Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday is truly an understatement of how we all are feeling now that our sweet Misty is home - our miracle!!!  There isn't any word that can describe the tremendous feeling it is to be reunited as a family.  Mom says she had her best night's sleep last night in a very long time.  And this time the tears were tears of joy.  Misty has a few words for you today.

Did you miss me?  Here I am when I first got in the Highlander with Mom.  See that tongue - I used it over and over to smother Mom with kisses.

The OP Pack is whole once again!!!

I was pretty tired about an hour after I got home, but I still had a big smile for everyone.

I am so happy to be back home.  A lot has happened since I left here, but I am going to let Mom do all the telling.  This girl needs her rest.

Home on my hearth - you may remember that from the time I was a puppy, this is one of my favorite spots to relax.  Now if I could just get that silly bird Piper to stop singing, maybe I could get a nap in.

Mom here - so Misty is home.  She is doing OK.  I don't think she feels very good.  She has been very quiet today, lots of sleeping.  Yesterday she was a little more active, but I think it was the excitement of the day.  She is eating pretty well; she seems famished.  I am concerned about her weight loss.  I am guessing she has lost at least 10 pounds since I last saw her in January.  She was a little chunky but the change in her appearance is dramatic.  I am slowly weaning her off the food she was on with the foster and back to what she used to get, but it is a slow process.  She has a vet appointment tomorrow for a thorough exam.  I am going to have bloodwork done and a full urinalysis.  I need to be sure she is in good physical health before she has her first knee surgery.  Her coat is a total mess.  She needs a grooming very badly.  I have been brushing her gently off and on today. She doesn't seem to want me near her back legs, so I think she has more discomfort than she exhibits.  She hasn't had any pain medication since the beginning of April.  She did not have any problem knowing she was home.  In fact, she had been lying down for most of the 40 minute ride home, but she sat right up as soon as I turned on our street.  She was happy to see her Daddy, wagging her tail and then rolling over for that fabulous Daddy tummy rub.  She first got to see Lightning who sniffed her from top to bottom, and she in turn did the same to him. Then they swapped mouth licks:)  Then we let the wild boy Timber come in.  He was so excited to see her.  We kept both of them on leashes for a good half hour to control both of their exuberance.  Misty really wanted to play with him, but her legs were clearly a problem for her.  Today they are both much calmer and have settled down nicely.  She still would like to think she can run, which she cannot, and she is wanting to get out in the yard to run and explore. But it is probably going to be months before she can be off leash.

I want to be able to share what happened to her after she left me, but it is a very sad story.  I want to do this in a way that I don't malign anyone, but that may not be easy.  I will try to be factual.  At the end of January I signed over ownership of Misty to a staff member at my vet clinic on the recommendation of my vet, who had assured me that Misty was going to a good home and that she would have her surgery to fix her knee.  I do believe that is what he truly believed.  My vet was out of the clinic for over a month right after that due to vacation and a Covid-19 exposure.  Unfortunately the situation changed very badly, all unbeknownst to me.   I had one conversation with the new owner about a week after she took ownership because she had called with some concerns about Misty not getting along with her other dog or her boy friend.  We talked about the fact that Misty was in a new home, new people, new dog, and a severe injury.  I thought she had a plan to get things under control.  That person was supposed to stay in touch with me if things didn't work out with Misty.  When I didn't hear from her, I assumed that things were going well and that I needed to back away and let Misty be happy in her new home.  On May 22, almost three months later, I learned from another staff member when I was picking Lightning up from his grooming that Misty was no longer with that person.  I stood there in utter disbelief.  The story gets really ugly after that.  An exchange of texts between me and that person yielded a maze of misinformation/untruths.  She led me to believe that she had Misty for THREE MONTHS, that she had given her to a shelter (no reason why given), that Misty had had her surgery, that she was ADOPTED by a family with a mom, dad, daughter, and another dog the same age as Misty.  I immediately contacted the shelter to learn that Misty had in fact NOT been adopted, that she was in foster care with the option to adopt, that she had not had her surgerieS (yes, surgeries in the plural - she had not one, but two torn ACLs), and that she had been in foster care at that point for over two months.  So there was no way she was with the original person for three months.  

I have spent the past four weeks working with the shelter director to try to find a way to bring Misty home.  It was a very painful time for me as answers were very slow in coming.  It seemed like I was waiting forever.  With some advice from a number of you, and in particular Kim from Golden Pines, I wrote a long letter to the foster mom laying out all the facts from the beginning as it was not clear to me that Misty's arrival at the shelter had come with very forthcoming information. The shelter director forwarded that letter to the foster caregiver as the final decision rested with the caregiver who had the option to adopt.  I was trying to be very patient through this whole process, but I have to admit that each day that passed with no news made me more and more convinced that Misty would never come home.  I don't think I have ever been so discouraged or sad in my very long life.  I cannot possibly convey to you the joy I felt when that foster mom called me last Thursday and told me she thought it was the right thing to have Misty come home.  Confirmation from the shelter came Friday, and then Monday I completed "adoption" papers to have Misty returned to me.  I still do not understand why Misty has not had surgery or pain medication, but I need to move forward and tend to her needs on my own.

