Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We are home

Monday afternoon, 5:25 p.m. and no sign of the pawrents; they lock the doors at 5:30. We thought for sure we were going home since we had our baths and grooming in the morning. We were all set to settle down in our luxury suite when the room service dude came strolling in with the keys. With only two minutes to spare, Mom and Dad had made it. We were so excited that we almost knocked Mom over when we saw her. Into the sibehicle and home in no time.

But what's this? What happened to our yard while we were gone?

Thunder here, I am trying to figure out where all these leaves came from. And what's up with all the new colors?
Look at those two trees behind the playset!

Mom says she is so disappointed because the one to the left of the playset is almost bare. It is one of the two Purple Ash trees in the back. They turn the prettiest color of burgundy plum but somehow from Friday to Monday they went from green to burgundy to yellow and then . . . .

. . . . they all came tumbling down to the ground.

Why do things have to change? And did you notice how I have changed - I am all white and clean again. I need to find some mud to normalize myself again.

So we tried to figure out what the humans did all weekend but all we heard was that they did a lot of watching sports and eating and shopping and eating and sleeping and eating. Here are a few of the pics we found on the flashy beast.

This is the front yard at our human brother's place. Pretty white roses.

In the back, they have a koi pond where Mom spotted these two lavender beauties.

Here is a closeup - it really is pretty, isn't it?

But we pups would have been a lot more interested in these two big guys. Mom said they used to have about six of them, but some evil critters come in the yard at night and steal them.

As noted above, there was a lot of eating going on this weekend. These are some barbecued Korean ribs that they cooked on the grill along with some steaks, burgers and apple/chicken sausages. And that doesn't include all the eating out they did at Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese restaurants. Mom said everything was just delicious.

And this is a special dessert from some Chinese bakery that our human brother's wife loves. Mom and Dad both agreed it was very good.

There was a lot of sports to watch too. The human brother is a USC graduate and USC played Notre Dame Saturday. So a few college friends came over for the afternoon to watch the game and EAT. Did we say there was a lot of eating going on? And USC won - a very exciting game at the very end.

The little grandbiped also had a basketball game in the morning on Saturday and they all went to that too. Mom had some video but blogger wasn't being too cooperative today, and we aren't patient enough to wait for her to do it a different way. She said it was a fun game with little five year olds trying to learn about dribbling and traveling and foul shots, whatever all that means.

And then there was also the big Yankees v. Angels game that went into extra innings. The humans were all happy that the Yankees won, the whole family are transplanted New Englanders. We won't talk about Monday's game.

We started our post showing you how happy TD was to be home and inspecting the new look to his yard. Anyone wonder where Phantom is? All we need to tell you is that his first night home was very much disrupted by some loud and heavy thunderstorms.

He retreated to his safe zone.

Don't worry, I will be better tomorrow and I will let Mom take some pics of me - I am nice and white too and my tail is super fluffy. For today, I just need to hide out for a bit.

Woos, the OP Pack


  1. WooHoo!

    So furry nice to see woo again!

    Mom and I were THRILLED when we got the message from your mom about being home WITH THE BOYS!

    Sorry the weather isn't khooperating fur woo!

    We are drooling ovFUR all the yummy stuff! Mom isn't sure where she'd start!

    Make sure woo get EXTRA spoiling!


  2. So glad you are home! I hope that despite the storms that it was a joyous reunion filled with extra treats and hugs. That is a beautiful tree with the purple leaves!

    You and Thunder don't need costumes to participate in the Spooktacular fun, you know...you can enter the contest for best "Why I Don't Wear Costumes But Still Think I Deserve Treats Reaon." Simply come up with a clever excuse and a strong argument for still getting the Treats part of trick-or-treat and email it to hansel. He will post your entry and everyone will vote on the best reason.

  3. Poor phantom you stay in your safe crate as long as you need - hope the noisy storm goes away really soon

    great to see your pawrents had a nice time and you survived the puppy hotel!!

    TD you look so handsome all white and clean - your yard looks really pretty - those flowers are pawsome at your brothers.

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  4. Glad your peoples made it home safe and sound!!! Leafs are fun to roll around in, cause you know what's under leafs? DIRT!!!

    glad everyone is home!

