Wednesday, June 24, 2009

8/15/1997 - 6/24/2009

We will never forget you,
we miss you so much already,
and we will always love you.

Heaven's Doggy Door

My best friend closed her eyes last night,
As her head was in my hand.
The doctors said she was in pain,
And it was hard for her to stand.

The thought that scurried through my head,
As I cradled her in my arms.
Were of her younger, puppy years,
And Oh...her many charms.

Today, there was no gentle nudge
With an intense "I love you gaze,"
Only a heart that's filled with tears
Remembering our joy-filled days.

But an Angel just appeared to me,
And he said, You should cry no more,
God also loves our canine friends,
He's installed a doggy -door!
by Jan Cooper

Love forever and always,
Dad, Mom, Phantom, and Thunder

Our hearts are very heavy tonight, but we wanted to let you all know what has happened. We are so very thankful to all of your for your loving concern for us. When we are up to it, we will present a pictorial tribute to our beautiful girl.


  1. Tank woo fur the beaWOOtiful tribute to Princess Dakota!

    That smile is what soooo drew us to her!

    We know you are hurting so we really appreciate you inkhluding us so khwikhkly!

    Woo did what we as khanines/pets hope woo will do fur us: give us THE GIFT of no more pain even though woo are then the ones to absorb our pains.

    Khyra and Phyll

  2. Hugs to all of you. We know you love her so very much and loves you!
    Husky Hugs, Kisses and Lots of Love
    Gerri, MayaMarie, Missy & Bella

  3. We are all furry sorry fur your loss :(
    Big comforting licks to you
    Suzuki, Tahlia, Scooby Doo & Brandon

  4. We are so sorry. We know this is a very hard time for you. Thanks for letting everyone know. We send hugs to all of you in your grief.

  5. My heart is breaking for you all. I know you did the right thing for her.

    Huffle Mawson and Tracey

  6. My heart is breaking for you, and my eyes are full of tears.

    Run fast and swift beautiful Dakota. May you wear your Silver Harness with pride as you play with all those other pups at the Bridge.

    ((((( HUGS ))))) to you, and kisses to Phantom and TD.

    Holly, Khady Lynn and their mom Jan

  7. As we have already told you - we are so sorry about this. You showed her great respect and have allowed her to go wait for you at the Bridge. May God help you through this tough time. Know we are always here for you - now and in the coming days, weeks and months.

    Godspeed Dakota. Wear your silver harness with pride and run free of pain.

    ALL OF US!

  8. Thank you for allowing us to get to know the beawootiful Dakota.
    There is one more angel in Heaven. God bless, our thoughts are with you.

    -Kira, Scampi and their Mom

  9. With eyes full of tears, we want to praise you for letting Dakota go with love and we know you will miss her. We all will. Thank you for sharing her with us through your blog.

    Steve, Kat, Wilbur, and family

  10. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Dakota was lucky to have such a caring family who gave her a wonderful life.

  11. So sorry to hear this. We know your heart is breaking but I'm sure you made the right decision. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.

    Cecile and Lisa, and all the D'Azul Siberians

  12. For the greatest gift that you can give our canine friends, The Thundering Herd thanks you. It is so terribly much to ask, but after all of the years of love and happiness, it is the right thing. We wish we could relieve you of your suffering and pain, but that is the special love you are feeling.

    Tonight, there is a new star in the northern skies. Run free of pain, Dakota.

  13. I know it doesn't mean much, but I have been keeping close tabs on your blog and now I wipe the tears away. We did never get to meet Dakota, but we feel like we were great furiends. Please know that we all love you very much and are thinking of you and your family and we hope that they will be able to live on and celebrate what a wonderful, beautiful, strong and inspirational being that you truly are!

    Kylie's Mom and Kylie

  14. Dakota was a beautiful girl with a tremendous spirit. I know that she is running pain-free like a puppy at the Bridge with a bounce in her step and the sparkle in her eyes.

    You eased her journey by allowing her to pass with dignity, respect and knowing that she was loved.

    With tears in our eyes, we light a candle in Princess Dakota's honor.

    Princess Eva, Brice, Vicky & Doug

  15. What a loving tribute to a beautiful girl. May her memory never leave your hearts. Thank you for letting us get to know your princess. She will always be loved.
    The Ao4 and our bipeds

  16. We are so, so sorry for your loss. Sending our love.

    Maryann and The Brats

  17. We are so, so sorry for your loss.
    Dakota is in a place where there is no pain and is running with the wind. You gave here a wonderful gift.
    Godspeed Dakota
    Love Ruby, Penny & mom

  18. We are so very sad for you all, this is such a huge loss, please remember and take comfort in knowing you did what was best for your girl.