Misty does in fact have two ACL tears and will need two very expensive surgeries.  I have a consult with the surgeon a week from Thursday with the hope of one surgery happening that Friday. Then it will be several months of recovery followed by a second surgery to repair the other knee.  I am hoping we can get her healed and strong on her feet before winter sets in.  She will be leash walked for many months to come and stairs are out of the question. But one day she will be whole again and be able to run and play like a Siberian Husky should.

If you are still with me after this very long story, thank you for listening.  I had so much wonderful support from so many of you who knew what was going on.  I truly needed a miracle, and I do believe I got one.  Now it is time for another miracle for Lightning:(

The pups are happy, I am happy, and it is time to move on.  No more sad tales. Let's all celebrate the joy of our reunion.

It is with great joy that I can finally sign off using all three dogs' names again.

Woos - Lightning, Timber, and Misty


  1. Oh how sad she wasn't treated the way you were lead to believe. I'm so glad she's home and will get the care she needs. If you need help please let us know.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Big hug to you and lots of pawkisses to the pups, especially Misty. ♥

  2. Miracle
    Indigo eye
    Sweet sister
    TLC is abundant at home and from afar and it is powerful
    You my Wooful friend were missed to the moon and back

    Sending you love and hugs and continued purrs for the pack.
    Please keep us posted as you have time
    Always on the Wooful Cheering squad

  3. It is wonderful to see Misty back on your header where she belongs.
    I am sorry you had to go through so much to get her back home, but back home she is and I know she is as overjoyed as you are to be a complete family again.
    It puzzled me at the time why you could have no more contact with her, and find it even worse that the staff member didn't contact you to say they could no longer keep her or didn't want to.
    I think the vet, her employer should have a serious conversation with her.
    But at the end of the day she is back home in the arms of her family.

  4. Holy smokes Kathie! You must have been so distraught to learn your precious girl was surrendered to a shelter!!! No need for you to malign anyone, let your readers do that for you!!! That first "adopter" was mean spirited and disingenuous. Purrs and soft woos for you and Misty.

  5. PS I adore your new header...all paws touching...

  6. I'm still smiling from ear to ear knowing that you have peace of mind AND Misty back where she belongs!!

    HAPPY HUGS!!!!!!

  7. There are a lot of smiles through tears here. We are so thrilled for all of you and we love your new header! We continue to send lots of AireZen and POTP to Lightning and to Misty as well♥

  8. We are so glad that Misty is home and will have her surgeries soon. We are just sorry she needs them and can't play like she wants.

    We are sorry that both you and Misty had experience with someone who was not what they seemed and didn't do what they promised, but we are glad the foster Mom did the right thing and gave her back to you.

  9. Oh my goodness, this story makes us so happy! So sorry that it was so hard to get her back after learning what had happened to sweet Misty, it is terrible that she did not get the care that was promised. But she found a way with your help and perseverance to get back to where she belongs, home with you and her brothers.

    Kiki and Rosie and Lesley

  10. Hari OM
    Oh, that new header says it all!!! One is bound to wonder 'why did all this happen'... but you know what? Don't fret that. Look forward, even knowing that will hold its own challenges and relish, truly embrace, every new moment of your being all together again!!! As always, I send my Love and ether hugs with mega waggles! YAM-aunty xxx

  11. That is indeed the miracle so many of us were praying for, right along with you. Misty looks so happy laying on the hearth. We couldn't be happier for you all.

  12. Your new header warms my heart. What a relief to have Misty back home after all you all have been going through. Love and hugs.

  13. Oh my goodness... what a sad story (at least the beginning of it). Poor Misty. I am just so happy she is now home where she truly belongs. And I know that she is happy too. Not to mention the happiness and relief of her true and forever family. Glad to see her name at the end too. :)


  14. Oh my goodness! Kathie, my heart both breaks and rejoices for you! I’ve been so out of the net, but saw your post on Instagram. I had to stop by the blog. Thank God she is home with you. I’ll be praying for her.
    KZK - and Mags & Ragnar

  15. What a nightmare. That poor girl. I know you were lead to believe that she would be very well taken care of. I don't know if I could see that vet tech who was the first to take her without going off on her. I am glad she is back home safe and pray you can get her in good health again.