  5. welcome home to all of woo!

    we missed you!

    your vacation looks wonderful and delicious!

    great photos!

    m & e

  6. I missed you two. Welcome back.. What yummy food the beans had.. Mum is drooling here.. Cant wait to hear all about your stay.. By the was you look gorgeous and fluffy white.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Ooh - what an interesting post! First of all, the colours in your garden...oh my God...are they real?! It looks like some amazing painting - and you guys just finish it off beautifully with your snowy coats!

    Secondly, you know my human is Taiwanese and she was very interested to hear about all the Asian foods your humans were eating - is someone in your family Taiwanese or Chinese too? There is a Chinese bakery here in Auckland too and Hsin-Yi loves going there as well - they bake different things to western bakeries, the breads are different (made with milk!) and so much softer and she can get strange, yummy things like taro toast and red bean buns and sesame loafs, etc...plus all sorts of yummy Chinese cakes and desserts!

    Honey the Great Dane

  8. I'm so glad you survived your time in prison! I'm sorry you have to have a bath though.

  9. We're happy to hear you're home! Hope those thunder storms have passed over Phantom!

    take care

  10. We're so glad you are home and that your pawrents had a nice time on their trip! Did they bring you home anything? Thunder you look furry handsome and Phantom, we hope the storms ended so you can come out and show your handsome self too!

  11. Very glad you all are home!!! Sorry about the tree..that happened where I live. Leaves turning colors one day, on the ground the next thanks to storms and rain. Stay in your safe place until you feel okay to come out..that's a good thing. And wow..you guys are really white and clean looking...maybe you should roll around in the leaves a little!! Welcome back!!!

  12. Glad woo is back in da comfort of your own home. Woo both look nice and fluffy.

    Hope your ma and pa brought you lots of doggie bags wid sum of dem goodies. Dey look furry yummy.

    Husky kisses,

  13. Welcome home you two. Seems your parents had a great weekend, despite not being with you, if at all possible. =)

  14. Welcome back home. Hope the luxury stay was awesome, despite that terrible bath thing.

  15. And eating, and eating, and eating, and...

    I am wondering about your yard too. How did that happen? Where is summer?


  16. We are glad you guys are home and no longer at the Pup ranch. Home is the best place. Phantom, I hope your weather is better and you can come out soon. TD, you are looking good!


  17. Don't worry Thunder, you can roll in those leaves on the ground. They break into little pieces and get stuck in your coat and drop off in the house. You'll feel great and your Mom will be so pleased. Our Mom starts talking to herself when we do that. It's lots of fun.

  18. Those are such pretty trees! And the lily is too.... But you look sad!

    Interesting and pretty fishes!

  19. Phantom. You just take your time. All the stories about your people's time will still be fresh when you feel ready to hear them. They had such a fun time, they won't be forgetting and we're SURE they'd love to tell all about their week all over again!

    Welcome home!
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  20. Hello hello! Soo great to hear from you again, welcome home!!

    Those ribs look very delicious, i'm starting to salivate...!

    Mommy luv the flower pics and the koi, thank you for sharing them with us!

    Maxx & Mommy

  21. You both look great. Glad your humans had a great weekend too. My Mom is from Boston and she doesn't like the Yankees!!

    The Diego Dog

  22. Woo Hoo!!! You're back! And looking very handsome.

    I'm so disappointed that you didn't get to play in your human brother's pond. But it sounds like you were well cared for at the spa!

    Princess Eva

  23. Glad your back from the ranch! You look so nice and fluffy!
    The pictures of the lillies are beautiful and all those leaves, just like my yard!

  24. Welcome back!! Yes, the trees are changing their coats here, too. They must need more colorful ones for the cold weather. Although, why they are shedding their fur right now, we're not really sure.

    Gus and Waldo

  25. Hi, nice pics. It seems autum has come to you fur, too, because the mud has fallen down.

  26. oooh welcome back.....so glad your hoomans are home safely too

    mumster is drooling over the ribs and the cake as it's dinner time soon

    the koi looks good and i'm blabbling as i'm so excited you're home


  27. We are so-so glad you are home again.

    It looks like your peeps had a good weekend away. Our Mom loves Asian food so she would have been in heaven with all of those different restaurants they visited.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  28. I'm glad you guys are home. My mom LOVES the pretty flowers in the pond. And also, she wants one of those desserts, BOL!