    Godspeed Dakota, run free sweet girl, no more pain or hard times, you are young again and can play with the other fur angels north of the Bridge.

    We know you will watch over your family and wait until the time comes that you will meet them again.

    Prince, Summer, Sesuk, Kodiak and their Mom Aleeya

  19. Our hearts are breaking. My Mommy had to help Samantha to the bridge too in 2005 but even though she isn't with Mommy she is always near. Samantha had Cushings also so it was very hard for her to get over any injury or illness. Mommy said Samantha ket her know when she had had enough. What a beautiful picture and tribute to Dakota. I bet she's already found Samantha at the bridge and they are best buddies already.

    God Bless all og you....Mona & Mommy

  20. sad woofs, my eyes r really leaking now..i new after ur last post, her leaving us was soon...we will miss u sweet girl...and we will b here for ur family...RIP sweet girl, run with the wind..

    a very very sad,
    angel lacylulu
    and mama...

  21. We're so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you.

  22. We are so sorry to hear about Dakota. We send hugs to all of you.

    Diego, Rocky, Mom Barbara, Dad Bob

  23. We are so sad. I am honored to have known Dakota, if even for this past year. Her beauty and smile will forever be in our hearts. God bless.


  24. Oh Dakota was such a beautiful girl....what glowing & loving eyes...we are so saddened she is no longer with you...but she is no longer in pain - which pains us & makes our hearts heavy....

    Run free Beautiful Dakota!

    Love & Licks,
    Randi & her peoples

  25. Dad, Mom, Phantom and Thunder,

    Our hearts ache for you all.

    You did everything that could possibly be done here for your beautiful girl, and she knows it tonight. Take care of each other.
    Praying and thinking of you.

    Many Hugs,
    Diane, Frankie, Maddie & Domi

  26. We are so sorry to hear about Dakota's passing.

    Poodle smooches,
    Mollie and Bobo

  27. Our hearts are heavy as we read this news. Dakota was a beautiful girl who will be missed by all of us. We're thinking of you all.

    Pedro & my mom

  28. Dear, Friends...

    We are so sorry for the Loss of your beautiful Princess Dakota...

    Our hearts & love go out to you...

    Much Love,
    Abby & her family xxxooo

  29. We are so sotty for your loss. Princess Dakota was truly beautiful and we hope that she is running free of pain amongst the clouds with other doggy angels.

  30. Dear Dakota, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this difficult time.
    Pain free, run free like a brezze, Dakota, you're furever in our hearts!
    Love y'all

  31. Hello Woos,

    I am so sorry for you loss. Dakota was a beautiful girl and I am sad to see her go. I can't wait to see your tribute to your loving family member. I'm sure she misses you as much as you miss her.

    Happy Trails
    Ziggy Marley

  32. We're so sorry for your loss. Dakota was such a gorgeous dog with a beautiful smile.

    Teddy, CC-man and mom

  33. We are soo sad, and our hearts hurt for you. Princess Dakota sharred so much in her life. She will be remembered in the hearts of many forever. We know your pain is so deep right now.
    Please know we all care, and wish for the right words to say.
    Tonight we light a candle at the Rainbow Bridge.

  34. You are an example of
    "unselfish love", thinking of Dakota- before yourself.

  35. I am so sorry to hear the news. The tears flood my eyes as I type this.

    Princess Dakota is in the arms of God and His angels now being loved and cared for until the day when you get to join her.

  36. We are so sorry for you loss. She truly was a beauty. Our thoughts are with you at this time.

  37. Oh no...this is such upsetting news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Run free sweet girl.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy x

  38. Oh, how sorry we are...
    Hugs from Sammie, Oz, Miche and Bill

  39. You gave her the gift of freedom and what does a Husky love more than that? She loves the giver, and her brothers and sisters.

    Blessings, Kathie, to you and your whole family.


    Stella and her Mom, Jo

  40. We will always remember her and her happy face.
    We know you did everything possible for her.
    We are praying for her and for you all.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs
    Lorenza and mom

  41. We are very sorry to hear about Dakota. While she is happy & healthy at the Bridge,we know what a big hole it leaves in your heart.

