Friday, June 26, 2020

Family Friday Fotos

Just a few random shots from this week.

Watching Dad have his ice cream and apple pie and hoping there is some left for us.

Timber, didn't you figure out how to get this gate open while I was gone?

 Engaging in a little quiet play.

Don't worry, Mom - a little game of bitey face, that's all.  I won't let Misty do any zoomies.

Just filling Misty in on all that she missed.

Waiting for my turn on the a/c vent.

Awww, sweet sister and brother together.

Hey, Timber - that's not for  you!!!  That's the super-sized new condo Mom got for Misty so she has plenty of room to recuperate from her knee surgeries.  It has a BIG door so that dreaded cone can fit in too.  AND there is a new Primo Pad on order that will fit better than the one we have for our regular crate.

I'll pose in here as long as there is a cookie involved.  But I don't think I want to hear about surgery and dreaded cones - surely not for ME!!!

I can recuperate just fine right here.

 Actually this is even more comfy!!!  How about it, Mom???

 Have a great weekend, everyone!!!  Fill it with love.

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Pee Ess:  Misty had her vet checkup. She has lost an incredible amount of weight -14 lbs. - and needs to work at gaining some of it back. And now she is back on pain meds, so we think she is feeling a lot more comfy as long as she doesn't get any crazy ideas about running:)  Bloodwork has been done in advance of surgery as well as a biopsy of a lump on her back that may or may not be a concern.


  1. What a full and busy week for everyone at your house!! I think you need an extra scoop of ice cream and a piece of pie!! --and tell Misty if she needs advice on how to gain weight, just ask me I can tell her! 😊

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. It's so good to see you all together again. I've missed it and I know the mom has too.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend. My best to your happy mom. ♥

  3. Everybuddy looks so happy and that makes us smile. Paws remain crossed for you and Misty, Lightning.

  4. Wow a lot has happened recently. Good luck to all of you . Recovery won't be speedy , but hoping for a full one for all. Hugs, hugs.

  5. We just love seeing the photos of your threesome, and a smiling Misty. That weight loss is terrible, but we know she will regain it with all the good food and love she is getting! We are crossing every paw, hoof snd finger for her going forward.

    Ollie and the rest of the gang at The Poupounette

  6. The threesome looks thrilled to be back together again. Sending prayers.

  7. Sweet pups, I'm so glad to see you all hangin' out together again.

  8. hari OM
    It is just so joyous to see these images... still 'squeeing'!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  9. Well my Wooooooful friends I am actually overwhelmed with joy, glee, thankfulness and just good old plan HAPPY what a wonderful post. Tell momster she did a great job writing and you 3 are super duper posers.
    Misty you cracked me up holding up the wall. I can tell by your antics in the photos you have regained some Misty happy!! Lightning and Timber
    you two brudders are the best to Misty. Well done my to you 2 also
    Misty you are very welcomed for you card. I'm so happy you are home where you belong full of love and joy.
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. They all look so happy to be together again. I am sorry Misty lost so much weight in the "care" of the other person. Being back on her proper food she will hopefully regain it.

  11. Great shots. I can see how happy all 3 of you are together.

  12. We hope the lump is nothing. The pack looks so happy to be reunited. If you figure out the trick to helping a dog gain weight let me know. Fenris could stand to gain a few pounds and he isn't eating as much as I would like. Mom Alasandra & The Zoo

  13. We hope all is okay with the blood work and biopsy of that lump too. It's so nice to see everyone back together and relaxing.

  14. It sure looks like you've got a happy family there! Glad to see Misty is enjoying being home again!

  15. All these pictures make us smile. It's so great to see everyone together again and loving each other so much.

  16. Oh! How sweet! It's so good that you are all back together again. Good luck on the surgery and recuperation. Much love and many hugs.

  17. wonderful pictures of the Woo's looking so happy to be together again
    Mabel & Hilda

  18. Wonderful Woo photos. Misty fits in seamlessly. How good to be home. /Fay, cardis, Spoo

  19. Oh we are so so glad she is home. I cannot believe she lost that much weight. We sure lots of purrs and good thoughts for the surgery. You all have a wonderful day.

  20. oh it just makes me so TOTALLY happy seeing these pictures. it's a little miracle and I'm loving it. Misty will do well in her surgery. she's back home and she KNOWS she's safe. that can be everything in getting a speedy recovery!
    sending you love. xo

  21. Just look at those happy faces! I love it....and that crate is perfect for Mitzi's "recovery tent"....I'm sure she will gain that weight back now that she has a much happier situation to live in and such better care. Hope the lump is just "fat"......or a little benign cyst.

    Hugs to those gorgeous sibes AND their hoomans too!
    Love, Pam and Teddy

  22. Home Sweet Home!!! Yes in time she'll gain back that weight!! We'll be sending tons of good wishes and good vibes your way, all the way!! May everything be smooth!
    Big hugs, love and kisses for all!!!

    Maxx and mommy

  23. Norman here...let me know if you want me to loan you my soft-sided cone. It's so much more comfortable than those rotten satellite dishes that don't even have HBO.

  24. It looks like Misty is settling just fine! So happy that she will get the care that she needs! (and some extra treats to help her feel good again!)

    Kiki and Rosie

  25. It's good to see you back in the swing of things! Your new condo looks very spacious.


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