  29. glad u two are finally home! =) and hope the weather will be gd tomorrow so phantom can be out to play again! the food looked yummy! care to share? wooof woof!

    love, snowie

  30. Welcome home boyz! Those are some great pictures - especially those beawootiful lavender flowers and the fishes! Too bad woo didn't get to play with them. We have the same thing going on with our trees around here - leaves everywhere! But that means that husky weather is getting close, woo=woo!

    a-roos to yous,
    Jack a-roo

  31. Welcome home!!!!! We are so glad that you are home and loved your pics. It looks like Autumn just arrived in your garden. We bet you missed all those smells!!
    We loved the pic of the beautiful lavender flower - stunning.
    Mum is trying not to look at the pics of the yummy food as she is trying not to even think of cake!!!
    Humans are so strange.
    martha & bailey xxxx

  32. Welcome home!!!!! We are so glad that you are home and loved your pics. It looks like Autumn just arrived in your garden. We bet you missed all those smells!!
    We loved the pic of the beautiful lavender flower - stunning.
    Mum is trying not to look at the pics of the yummy food as she is trying not to even think of cake!!!
    Humans are so strange.
    martha & bailey xxxx

  33. Those trees look so pretty and you 2 look so handsome after your baths.
    Glad your home.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  34. I know you two are glad to be back home....and with your momma!

  35. I'm so glad you guys are back home! Hearing about all that food makes my tummy rumbly!

    Your pal,

  36. Woooos! So glad woo are back! Sorry about the thunderstorms though. I am sure after the storms you will find some nice mud somewhere and get all beaWoootiful again!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  37. Welcome back! It's too bad it wasn't a bunch of snow all over your yard instead of leaves. However, if it had been snow, then it might have been harder to find some mud, so hopefully you can dig through the leaves for some good mud.

    Please tell Phantom I hope he is happier today.


  38. Phantom says, "I'm glad you're back, but did you have to bring a thunderstorm with you?"

  39. Welcome back!!! Wow love the fall colors you have. Here its still very green go figure lol.

    Wow looks like your pawrents had a great trip!

  40. Yay! Welcome back! :) I'm glad they made it in time to pick you up! Sorry you had baths, but you both look awesome!

    Love the color of the trees!


  41. OMG, that cheesecake looks just delicious!
    Mom is in love with the waterlily!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  42. Oh glad to have mom and dad HOME! All the eating sounded delicious! Love the fall colors.
    The video today (Wednesday) is great!!! Lovely grassy areas to walk.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose and her mom

  43. Sounds like they really did have a busy fun week! Without you! You take time to chill Phantom. I sure that you look just as lovely as Thunder does.
    ~lickies, Ludo

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  45. Hi Thunder and Phantom,
    Welcome back to your pawrents and to you both as well!
    Looks like your mom and dad really had a great time in the reunion.
    The autumn leaves look so vibrant and the flowers are also very lovely.
    Hope you guys are having a great week. =)

    - Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

  46. We are so glad you are home guys!! Looks like your 'rents had fun too!!


  47. Hi, Thunder and Phantom!
    You two look sooooo clean!
    Glad you are back!
    Looks like your parents had a pawesome time!
    My mom says that cake looks delicious!
    (she is drooling!)
    Storms don't bother me, but my mom does not like them because they take away the power!
    Have a good night
    Kisses and hugs

  48. It is so good to see you back at your den. Too bad you missed out on all that grub. That cake looked mighty yummy. K wanted you to know that she went to ND and was quite upset with the very poor officiating of that game. She said something about a check that was in the mail. I have no idea what she was talking about, but I want a check so I could give to John to go buy some cookies for me.



  49. Gosh! I hope your accommodations were plush after all the fun your pawrents had. Sorry you had to get baths.....no fun at all. I like the look of your yard now. It won't last long though. We sure are having a pretty fall this year.

  50. Welcome back
    Yes we missed you,
    I have been wondering about all these leaves too that are falling , hummmm
    We had some boomies in the sky too.
    Scary- very scary

  51. Thunder you look so clean and handsome :) Good to see you home and hope you enjoyed your time away - as much as you can.


  52. Hello, hello! We've missed you - welcome back. And OH that cake looked good, drool.....! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  53. Ahhh yes, football season is in full swing here too....my Dad is crazy about the Huskies! :) Our fall colors here haven't been super this year and my Mom says she miss the eatern colors too.



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