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  42. We are so sad to hear of Dakota's passing. Our sympathy to you.
    love,BabyRocketDog & Hootie

  43. Dear Lord, please open your gates
    and call St. Francis
    to come escort this beloved companion
    across the Rainbow Bridge.

    Assign her to a place of honor,
    for she has been a faithful servant
    and has always done her best to please.

    Bless the hands that send her to you,
    for they are doing so in love and compassion,
    freeing her from pain and suffering.

    Grant them the strength not to dwell on their loss.
    Help them remember the details of her life
    with the love she has shown them.
    And grant them the courage to honor her
    by sharing those memories with others.

    Let her remember them as well
    and let her know that we will always love her.
    And when it's our time to pass over into your paradise,
    please allow her to accompany those
    who will bring us home.

    Thank you, Lord,
    for the gift of her companionship
    and for the time we've had together.

    And thank you, Lord,
    for granting us the strength
    to give her to you now.

  44. I am so very sorry to hear about Dakota. I have gone back and read some of her posts and I can tell she will be missed greatly. I'm sorry I did not get to "meet" her before. I came over from Khyra and Tank's blogs to let you know we understand your pain. We also know you did what was right for Dakota, even if it was the hardest thing you have ever done. She knows how much you love her by the sacrifices you are willing to make for her benefit. I will keep you all in my prayers.
    ~Twix and her Mom

  45. Woo there Boys~
    So veri sorri to hear about your Sweet Dakota. All of us here had a group woo tonight to guide her North over Iowa toward the Bridge. Mom will be out on the deck with us shortly looking for the brightest star she can find. Take care of your Mom and Dad as this is is so furri difficult for them.
    Your pal,

    and his Mummii too.

  46. Such beautiful eyes, what a lovely picture of her. We so enjoyed reading about her. We are crying but we know what a wonderful gift you gave her. It takes so much love to let go.

    love & wags,
    River & mom

  47. You made the best decision for Dakota.

    She is free to run and play with not even a hint of pain.

    Our hearts are breaking for you and your family.

    Know that she will never be far from you and will always be in your hearts.

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie, Hailey and Staci

  48. Oh Gosh, our heart broke when we heard the news.
    Dakota is such a sweet girl, We're sorry to hear about your loss. We will miss her for sure. Run free sweet Dakota. We love you !

  49. {{{hugs}}} to all of you.
    Run free Dakota!


    “Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”-Eskimo proverb

  50. Woo woo
    We are so sorry and our hearts are bursting with sadness.
    We are so glad we got to know Dakota and hope with time all of the wonderful memories will give you comfort.
    We are sending hugs to you all.
    We know that Our Samantha will take watch over Dakota until we alll meet again
    Hugs and Tears
    jilll Thor Marco Polo Mama and Mrsippi

  51. We are so very sorry to hear about have our heartfelt condolences....purrs to all of you who are missing your girl so much....

  52. Thank you so much for sharing this difficult period with us. I know all of you are undergoing undescribable pain today and we really appreciate you for sharing this news about our princess. we do hope that you will be able to get by in the coming days ahead.

    please take all the time that you need. we will be here for all of you always.

    thank you for sharing dakota with us. we will miss her dearly and we will miss more looking into her deep blue eyes...

    stay safe Phantom and Thunder!

    we love you all and you will all be in our prayers.

    drooly kisses,

    Aki and Poopie

  53. We are so very sorry about Dakota. Those decisions we never are prepared to face. We had these with our golden, Honey. We think of her every day, let a tear roll, and know her spirit is with us.
    We send you warm thoughts and many hugs.
    Honey's mom and dad.....

  54. This makes us sad but not surprised. We know you did the best thing for her and she's not in pain anymore.

  55. Big hugs to you! What a tough tough tough decision. SO very sorry for your loss. Dakota was a beautiful special girl.

  56. Kathie,

    I just found out about Dakota. We mourn the loss of your beautiful Princess with you. I am so sorry. Swift trail Dakota. Watch over your furmom.

    Patty (Simchasmom)

  57. I am so sorry for your loss. No words can heal the wound or fill the hole. I hope you can find peace and joy in her memory.

  58. Words can't express how sad we feel for you right now. :( Your Dakota truly was one of the most beautiful girls we have known. We will always remember those gorgeous blue eyes and the sweet puppy noises she made on video. We miss you Dakota but know you are running and frolicking happily now. Dakota's family, we are thinking of you and hoping that your hearts heal soon.

