Saturday, April 10, 2021

Sibling Siberian Saturday with Caturday Art

 Did you know that today is National Sibling Day?  It is marked on April 10.  As the name suggests, the day is meant to celebrate the bond between siblings. The day was started by a woman named Claudia Evart after she lost her brother and sister. The first Siblings Day was first celebrated in 1995. The main intention behind marking the day is to emphasize the importance of the role that siblings play in one’s life.

The date of April 10 was chosen because it is Lisette, Claudia’s sister’s birth anniversary. On this day, people share love filled greetings with their siblings to express their gratitude and acknowledge the efforts put in by their brothers and sisters. Many people believe that siblings are also a person’s first and truest best friends.

So we decided to celebrate this day too since we are happy siblings in a happy family.

We like to spend almost all of our time together. We eat, play, and sleep together.  We have lots of fun together and are so happy to be family.  Misty and Timber actually have the same mother and father, but we were born in different litters about a year apart.  So in some sort of way, we really are brother and sister.  And of course, Lightning is our wonderful brother from another mother and father.  Mom said we could each get double treats today in honor of this special occasion.  YIPPEE!!!

And here is our Caturday Art creation.

Mom used her favorite Lunapic program; she selected the Mosaic 2 effect at 75% and added an orange-y border.  Hope you like it.

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Let's all hop on board the Caturday Art Blog Hop sponsored by Athena.


  1. If you have the same mother and father of course you are brother and sister, just not littermates. Happy Sibling Day to all of you. Your art is lovely.

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  2. That's really interesting. We didn't know it was Sibling Day. Great art!

  3. Sometimes Chester misses his siblings: both his 3 doggie angel ones, and his 4 human siblings who have grown up and moved away. Hope you 3 sibling pups had a great day with lots of treats and squeaky toys!

  4. You three look so sweet hanging out together. We're happy to have each other even though we aren't blood siblings.

  5. Hari OM
    Lovely 'mosaic' of the fur-siblings for this special marker day!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Beautiful art of your happy family. XO

  7. WOW, we're happy your a happy sibling family too and hooray for double treats!

  8. You are a great pack and family. We could learn a lot from how much you love and support one another.

  9. Today is also Hug Your Hound Day. Mackey doesn't like to be hugged and Sydney doesn't hold still long enough to hug, so we'll go with Sibling Day.

  10. Happy Sibling Day! And your special art for the day is PURRFECT! Your are would make a great piece to be printed on canvas. We think it is terrific that there is a day for us siblings eve those that are brothers and sisters by another mother (or father). Thanks for visiting us and we hope that you guys and your peeps have a marvellously happy weekend.

  11. Interesting! Thank you for sharing the significance of Sibling Day and have a wonderful weekend!

    Love and light,

  12. Beautiful artwork and Happy Siblings Day to the three of you!

  13. How wonderful that you are such a happy family, and all together again now.

  14. Your mom is expert at using lunapic I have tried the Mosaic and have never been able to use it because it looks really bad when I do it and hear it look so beautiful. I am so happy that you each have each other. poor beau has no siblings just a mom and dad

  15. Lulu: "Happy Sibling Day! Or in your case, Sibeling Day!"

  16. Sibie Siblings...My Wooful friends what a gorgeous sib photo and art work.
    Hugs to you 3, your staff and tweet to Dylan

  17. Oh my pals! What a WONDERFUL DAY!!! I had no idea that Saturday was SIBE day! You are some lucky puppers!!!!! And what wonderful SIBES you are!!! BOL!!!!
    HAPPY SIBLING DAY!!! um...I means....HAPPY SIBE DAY!!!
    Ruby ♥

  18. happy sibling day!!! we celebrated with a wrestling match hehe

  19. We love the pictures of the happy siblings! And how your mom gets you to pose so pretty all the time is a mystery to my mom!

    Your friend Rosie

  20. One of the MANY things we love about you pups is that you are "closer than close" and obviously love each other lots. That's VERY SPECIAL!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  21. Hi Woo friends, Ojo here! I miss my sibling Cobi. You are very lucky to have each other! You look nice in both your picture and your artwork!


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