Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Can we just rewind to last week?

The Momster gets the floor today.  Sigh, my worst fear after leaving the dogs for three days happened.  I was overjoyed when I picked Ciara and Lightning up yesterday afternoon.  Ciara had a seizure-free stay (despite one small petit mal seizure in the car on the way to the boarding facility).  I got glowing reports from the entire staff, from kennel workers, receptionists, groomer, and even two of the vets from the practice that we don't even use.  (My own vet practice no longer offers boarding. ) The receptionists told me that the dogs had staff visiting with them almost all day long - amazing comments about how sweet and loving and gentle Ciara was and how devoted to her Lightning was.  Wherever she went, they said Lightning was right there with her.  I brought home two beautifully groomed and happy pups.

As this photo hints, the elation did not last through the night.  The early evening hours went just fine.  But within just a few minutes of my husband coming up to bed around 10:30, she had the first of four seizures in under an hour.  The last two were only 10 minutes apart. She has never had any of her clusters come so close together.  They are usually separated by 3 - 6 hours. So I knew this was not good.  I called Blue Pearl ER services, which is also where her neurologist is located. They recommended I bring her in to have her vitals checked since the body temp can rise quite high and quite quickly when the seizures are too close together.  

The veterinarian on night duty recommended leaving her for the night so they could monitor her.  Her vitals were good but just as a precaution they wanted to put in a catheter line so they could administer emergency drugs if they needed to.  I had given her some valium after her second seizure her, and it must have kicked in a bit as she made it to 4:00 a.m. before she had two more seizures.  So then she got an IV injection of Keppra and Valium.  I talked to night vet at 6:00 a.m. and Ciara was doing better.  Dr. C., her neurologist called after he got in and checked her.  The crisis had passed and we have another new treatment plan. 

Ciara is home.  She isstill pretty groggy from all the seizures and meds, but has perked up quite a bit since around noon.  We are going to keep her on the zonisamide as her regular anti-seizure med and give her mega doses of Keppra only after she has a seizure and then every 8 hours until she is seizure-free for a 24 hour period.  This may allow the Keppra to hit her seizures hard and still not become ineffective as they have in the past when she was taking them daily.  Once again, this is another temporary fix as we no longer have any solid effective measures to try.

Poor Lightning was very upset all night when I took her to the ER and when I came home without her. He cried most of the night.  To say the least, we are all exhausted today.  He is so good to Ciara.  He hasn't left her side all morning since she came home.

As you can imagine, I am beating myself up here for leaving her this weekend.  Rationally I know that is not reasonable.  But I know the boarding was 100% the cause of the outbreak.  My son, daughter-in-law, and their only child visit us a couple of times a year, but we miss out on a lot of our grandson's life.  He was playing in a basketball tournament this weekend, and we decided to go and watch him play and have some time with my son and family.  The games went very well until the last quarter of the third game when our grandson collided with another player and broke a bone in his hand.  Coach kept saying it was just a dislocated finger, but x-rays revealed the hand is broken and may require surgery.  So overall not the best of weekends.

We don't leave the dogs very often, but I am always afraid for Ciara.  It is a terrible feeling to be caught in this situation.  How I wish I could banish these seizures forever.

Here's hoping the new plan lasts longer than the last one which collapsed after three weeks. I have no travel plans for now:(



  1. Wow! You must be exhausted, not only from lack of sleep, but from worry. Mackey had a ten minute seizure on Saturday, but she has never had more than one at a time. I don't know how I would handle the situation you have with Ciara. I guess you just do what you have t do, but I'd be in constant anxiety.

  2. It sounds like Ciara had 5* treatment at the boarding facility, you mustn't blame yourself. That must have been so scary, especially with her having to stay at the vets overnight.
    Sorry this has happend to poor Ciara yet again, it must be a constant source of worry for you.
    Get well soon sweetie, POTP from us!
    Elliot and Cricket x

  3. Ciara, if you hear the beeping of a reversing truck our your window, it's just my 87,0000 pound load of POTP and treats arriving at your home! ;)

  4. Gosh what a roller coaster ride. Poor thing. Just when you think things are going good. Sending lots of healing vibes your way
    Lily & Edward

  5. Ciara darling sweet girl you are braver than brave and in my opinion you deserve the title of Super Girl and your sweet Mom is Wonder Woman. She is so good at keeping up with your meds and taking such good care of you. Tell you mom we understand feeling guilty but the S monster is so unpredictable there is now way she could know!!

    We think leaving you at the vet was a good decision too. It gave them time to get you settled. Lightning we giving you the title of No. 1 Bro of the year.

    Sending purrs and hugs and kitty kisses
    Madi and mom

  6. It is difficult to leave the dogs anyway, without having to worry about seizures. Poor girl. We hope now she's home and secure, maybe the monster will stay away.

  7. Kathy ... prayers for all. Am sad beyond belief ...

  8. Dear Ciara I am sending you loads of luffs and hugs sweet girlie and also much luffs to Momma, if I could I would ORDER those nasty 'C' things to the Tower on a charge of High Treason! Ha, that would teach them
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. This is so not fair. Our hearts go out to all of you. Poor Ciara. How we wish these seizures would just stop :-(

  10. It isn't fair at all - it really does affect everyones lives.

  11. I'm so sorry! I hope things settle down now that you're back.

  12. Poor Ciara! We hope the bad is all over and no more S monster for a very long time! Sending purrs to her and your grandson too. Hugs to you mom. Wish we were closer to be able to help out.

  13. we are so, so sorry dear Ciara. We can only imagine the stress and worry on all of you and we sure wish we could banish the evil S monster for you. Since we can't we have to just send you all our love and lots of hugs.