    Lots of love,
    Amber & Nala

  59. Our hearts are breaking for you....
    what a sad time for you and for all of us....
    We're sure her wonderful smile will be furever in your and our hearts comforting us in this life....
    Now she's running free in the wind with all our furry friends waiting her family on the bridge for stay all togheter again!!!!
    Thanks to let us know what's happened....
    you're in our prayers and thoughts!!!
    We love you....
    goodbye sweet Dakota.....
    you will be furever in our hearts!!!!

  60. I just came to check befowe going to sneep, and see that sweet, bootiful dakota was helped to the bwidge by hew loving family..may she wun wifout pain and wif joy .
    We send you ouw love and pwayews that youw loss will not huwt fow long and that you can soon wemembew all the wondewful times wif hew wifout teaws.
    smoochie kisses
    Asta and Mommi

  61. My heart, and my human K's heart, are breaking over the news of the loss of your beautiful girl. Please know you have our deepest sympathy and we are so deeply saddened by your loss.

    You were so brave and loving to let Dakota go to where she can be in peace and have no more pain. Her Spirit is free, but she will always be with you, especially in your hearts.

    Hugs and kisses and tail wags to your two other beautiful dogs! I am sure they are also missing the sweet Dakota.


    Suka and K

  62. Our hearts go out to you this sad evening. There's a story that dogs don't live as long as people because dogs already know how to love wholeheartedly. With people, it takes us longer to learn that lesson.

    May your memories of fun and laughter with Dakota be a comfort to you.

    Your pal,

    Petey (and Mommy too)

  63. We are sending you all the strength and hugs we can. We will miss her beautiful face too.

  64. Our hearts are heavy, and our tears are falling - run free sweet Dakota, you have earned your angel wings.


    Greg, Brooke, Charlie & Opy

  65. We are very sorry for your loss! We know Dakota was greatly loved. We are praying and purring for you.

  66. I am so sorry. I know the pain you are feeling. Dakota is running free.

    Anne and Sasha

  67. What a beautiful picture of Dakota!! Our purrayers, purrs and grrrrs are with you during this time!! We are furiends of Maggy & Zoey!!
    Your FL furiends,

  68. We are so sorry for your loss. We know this must be a very hard time for you. You must take comfort in her well lived life with you and that you had the courage and love for her to ease her suffering at the end. We know she will be forever alive in the hearts of those who loved her. God speed Dakota.
    From friends of Huffle Mawson.

  69. Hi guys, I'm so sorry. I know words wont take away your pain. Sometimes the best things we can do for our beloved pets is to take away their pain. I know that she is thankful for your decision and knows you what was best for her.

    Your family and especially Dakota have touched our hearts.

    xo sugar & martine

  70. Oh, we are so sad. Hugs and licks to you all. We know you will miss her, but she was a great dog for so long for you.

    Gus and Waldo

  71. A very beautiful tribute to the very deserving Dakota! We know it's very hard for her family now, but we are all here for you in spirits though we are far away! Our prayers, hugs and love for the princess. She will always be in our prayers and thoughts! So very sorry for your lost.

    Maxx and Family

  72. So sorry for your loss :(
    Our thoughts are with you.....

    Hugs to all,
    Kareltje & Anya

  73. We're sorry for your loss. Hope you'll be comforted in knowing that Dakota is pain free now. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  74. So very sorry to hear your sad news.
    She was a beautiful dog, with wonderful eyes!

    I feel deeply for you all.

  75. We are so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Princess. She was stunning and we know how much you all loved her - she was so much part of your family.
    We know Dakota is now young again and running free of pain.
    Gibran said death is nothing more than melting into the sun.
    Remember how much Dakota loved to sleep in the sun - she has just melted into it now. Warm, safe and loved.
    All our love
    Martha, Bailey & Vanessa xxxxxx

  76. I am so sorry for your loss. Dakota was a very special dog and I am thankful to have gotten to know her. My thought will be with you throughout this time of sorrow.

  77. We're very sorry... Don't know what to say...

  78. We are so sorry about Dakota. We know that you made the right decision for her. You are all in our thoughts.

    Mochi & Family

  79. So sorry.. Sending love through the tears.. That photo with then smile... Enough said.

    With love Carol and GJ xx

  80. oh no, I just came online to see Dakota's piccures on all my friends blogs and dreaded coming here.

    How very sad for you all. We so sorry for your loss. It a testament to her sweet nature and how many of us she has touched to see how many of us are hurting for you now. I know your hearts will be aching so much right now and me and Mum want to know we will be thinking of you all. The Princess be at peace now and that the most important thing. She will miss all of you, but I sure she will be watching over you and so will never really leave.