  16. OMD, it is SO good to see sweet Misty's beautiful face again!!!! I can't imagine the joy in your house right nows! I keep thinking abouts you guys, and am sooooo very happy she is home!
    I knows it's gonna be a long road, butts I knows that Misty and Lightning will bring eachother strength and support, and help each other get through this.
    You knows we are all here for you guys, and anything you needs (like margaritas) you just ask!
    Ruby ♥

  17. we are so happy for this wonderful solution... we first thought that this year is totally haunted and full of sadness... but maybe the second part of 2020 brings good things... the first happened to you and we have 87 tears of joy in our eyes...

  18. Welcome home Misty!
    It might take time, but we are sure you will feel more secure and happy with each week that passes.
    Sending loads of love and hugs,
    Gail and Berti.

  19. I'm almost speechless - almost - this is a very distressing tale and I imagine things like this happen way more than we want to think they do. However, the happy ending - although it was long in coming - has come. She's home. She could NOT have better care or more love than she does RIGHT THERE. I'm sorry this has been so stressful for you but we WILL and always DO what we must for our pets and I'm just happy you have Misty back. She looks happy and I think she knows her future is again BRIGHT. POTP and major blessings to all of you but especially YOU - you never stopped once you knew the situation with her which took a lot of strength.

    Big Huge Hugs, Pam

  20. I could not be any more thankful that Misty has been returned to you. I'm so grateful that hearts were opened, and the shelter director and the foster home realized where Misty belonged. Where her home is. Thank-you for letting me be a very, very small part of this story, because it has been a reminder for me to never give up, and to listen to that little voice that had the idea to suggest you write the letter.

    Moving forward, I hope that Misty's visit goes as well as it can today. And I send my best POTP and everything else for Lightning too!!

  21. What a long and winding road. I know that you'll do everything in your power to help Misty be healed now so that she can play with Timber again. I hope that her overall health checks out as good so that she can get that first surgery soon.

    Most of all, I am so happy that she is home.

  22. You know we have been with your right from the start. We're just so happy to see Misty back on her hearth where she belongs. Our paws are crossed for her with her upcoming surgeries and we're keeping them crossed for Lightning too.

  23. I cannot fathom what my reaction would be if someone I trusted to take care of Matilda surrendered her to a shelter instead. There would be violence. I commend you for your measured response to this, and I'm so glad that the foster home made the right decision in letting Misty come home. We've been thinking of you non-stop since first hearing the news, and I burst into tears yesterday when I saw she was finally home. I wish I was closer to you so I could help you with all the work of Misty's surgeries!

    Much love,
    Andrea (Matilda's Momma)

  24. We're so glad Misty is home again!

  25. On the one hand I'm heartsick at what you and your girl have been through, but on the other, I'm so very happy Misty is home and can get the care she needs. Fingers crossed for the long road ahead in healing her injuries. Extra belly rubs for your sweet girl. So glad the pack is reunited.

  26. thanks to a microsoft update I'm just now getting this.
    but oh such wonderful news. it was meant to be that she be in her FOREVER home with you and Lightning and Timber. her smile in the pictures says it all. she is just so glad to finally be HOME.
    and we're beyond glad too! the rest will be long and trying of patience. but at least your wonderful family is together. bless you all! xoxo


  27. We are so glad Misty is home with you.
    Our mom is lost for words here.

    Linda Jeff Astro and Mitzie

  28. Oh Kathie, I am so sorry all this happened to you and Misty. Yikes, that is just horrible. Needless to say we are so so glad that she is home. We know she is more than glad to be home. It sure brought tears to my eyes. You all have a good day together.

  29. Some stories are meant to have happy endings. Though you are not to the last chapter yet in the Story of the Woos, let us all believe together, continue prayers together, that this story is truly on the way to a very happy ending.
    Love, A

  30. I am so sorry Misty had to go through all that- also sorry you had to go through an emotional wringer too. Glad she is home where she belongs. XO

  31. I don't know what to say...I'm shocked, sad, angry and full of love. I can only imagine what you must be going through. So glad Misty is back in your arms where she belongs.

    So sorry to also hear about Lightening. Hoping and praying for some answers for you.

    Love all of you.
    24 Paws Crossed

  32. Thank you for sharing your story with us. So happy she is back with her family! We love love love the header! Yes, let's focus on the present and make it the best! Love to all of them and extra for Lightning!!

    Cheers and hugs,
    Maxx and mommy

  33. I am horrified and relieved at the same time, that poor sweet girl. Sending lots of prayers of thanks that she is home again. Also sending lots of prayers and POTP for a miracle for Lightning and for Misty's coming surgeries. I'm crying and smiling at the same time, thanks for sharing this update with us all.

  34. Lulu: "I'll say it again! Yaaaaayyyy for Misty being home! I am sending lots of fluffy tail wags for all the upcoming surgeries!"
    Charlee: "And we Hipsters send purrs!"

  35. It's for wrong that Misty and y'all had to go through this. So happy she's home wif y'all now.


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