutely love that series of photos.

kissa-bull said...

my you would be the cutest helpers the north pole has ever seen.

mewy chritsmas
waggles and slobber
the houston pittie pack

Alex93andme said...

You both look great as Santa's helpers. Santa couldn't ask for anything more perfect on his team!! I love the tree and the pictures of both of you are so pretty!! I have a feeling you will be getting lots and lots of treat and presents!!

Mango said...

Good for you to give poor old mom a break and agree to pose with those antlers. That must make her happy, right? No stressing allowed. Hug your dogs.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I think you are just what needs to be added to Santa's team.
You would have a good time, and I bet you would be so fast!
Your festiveness looks awsome!
I betcha Santa won't forget you!
Tell mom not to stress out.
We all understand,

Sonic said...

You guys look so cute with your little reindeer horns! I'd like to find you guys under my tree when Christmas comes!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I just KNOW Santa Paws made notes about your most excellent behaviours!

Please tell your Momster not to worry 'bout The Blogs -

The HOWLidays are stressful enough without the khoncerns about khommenting!

Enjoy all the special days ahead!


Gus said...

You guys are awesome additions to any team. We think Santa definitely needs your help, and we will leave Xtra cookies for you at Aunt Marie's.


The Thundering Herd said...

Woo, trust us, our hu-dad is sooooooo far behind on blogs because of end of year work stuff and holiday stuff. Shrug. Relax and enjoy the holiday!

Stella said...

Listen, you guys. I watched Poler Express last night and saw that Santa did not have one Sibe on his sleigh, so maybe he will hire you guys! Would that be a thrill or what?

Let us know what you boys hear,won't you?


BeadedTail said...

You two are the cutest reindeer ever! We love all your pictures! We understand being busy so tell your mom not to stress and just enjoy the season with family! We'll still be here!

Lorenza said...

I am sure Santa would be happy to have you two as helpers!
Your tree is pawesome and you two look so handsome in those pictures!
Tell your mom not to worry! Everything is going to be ok!
Kisses and hugs

Deborah said...

You both look so nice! I would love to have all my pets under the tree..but I don't think that is going to happen!!!

Sierra Rose said...

Beautiful TREE! And, love the twinkle twinkle eyes, pals! It's a busy time...and festive...hope you have some fun walkies and worries on the bloggies, we'll be here!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Samantha said...

What a pawesome blog! Those pix of you both are just wonderful and that tree is just gorgeous - especially with you two right in front of it! How beautiful - with the snow and all falling all over your page! LOVE IT!
Hugs xo


Hi TD and P
I'm wondering if you realize your new job requires you to BE with Santa on the 24th.. Please stop at my place! Please! You saw I was trying to be good. I think you both make great reindeers! I'll leave u a carrot?!!

Hey mom's been trying to get that snow effect to work on her blog. She's having brain farts over it. The script isn't working in the html body for some reason.. any tips?

Twix said...

You guys are so cute in your antlers! I'm sure Santa will hire you the next time he has an opening....and when that happens I will be looking for extra treats when you come by my house ;o)

Asta said...

Deew Thundew and Phantom

Santa would be the luckiest if he had you on his team..You make magnificent weindeews. Youw twee is soooo bootiful and I'm suwe the pwesents will get thewe in time(even wif just the wegoolaw deews)
It sounds like youw house will be full of joy and laughtew wif all those should be wondewful.
I think the two of you awe the spawkliest of all and make youw twee look even pwettiew that it aweady is.
Tell youw Mom not to stwess, we will be hewe whenevew you can come back, and you'll always be in ouw heawts(angel Dakota too)
smoochie kisses

Two Country Poodles said...

No worries...We totally understand. You sure have a lot of people coming and I bet you will have a BLAST! Hope you hear form Santa soon...He would be crazy not to hire you you look fabulous in your antlers!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Cyber-sibes said...

What a great post! Woo two sure are being good sports about his & trying to do your part. Santa would be crazy not to hire woo!
Its getting busy fur the bipeds everywhere. We totally understand. You'll be in our hearts, too! Merry Christmas!

a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo

tula said...

You're the cutest reindeers around! Hired! ok.. gotta to get a sleigh.. then you can pull me. Happy Holidayz to ya- and your family. Take pics cuz we'd luv to see all the family you're about to have:)

red nosies,

Dennis the Vizsla said...

We know how it is this time of year -- we will see you when you have time. And you make great reindeer, Santa would be foolish not to hire you!

Ginger Jasper said...

Oh my cat.. Santa would be a fool not to hire you. You look fabulous. You pose so much better than me. Tell your mum we understand, ut dont stress everyone will help and a faulous time will be had by all.. Your tree looks beautiful and I am sure there will be pressies galore for under it.. Hugs GJ xx

Wild Dingo said...

if santa doesn't hire woo, i will! you two are pawfect! and such great models!

they're soooo cute I want to put them in my pocket!

we'll miss you but understand!
wild dingo
pee ess woo: happy holidaze~

Tanuki Maxx said...

Yes mommy agree too! If Santa doesn't hire you, mommy will gladly do so!!!
Your pic really put a smile on our faces!! Brilliantly handsome!!

Maxx & mommy

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan said...

With your looks and your enthusiasm, you should get lots of gigs!

Mack said...

Thunder looks a little angry that he has to earn his Christmas presents this year!
But Paris adds "Still uber sexy"

And tell mom please not to stress. Maybe if you give her extra Sibey sugars it will remind her???

Byron y Xinver said...

Always with you all. Dakota is great in the christmas ball... We miss her, we know you miss her A LOT.
We're sure you'll be happy to work for Santa because is the kind of activity that your breed does.
Happy Days!!

Sue said...

We'll be thinking about you guys, too. We wish you and your humans a happy, peaceful and safe holiday.

We're sure Santa will come to your house. If he comes to ours, as bad as we've been, he surely won't forget you.

Anna the GSD said...

Wow! I hope you guys get the job and can land on my roof on Christmas! You look AWESOME!!!

Give mom lots of kisses. I remember when the "inlaws" and family came down here for Easter. Mom was a complete stressy spaz! Kisses help! :)

Canine Crusader said...

Mom is too funny! You guys look amazing, we love you as reindeer!! You have been invited to something, please stop by.


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Where are your red noses? We love love love your pictures!
Mom said to please wish your humans a very Merry Christmas(in case they don't get to visit again before Christmas).

Sam & June & mom

Joe Stains said...

Sounds like your Mom needs your help more than Santa! Good luck getting everthing ready!

Mochi and Mommy said...

You two are soooooo darn cute! :) I love your smiles and your eyes!

Mom is the same way. She's getting ready to go on a mini trip and finishing, err...starting her shopping and wrapping before she leaves. We have been falling way behind on visiting you all.


Anya said...

You are looking both so CUTE :-)
I love all your shots !!
Take it easy Mom we all can wait
we also busy on christmas time!!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Oh goodness pups, I can't believe you wear those antlers! I can't stand them. Santa will want you for sure! As far as your tree being bare, don't worry. I went to the Christmas parade here and Santa waved at me, so I know that means that all my friends are on the "nice" list.


Siku Marie, White Dog said...

What a perfect addition to Santa's team you two are! You Christmas tree looks wonderfully festive. We hope you have memory making times ver the holidays.

Ozzie the OZmonster & Zowie said...

John and Kelly think these are very cute pictures. I am very confused. . how did you get those antlers??


Sam said...

I think Santa would be proud to have Sibe's pulling his sleigh. The pictures are wonderful!

Sam and Cisco