    Lots of loving lickies, Ludo (and Mum)

  81. We all shed a tear for your beautiful girl, and for the pain you are all feeling. We feel privileged to have known Dakota, even if from so far away, for a little while. She is now running free with all of the great friends we all have at Rainbow Bridge.

    Your Friends,
    Tommy, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and #1

  82. We are so sorry for your loss. Know that we are thinking of you.

    Take care of yourselves
    - Clive and Fiona

  83. We are so very, very sorry! You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  84. We are so sorry about your loss.

    We will keep you and your family in our prayers.

    Stay strong.

    Cobi & Family

  85. We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Don't know what else to say apart from you know that we are thinking of you now, along with everyone else whose lives you have touched.
    Run free sweet girl xxxx

  86. :( one big lick to all of you
    be strong

  87. We are so very sorry to hear about Dakota. It must have been a terrible decision to have to make - and yet you made it without consideration for yourselves and with Dakota's best interests at heart. That is the most wonderful thing to have done for your beloved princess. We know you will be unbelievably sad but we hope you can find comfort in knowing you gave dakota a wonderful life with you - and even the final decision to let her go, was made with such love.

    Sincere condolances from Milo and Alfie's Mom.

    Milo and Alfie send you all huge rumbly purrs.


  88. We heard from The Four Musketeers about this sad news and we would like to send you some love and hugs from Taiwan. Please take comfort that the wonderful memories you had together will live on forever in your hearts. Love, Dino

  89. Our deepest sympathies to you. We know she's a beautiful, pain-free angel at the Bridge now.
    (((hugs))) from all of us.

  90. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this guys. Poor Dakota. We will miss her. Goodbye our sweet friend.

  91. All of us here in GooberStan grieve with you and send you love and healing goober smooches. Sweet Dakota was one loved girl. It's pretty obvious she knew that ~ just look at those eyes.

    Run like the wind, sweet Dakota!!

    Goober love,
    Stanley, Stella and our girl

  92. Our hearts are breaking for all of you! We are so, so sorry!

    Run free, sweet Dakota! Be healthy and play with all of our buddies that met you at the Rainbow Bridge!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  93. Our hearts are sad and our eyes are leaky. We're so sorry to hear about beautiful Dakota. Purrs and headbonks and woofie licks.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  94. We're so sorry for your loss.
    This is our first time in your blog, but our thoughts are with you.



  95. We are so sorry for your loss.

    However we know Miss Dakota is in a better place running and feeling brand new.

    Hugs to everyone.

    -Mack and his mom

  96. Our thoughts and prayers are with yo as you grieve the loss of your beautiful princess.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrliegh, Java and their Mom, Lynn

  97. Good bye my friend. May you watch over your family and may they find love and comfort in that during this difficult time.

    Our love and woos,
    Dakota and Joni

  98. What a lovely picture of Princess Dakota. We are so sorry for your loss, and sympathize with how hard it was to let her go. Our hearts are with all of you at this very sad time. ~Alasandra, Socks, Scylla, Charybdis & Fenris

  99. Words cannot even begin to describe how sorry we are on the loss of your beautiful princess. Our hearts ate breaking for u and ur loss.
    You'll be in our prayers.. Run free now sweet Dakota.

  100. Words cant describe the hole these dogs leave in our hearts. The unconditional love they give.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this incredible hard time.

    Love & Bully hugs
    Debora, Woodrow, Sweetie, NillaBean & Marshall James

  101. Our deepest sympathies to your pack and your family. We've heard that grief is the price we pay for love. That's probably true. Hugs to all of you.
    ECHO and family

  102. I've been following your blog for a few months now and just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. Dakota was such a beautiful girl.

  103. We´re so very sorry to read about Dakota.

    Hugs and kisses
    Thor and family

  104. We are so sorry to hear about Dakota. It's so hard to do what's right sometimes. Know that we are thinking about you with all your other friends.

    Tucker, Daisy and Mom Heidi

  105. We are very new to your blog and are so sorry. God's speed at the Bridge Dakota.

    Golden Hugs.
    Hamish & Sophie

  106. We are so sorry to hear about the loss of Dakota! Our hearts are thoughts are with you right now during this very sad and very difficult time. You did the right thing for Dakota....she will be resting easy now over the Rainbow Bridge! Again, we are truly sorry :(

    Big Hugs, Bruschi the Puggl

  107. I am devastated for you, and hope that the passage of time makes things a bit easier. Dakota was so very lucky...

  108. Dakota is such a beautiful girl and from what we've read (since we're pretty new to your bloggie) a beautiful spirit, too. We are so sorry for your loss. It's never an easy decision, but it was such a kind thing to do for her. She's perfect again - no pain, no illness. She's free from all of that. You and Dakota were so blessed to have each other in your lives. We are sending lots of thoughts and prayers for comfort your way.