  14. How frightening for you all and poor Lightning. I'm glad she's doing better. I can't board Abby, after being abandoned at a horrible, dirty, overcrowded high kill shelter (they were going to be shut down by the county and she was going to be put down, when she was rescued) she looks at us with terror if we even leave her at the groomer.

    I have one of my dog walkers, who will stay in the home with her. I pay her what I would pay the boarding place in addition to her walk fee, plus have lots of her favorite snacks and foods on hand. They both enjoy it. I don't know if that's an option for you but might be worth checking into.

  15. Oh Ciara....I'm so sorry things took a turn for you! Now, Mom, I'm gonna have to say, it doesn't sound like boarding her did anything to trigger the seizures. She sounds like she was fine and happy the whole time. Yes, maybe the trips back and fourth was exciting, butts I don't think that you could have avoided this happening. My guess, is that this would have happened whether you were gone or not. Don't blame yourself, and I just knows that she doesn't (she told me through the doggie telepathy network...☺). I think you need to give yourself a break here, and just know that you are doing everything you can to help her. {{{hugs}}}}
    Lightning, good job watchin' out for your Sis!!!! I knew you were the bestest Brudder evers!!!!!
    I am so sorry to hear abouts the Gpeeps broken hand! OMD, I am glads he got it x-rayed! I gots my paws crossed that he won't need the surgicals
    Sendin' healin' vibes and POTP and AireZens to you all!!!!!!
    and Moms...sendin' you a few pitchers of margaritas....♥
    Ruby ♥♥♥

  16. prayers that you all have a restful night tonight.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  17. We are sooo sorry,, that this terrible monster has again attacked Ciara. And also for Lightning to be so upset too.. He is so sensitive of his sister.
    Thank goodness the vet was able to help get her condition under control... ohh we know not real control.. but that moment.

    Were sorry your whole family is going through this trama,

    We love you all so much and care..

  18. We are thinking of you all and sending lots of snuggles, hugs and POTP to you and the pups for a peaceful evening...
    Big Hugs,
    Beth, Dory and the Boyz

  19. Please don't beat yourself up, Kathie. I understand completely how you feel and why you feel that way, but life is just lifer and there has to be a balance, I am so, so sorry that things are once again so difficult for Ciara. We would like to be there all of the time, take away their pain and fear and somehow make sure they never suffer, but it's simply not possible. We all know you do absolutely everything you can and more. Hang in there.

  20. I'm so sorry that this day ended so horrible for you... instead to enjoy the togetherness and to cuddle you had to stay at the vet for the night... I'm so sad that this bad monster ruins so much good moments.... hugs to you and lots of POTP

  21. Oh Kathie! Those damned seizures! I hope Ciara is feeling good and the new treatment plan works!

    You do your best for Ciara. There's no doubt there.

  22. I am so sorry for poor sweet Ciara. Please do not beat yourself up. You are doing all you can for Ciara and she absolutely knows that. She also would want you to spend time with family, too. I am praying that these nasty seizures go away forever. XOXO

  23. Dear Kathie, my heart goes out to you and your family...what a trying time you have had!! I sure hope that Ciara settles in and that the new meds will work well for her. Poor Lightning is upset too. I hope things quiet down for all! Sending lots and lots of POTP!!

  24. We have no more words -

    Just one furry big hug reaching to the middle of the country -

    You can't know for sure if it would have happened anyway -

    The Nasty Seizure Monsters cares not about plans...

  25. Our paws are crossed and we're thinking of all of you! Prayers are always with you guys! HUGS!

  26. Oh no......I'm so sorry that Ciara had a cluster of seizures after what was apparently a nice stay at the kennel with no problems...I totally understand about feeling guilty for taking some time away from the pups - David and I haven't had a vacation in a couple of years and will only stay overnight away from home so we also miss out on a lot of opportunities. I just can't leave Sammy at his age at a kennel - especially since he's deaf now. But we DO have to balance all of that with taking some time for ourselves so we can better care for our "kids" too - so remember that and don't feel guilty about it. Even if you'd been home she probably would have had those seizures! Maybe the new "plan" for her meds will do the trick. You know ALL OF US want that.........!!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

  27. We are hoping Ciara starts to feel better soon. Sending POTP and cocker spaniel hugs. Chester, ghostwriter and Dad.

  28. Our hearts break for poor Ciara and for all the hoomans who feel guilty. She gets the best care possible so there is no reason for feeling guilty! We just prays that the dogturs can cure her from this monster!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  29. I was just checking on here quickly to make sure our friends were all doing fine and saw this post. Please do not feel guilty at all. This continue loving her and doing the best for you that you can. That is actually what helps her get past those evil monsters. stella rose and momma

  30. Just checking in to see how you are and am so sorry to read about Ciara's seizure clusters and the ensuing angst. Please dont feel guilty. I know you have been doing the very best you can and trying all options available. Hugs!!! Joan

  31. We're so sorry to hear about Ciara. Our paws are crossed she stays seizure free for a long time.

  32. You do have to visit your children. If you don't then they are going to start saying you love the dogs more than them. So don't beat yourself up over it. There are times we have to be away. We are praying the answers comes so there are no more seizures. Sending you much love and prayers.

  33. Oh Miss Kathie, we are so sorry you have to go through all this. :( It's not your fault that this happened. You still have to live your own life, and just think how glad your grandson was that you got to watch him play before he has to be out of commission for a while. Ciara has a devoted brother and two amazing pawrents who will do anything to help her. We KNOW you'll find a way to help Ciara against that evil S monster.

  34. We're so sorry to hear this. We will be praying for Ciara. Please don't beat yourself up - it may have happened regardless.
    Sending hugs,


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