Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Happy Tuesday

 So here we are on Happy Tuesday - we are ALL here today, not just the Princess:)

Many of you have asked how Lightning is doing.  We still aren't convinced we have found out what is really going on with the Big Guy, but he is hanging in there.  He may not look too happy here, but actually he IS.  He is totally covering the a/c vent in the floor letting that fluffy tummy get cooled off.

To make it even more comfy, Mom has that big fan up there running on full speed.  So cool air all around.

But WAIT!!!!  What is going on here???

Timber is taking advantage of a cool vent too. There are THREE vents along that back wall.  The one Lightning is lying on is the first to get the coolness.  But what he doesn't realize is that he blocks a lot of the air and it moves down to the next vent that Timber has discovered gives up lots of refreshing air too.  He likes it on his face and chin.

So yes, there are THREE vents. One would expect to find the Princess on #3, right?

No way - she loves the hardwood floor and yes, she is still upside down:)  Yesterday's post that referred to her as the poor girl who couldn't get comfy was totally sarcastic on the part of our assistant.  Misty hasn't seemed to mind the cone much this go-round at all.  Does she look like she is totally miserable to you???

Hi, everyone.  I am a very HAPPY girl.  In fact Mom says I am getting a wee bit too happy.  Well, truth be told, she used the word "mischievous".  I am feeling wonderful and hope my surgeon pops those staples out this Thursday.  Mom keeps saying not to be too optimistic:)

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  1. Aww..Misty looks happy. My cats like to put their faces over the air vents, but they don't put their whole body on them. :)

  2. It's good to catch up with all the pups and it looks like all is well. Misty know what's happening as she's been through this before and she also knows that she will feel really good when she heals up. A happy thing indeed.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a woof woof Happy Tuesday. Healing scritches to Misty and Lightning and my best to your mom. ♥

  3. Y'all are just the coolest boys and the sweetest gal. Misty, you do look mighty happy.

  4. Hari OM
    Just as well Misty prefers the boards - three blocked vents would surely backfire!!! You are looking goooooooood. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. You three do look very happy. We have our paws crossed for Misty that those staples come out and the cone can come off.

  6. a cool time and we love that you 3 are happy pups!!! hugs and potp for you all

  7. So great to see three happy huskies, all making themselves comfortable in their own way.

  8. I don't have an ac vent but I do park myself in front of my own personal fan. The three of you look happy today☺

  9. All three look happy and relaxed. Misty knows now that the cone isn't a permanent fixture and will be off again before too long.

  10. You look like an extremely happy girl to us Misty. Fenris would be with you on the floors he loves our tile floors. Although he would have to have a doorway, his thing is blocking entrances and exits. Tuiren prefers her bed no matter how hot it is.

  11. We know where all the air vents are in every room. Mom says we hog all the cool air.

  12. what a wonderful post! and tomorrow is Thursday!
    I'm going to picture it with GREAT results! xo

  13. Looks like the boys know how to stay cool. Sweet Misty...so now you're a coneflower?

  14. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you two Woo-Boyz are chillaxin'....love it. Toto the mighty mini shorthaired Dachshund hogged the vents in the winter. Crazy German did not like being cold. Go Figure.

    Misty as you said the other day LIFE IS GOOD.

    I think I recall human Bro lives in the Houston area is that correct?
    If so I am sending so many many prayers to he and his family and fellow Houstonites...Laura is just crazy...

  15. Arty doesn't mind the cone either Misty, once you wear it for awhile we think you get used to it!

    Stay cool boys!

  16. OMD, I do likes the cool vents! I can only lay up against one, the others are unattainable! sigh. Anyhu, looks like you guys gots it covered! covered...BOL!!!! Oh, I crack myself up! BOL!!!
    Misty, you keeps healin' and getting well my furiend! YOu do looks like one happy gurl!!!
    Ruby ♥

  17. Our mom says no wonder you have to run the fan at full speed...all the AC vents are blocked! Glad to see Misty smiling and Lightning looking comfy on his vent. Looks like it was prime napping time at your house!

    Kiki and Rosie


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