    The Furry Kids & Mom and Dad

  109. I'm so sorry for your loss... Words are of little comfort in such a sad time... and that's why I'm sending my love.

    My heart is heavy for you... A beautiful girl, she will always be. Wonderful parents, family and caregivers... you are.

    wif very much love from Luke

  110. Hearts weigh heavy for your loss.

    We'll hold you tight in our prayers!!


  111. Our sincere sympathies on your loss. Dakota was such a beautiful girl. We know you will miss her a great deal, as Mom still misses every one of her furbabies that have gone to the Bridge.

  112. Sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Princess Dakota...she was a beautiful creature.

  113. oh kathie

    i am so sorry for your loss. dakota was a beautiful, special soul that will always be there with you.
    she has touched the lives of everyone who knows you through your love for each other.

  114. We're so sorry to hear the news. Many purrs from our house to yours.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  115. May Dakota's pawprints on your heart forever remind you of her love. She is there, waiting for you to cross over the bridge with her, and she is free of pain and knows how much you love her.

    May she watch over all of you and may you take comfort in knowing that you gave her such a wonderful life that was full of love.

    Hugs, Kelsey, Smokey, and Cody(the humom)

  116. Our deepest sympathy and condolences to your family. No words can express your loss ... but we're glad she's no longer in pain.

    She will sorely be missed.

    Licks and wags

    Tuffy and the Dog WOods Pack

  117. We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts are with you.

  118. We are just in shock, and so sad. We'll miss her, too. Our hearts are with all of you at this very, very sad time. Dakota was such a blessing to all of us.

    Joey and Zeke and family

  119. WE are so sorry to hear this news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time. Dakota was a beautiful loved girl.
    JB, Chester and mom Deb

  120. What a beautiful dog she was!



  122. Im sooo sorry to hear you had to let Dakota go. You gave the last most beautiful gift. You loved her enough to let her go when the time was right!

    Dakota say hi to all my babies who are already at the rainbow bridge. Everyone there is happy and healthy and waiting for us.

    Candle lit and prayers on the way!

  123. We are deeply saddened by your loss of sweet Dakota...we will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers during this sad time...we like what Khyra said...the hardest gift to Dakota was releasing her from pain...causing you so many tears we're sure...

    We want you to know we love you guys and will be keeping you very close to our hearts....

    Sad Barks,

    Scruffy, Lacie, Stan and Marilyn

  124. So sorry for your loss. Dakota is a beautiful girl and we are sure that she is lighting up the rainbow bridge with her bright eyes and smile. We'll be thinking of you and your family.
    -Tibby & Family

  125. oh I am so so so so so so sorry to read this terrible news, and so late in catching up with it all.

    I saw it on Facebook, and I could not believe my eyes, so tragic. I am so sorry, please accept my (our) condolences on your loss.

    Poor Dakota, may she run free across the Rainbow Bridge.

    A few tears are being shed here tonight in Scotland.

    Your friend, Jeannie xxxxx

    And Marvin xxxxx

  126. What a beautiful girl, she was, your Princess Dakota.

    We hope the love of all her friends will help comfort you in this sad sad time.

    Your wirey paks,

    Jake and Just Harry -- and Mom, Joan

  127. I'm crying tears of sadness with you over the loss of Dakota.

  128. Khyra sent us! Sending cyber hugs to you and your family. Dakota brought joy to your life and that is a gift from God.

  129. oh we are so very sorry about Dakota. she was such a beautiful girl and obviously well loved. you gave her a wonderful life. we hope that you can find some comfort in all of your precious memories of her. we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    sad woofs from the 4Bs, Bailey, Baxter, Brody & Benson, and our mom (sending your mom hugs)

  130. We are very sorry to hear of Dakota's passing. She was a lovely doggy. Hugs to you all.

    RIP Dakota

    Bijou & Banjo

  131. We are all so sorry for your loss. We've got a candle lit to guide her on her way.

    *sad sniffs*
    -Fiona and family

  132. Oh, we have tears in our eyes as we read the news that Dakota has gone to the rainbow bridge. Our Buster and Clive will be there to great her. I'm so sorry, I know all too well the pain and the emptiness that you are going through.

