Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday's Features

So we were out on one of our strolls the other day and spotted another Halloween House in our neighborhood.

This scene reminded us that the other day Ginger Jasper told us about a monster he found on his back - you can see the monster here. The next day GJ was quite relieved because his Dad had managed to get rid of the "dreaded spider". Well, GJ, upon closer examination of the shrubs at this house, we think the monster has moved his web to Overland Park - LOOK!!!

That's one scary-looking monster spider - wonder what he feeds on. And we bet Ginger Jasper is happy this spider has crossed the big pond.

We missed doing Norwood's Eyewatch yesterday but we did see that some of our furiends, like The Thundering Herd and Khyra, have been showing you some closeup shots. Mom thought it would be fun to play along too.

You know, Mom - I am going to make you pay for this - hope you can find those chicken sticks that I saw you hide on the top shelf in that closet.

And you know how I feel about that flashy beast - do you want me to turn on my spooky eyes for all your closeups? If not, then get me some more of those tasty salmon skin rolls.

OK, boys, you win. Mom is sure she can accommodate your demands - or are they requests and wishes?

Thunder is up first.

TD from the left side.

TD's BIG ear.

The right side - upside down.

Almost a smile or that a sneer?

A closeup snooter shot.

Enough already, just give me one of those lipsmacking chicken sticks.

Will Phantom cooperate?

From the right.

Then the left with a little slurp.
Just reminding the Momster that there is a payoff when this is done.

Phantom's little but furry ears.

The nose knows.

Bug eyes and snooter sniffing for my salmon treat.

I can almost taste it.

How can she turn down this face?

Hope you enjoyed our "features". Mom is always good on her word so we are off now to get our treats.

Oh, wait, before we go, here is one more closeup we know you will love.

Woos, the OP Pack and Brady Bear



    What great pikhs!!

    All of them furry furry khute!!!

    PeeEssWoo: A special sneer fur sure!

  2. Those are some GREAT pics. I am always up for someone else posting great snooter pics. Those snoots looked wet and I bet they were nice and cool too.

    Cute brady bear.


  3. TD wins in my book for best googly eyed close up.


  4. What great close-up pictures! We love your tongue shot, Thunder!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Thunder, you have the blackest nose I've ever seen!
    That 2-legger is 2-cute!
    Your pal,

  6. Important part of close snooter shots is surprising the human with snooter smudges on the camera lens. Did you achieve that?

  7. That house looks scary! But your close ups are wonderful! You both are so handsome and that little bear bean is a cutie pie too!

  8. #1 here, writing from Japan, to say that the "features" are fabulous!

  9. a-roos, what a CUTE little biped! And great shots of both of woo, too. Woo were furry patient, to cooperate like that just to make your mom happy. Woo must love her a lot!

    a-roos to yous,
    Jack a-roo

  10. I love the close ups! Woo pups are so adorable. So is Brady :)

  11. Great close-ups!
    You guys looks soo kool and neat always! So did you get them yummy treats after all dat hard work? Baby Brady's really cute and look warm/komfy in those clothes!


  12. OMD I love those pictures. You both have the most beautiful eyes. That was soooooo fun. The baby is adorable. Thank you for cooperating, I hope you got lots of treats.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  13. Adorable pictures!!! Love all of them!!

  14. Oh how I love closeups of Thunder. Phantom too, but Thunder just has a special place in my heart. Brady is pretty adorable too.

    We should take a picture of the neighborhood decorations here. A couple yards have skeletons coming up out of the ground. Scary!


  15. Ooh that is a scary spider! We have one in our neighbor too climbing up someone's house.

  16. Great closeups! We love the eye and ear shots the best.

    We'd do almost anything for a fish skin!

    Princess Eva

  17. Amazing shots all
    my compliments :))))
    Halloween is not in our country :(
    I think its only in the USA and UK
    It looks so wonderful and also scary .... LOL

    Thanks for your get well wishes
    we are happy to back in bloggieworld :))

    hugs to all
    Kareltje =^.^=

  18. Oh my goodness, little Brady Bear has just stole your boom! Hope you like our little attempt at a pun!
    He is mega cute!!!!
    We loved the picture of the Halloween House - very cool. We dont like the giant spider at all and we did see that over at GJ's. Worrying to think they are both sides of the pond!!
    Cool eye shots but quite right on insisting on treats - some of these shots are a bit intrusive!!!
    We are going to post soon about these humans and their flashy boxes invading our lives.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  19. That is one tiny human pup!

    Mom says you two have the most beautiful eyes ever (I'm only a LITTLE jellyish!)

  20. Brady Bear is adorable and your close ups are outstanding hope you got lots of treats. ~S,S,C & F

  21. Oh my cat how did mum manage to miss this fabulous post. I will have to have words for sure.. That monster went a long way, I wondered where dad had sent it.. I just love those close up shots, but oh my what big mouths you have. I know I am safe though, cause you are honary kitty cats in my eyes..

    The bestest picture was the last, he is just adorable.. Mum just loves him too... Hugs GJ xx

  22. Oh we love your features! :) I especially like the tongue pics! Little Brady is so cute too! :)


  23. Awesome pics all around!!!

  24. I love every single one of those photos! You boys are so exceptionally handsome. I saw my momma smile a huge smile looking at those.


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