    Hugs, Kodak & Kathy

  133. We are so sorry to hear about your loss. It is so very hard to do what's right when it feels so wrong. Dakota looks like she had a very good, caring home with lots of love.

  134. we are so very sorry to hear your loss. we know how painful it is to lose something so precious. our hearts are with you.
    Dr. Dre

  135. You know that Dakota was loved the way every dog should be loved. She was one of the lucky ones.

    How many dogs get to be Princesses?

    My heart hurts for you.

    Hoover BPD

  136. Kathie, I am so very sorry. She was a truly beautiful princess, and heaven is a better place for having her there.
    Sending all my love, and Pointer hugs your way. So so sorry. xxx

  137. Please accept my deep and sincere condolences on the loss of your dear friend. We could spend a hundred years with someone we love and I would still ask for another day. I mourn with you...

  138. We are very sorry for your loss and only too sad that we didn't find your blog before today. T&Ps with your family.
    ~Princess & her Mom

  139. So sorry that you had to say goodbye to her. Just remember the smiles she brought and not the sadness and enjoy the fact that with your blog she has touched the hearts of people all over the world via the internet.

    Hope the rest of the pack are not too sad without her.

  140. That is a very lovely tribute to Princess Dakota. We learned of your loss through the Army of 4. We did not know Dakota but we can tell that she was very much loved. We hope you can feel the support of all your friends out here in the blogosphere.

    prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
    Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  141. sending you lots of oodle loves we feel your pain

  142. We are so sad to hear the news. Mom is leaking.. You all are like family to us and we fell your pain.. Mom is sending you all big HUGS...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  143. Our hearts hurt fur woo and your family. Dakota was a furry bee-wootiful girl.
    May she dance among the stars. Her paws will be furever upon your hearts.

    Husky kisses,
    Biloxi and Siber-sibs
    Maw and Pa

  144. We are so very, very sorry for your loss. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

    Run with the wind, beautiful Princess Dakota!!

    Lucia and her girl

  145. We made a small donation in Dakota's name to, I know how you are feeling

    Anne and Sasha

  146. We would love it if you used the poem from our tribute to Dakota, please give Thunder and Phantom husky hugs from us.

    Team Husky

  147. Oh my goodness, I only just heard and I'm heartbroken! My human is crying as she helps me type this. We can't believe it - although we know that she is in a better place now, at peace and free from pain. And we think that you showed the greatest love of all by letting her go.

    No words can really do justice to such a special girl - but I think all the comments here can begin to show just how much she meant to all of us.

    Sending you hugs & slobbers from the end of the world,
    Honey the Great Dane & family

  148. I'm so very sorry for your loss. :( Rest in peace North of the Rainbow Bridge beautiful Dakota. {{HUGS}} to you and your family.

  149. we are very sorry for your loss, with much respect,
    RA & Isis!

  150. She will be with you and all of us forever. This is one bad part of all the love they give us for so many years. We wish you the best. Our prayers are with you all.

    With a broken heart,

    Love John, Kelly, and Ozzie

  151. We are glad that you added that poem. We thought it was beautiful too.

    Thinking of you and your family
    Addie, Lucie, Hailey and Staci

  152. Your tribute to Princess Dakota is so beautiful! We are so sorry to hear of her passing. She was a very lucky girl to have you as her loving family. You did everything you possibly could for her and then you gave her the ULTIMATE gift of love--you loved her enough to let her go. She knew how much you loved her and she will be around you in for the signs!
    She will be missed by all of us and we thank you for sharing her life with us. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
    A sad howl will be raised in her honor.
    Dakota, wear your silver harness with pride and run free North of the Rainbow Bridge...strong and pain free! There are members of our family that are there for you to run & play with!
    With out sincere sympathy and love,
    Skye,Dave,Jasmine,Velvet,Lakota,Angel,Blaze, the kitties Misty,Diana,Starr and mom Joan

  153. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I lost two of my dogs last year and it hurts to think about it. Please know we are all mourning with you.

  154. We are so sad to hear about sweet, beautiful Dakota. Our big fur-cuz Sheena-roo and her brother Rex-topher will be there for Dakota to play with north of the Rainbow Bridge. Big woos and husky kisses for all of woo. Kayla and Maebe

  155. We are so sorry to read about Dakota. You all are in our thoughts at this difficult time.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  156. We send sad woos, we know how heavy your biped hearts get when we have to leave. But we also kknow that she is watching from the bridge, with all our sweet angel sibes, and she will always be with you.

    Star, Jack, & Pat

  157. I had been following this story thanks to other blogs, and I just wanted to extend my sympathies to you concerning Dakota. What a beautiful tribute to a loved and cherished member of your family. I wish you the best throughout the trying days ahead.

  158. all at Pet Pride pray for dakota's soul to rest in peace and offer our heart felt condolences to all bereaved.


  159. I am so very sorry that Dakota has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I love your poem and the portrait of her is gorgeous.

  160. As a fellow "dog" person I know how terribley hard it is too loose a loved animal. I am so sorry and my heart goes out to you all!

    Lovely tribute!

  161. Dearest fiends,

    My has been so upset lately about all the precious babies that have left us so soon and she hasn't been able to get over Dakita going too. This might be too soon to ask and we underatand if you don't want to do it but Mommy is doing a post this weekend about all of us doggies & kitties sleeping, napping and dreaming. She says we all look so angelic when we sleep. Mommy would like to dedicate this post to sweet Dakota. If you have a pic of her sleeping and any of your babies please send then to Mommy before Sunday.

    Stay strong....[[[huggies}}}...Mona

  162. So sorry to hear about Dakot - I feel your pain. Sending you our very best wishes from Australia....

  163. Wow....came back to read the many tributes for your princess. Love the poem you added too. Thinking of you today xx

  164. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Mom is leeking right now as she knows how hard loosing your Princess was.

    Run true Priness, and play with our friends at the bridge while you wait!

    Luna and Sole' (Sandra too)

  165. OMg I am so sorry to hear this terrible news. We had been praying and praying for Dakota's recovery, but now we know she will never be in pain or discomfort again. One day you will be reunited with her over the Bridge...

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family, humans and pups...

    Jaime, Benson & Gibson

  166. Oh Dakota, beautiful Dakota! Run free without pain until your family sees you again!

    Giant hugs and prayers!

  167. I have only known Dakota for a short time but tears are streaming nonetheless. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Thank you for sharing Dakota with all of us and allowing her to brighten our lives. I know she will play and frolic and pounce and woo while she waits to see you again.

  168. I am so sorry for your loss. It is such a hard decision to make. She is running carefree with R Shanna on 4 sturdy legs & all of the others who were luved so much!

    Marlene, & the boys, Cosmos & Juneau

  169. Rest in peace, sweet Dakota. We're sending some extra comforting thoughts to your hoomans today, and know you're watching over them.

    Big kisses,
    Bajas and Virus and Ane.

  170. We are so sorry,

    Run free sweet Dakota.

    *Hugs to you all*

    Samantha, Holly & Zac.

  171. That was a beautiful poem. Dakota was also very beautiful.
    BIG HUGS to all of you!!!!

  172. What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful girl.

    we are so sorry for your loss. purrrsss and headbuttss to you all

  173. I'm so sorry to hear of Dakota's passing. Our hearts ache with yours.

    Warmest wishes,
    Sue & the gang

  174. I am SO VERY SORRY! I just read of your loss! Dakota was an amazing dog! She was so well loved!

    There are no words that will help during this sad time! Just know that we are all here for you! And we are so sorry for your loss.

    Rest in Peace Dakota!

    Velcro, Kodak, 3 Perf, Blossom, Angel Winton and mom Penny

  175. So very sorry to hear about your brloved Dakota. Please accept our deepest sympathies. Hugs to all of you.


  176. my human is sitting right next to me, her eyes leaking onto my fur as i'm writing this...
    we're so very sorry for your loss - princess dakota was a stunning lady, and she sure served as an example of what a fourlegged girl should be like!

    we want you to now that we REALLY believe that there's a doggie door in heaven, and that we'll get to meet again one day!

    hugs and sad tailwags,

  177. I just found out that Princess Dakota went to heaven. I am so sad. I miss her beautiful face already. You must miss her terribly! I am sending chihuahua kisses your way. I hope they make you feel better.
    love your friend,

  178. We just learned about Dakota. We're all so sad :(

  179. Iknow we are late - we only came back from hols last night. I did get an email (via mobile) from one of my email friends telling me about Dakota and I was so saddened, even though I knew she was poorly.

    Along with Phantom and Thunder she was much loved by the DWB community, and we will all miss her. That is such a beautiful photo of her.

    Katherine and Pippa


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