Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Misty Misty and Mad Mom - so NOT a Wordless Wednesday

Today's post is being taken over by the Momster.  

So here we are, two weeks post-surgery for Misty, and I still have not talked to her internist.  To say I am beyond frustrated would be an understatement.  Please forgive my rant.  I was expecting the results from the biopsies to be in last Wednesday, and so I had expected that I would hear something by Friday.  On Wednesday of last week I just happened to be at my vet's office to pick up some food for Misty, and the lady at the desk asked if I had heard anything on Misty. When I told her no, she said she would forward me anything they got from the specialist.  This was because it had taken four voicemails and three weeks for me to get some questions answered BEFORE the two procedures, and even then it was a vet tech, and NOT the doctor, who finally returned my call.  On Friday morning, my wonderful vet's office forwarded me a copy of the lab report that they had received from the specialist's office - more on that later.  Still no contact from the specialist.  Monday came and no call.  I was going to give her through Tuesday before I called for an explanation of the report.  Early Tuesday afternoon, the call finally came. BUT it was from a "vet nurse" because the internist is out of the country until Feb. 3.  Who lets a client go two weeks waiting for test results, goes out of the country, and doesn't have another doctor call with the results in her absence???????  THEN the "vet nurse" begins by saying,  "Well, Misty doesn't have cancer at this point.  She JUST has irritable bowel syndrome."     As  you will see below, Misty does NOT have "irritable bowel syndrome"; she has inflammatory bowel disease!!!  There is a world of difference between the two and inflammatory bowel disease is much more serious.  So after the fiasco of unanswered phone calls, sending her home with her catheter in, sending her home with no discharge papers, and giving her a prescription for prednisone with no information about what to do if it had to be discontinued, and now a results report from a vet nurse who can't even get the results correct, I am moving on.  If they couldn't have another doctor make the call, at least have someone call who knows what they are talking about!!!  Misty and I will be meeting with our own vet Thursday to see if we can come up with a treatment plan for my sweet girl.

Now for the results.  I don't know a lot of the details of what all this means but I copied and pasted the comments from the doctor who did the biopsy tests at Kansas State Veterinary Hospital.  

The changes in all sections are consistent with chronic mixed inflammation dominated by plasma cells that is much worse in the stomach (includes both pylorus and fundus). In addition to the inflammation, there is prominent lymphofollicular hyperplasia in both pylorus and fundus lamina propria, as well as regions of gland atrophy and fibrosis. There are increased eosinophils (and some mast cells) in all sections of the gastrointestinal tract; there is no evidence of neoplasia in any section. In the stomach, there are a few spiral shaped bacteria mostly along the superficial surface. The significance of these organisms (consistent with Helicobacter) is unknown. Some studies have linked Helicobacter to gastritis, which is prominent in this case. Other studies have linked Helicobacter with clinical signs, while still other studies suggest there is no correlation because Helicobacter can be frequently found in normal canine stomachs. There are few regions (stomach) of surface erosion, but no overt ulceration is evident. Overall, these changes are not supportive of neoplasia, infectious disease, or lymphangiectasia and is most consistent with a diagnosis of chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). IBD is a diagnosis made while weighing the clinical signs and the histologic lesions and as you know is a diagnosis of exclusion. This disorder is characterized by persistent or recurrent gastrointestinal signs with histologic evidence of inflammation, and so the clinical history is important; it is a diagnosis of exclusion. Definitive interpretation of true idiopathic IBD requires exclusion of recognized parasitic, allergic, and/or infectious causes of intestinal inflammation.

The day of Misty's procedures, the internist was expecting the results to most likely show inflammatory bowel disease, although there were still other possibilities.  She wanted me to start Misty on prednisone right away.  I was a little hesitant because I know the side effects of prednisone and I would have preferred a firm diagnosis.  But I reluctantly agreed.  She got her first dose the next day. Within a couple of hours, she was pacing, panting, irritable, and wanting to go outside every ten minutes.  She totally flooded the kitchen floor that night with her peeing, and I am not exaggerating even a bit.  Misty has trouble with just about every medication she has ever had to take.  I don't know why, but she just doesn't tolerate meds.  All of the symptoms she exhibited are typical with long term use of steroids, but not a couple of hours after one dose.  I reached out to the doctor, and guess what? - I got voicemail.  When I did not hear back from her by the next day, I made the decision to stop it on my own.  Prednisone is one of those drugs that shouldn't be stopped abruptly.  It needs to be tapered off, but since she had only had one dose, I thought it would be OK to stop it.  I never did hear back from the internist.  I guess she went off on her trip.  OH, and I must also note that there were no precautions on the bottle's label about tapering off - I just knew that from past experience with another dog.  Grrrr.  I do believe that the endoscopy and colonoscopy were done correctly and that I can have faith in the lab results, but all the peripheral stuff has me infuriated.

I will stop my rant now and hope that tomorrow's visit with Dr. B. brings a plan to treat Misty.   I will let you all know how things go

Mom K.

Hey, Mom, you forgot to tell them we got a little bit of snow!!!

And NO, we don't want to come inside:)

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  1. I'm glad you finally got the results back, and sorry you had to put up with so much bologna! I hope you and your trusted vet can come up with a treatment plan for your beautiful girl!
    Lots of Virtual Hugs!

  2. You all look great and we're glad you got some snow. We finally got some too! It's too bad that so many in the medical profession (both human and animal) can be so rude and insensitive. Hopefully your regular vet can come up with a good plan for Misty to make her more comfortable. We are keeping our paws crossed that all goes well with the upcoming visit.

  3. I would be very upset with that delay too. I hope you finally get a resolution soon. I tell you, though, the human world of medical care has become a disaster as well.

  4. Sorry you had such trouble. I have had similar issues with Emmy's internist. She was like the Great Oz, guarded by the secretaries and rarely spoke to me, it was usually a tech. I think you were wise to stop the prednisone. I am praying for Misty. XO

  5. That's awful. We're sending purrs and prayers for Misty.

  6. I don't blame you for being upset, I'm livid just reading about it. I'd see if the specialist has a certifiation body, like AAHA and file a formal complaint on how you were treated. Brian has that same dianosis but he isn't reactive to the pred. I hope your Vet can come up with a good plan for that sweet Misty.

  7. Hari OM
    OMD what a trauma - and unnecessary, at that. Well done for getting that off your chest - every right to rant, I'd say! Oh Misty, I sympawthighs with you galdog - I's not able to tolerate many medicines beyond aspirin either... which is why I have to manage with diet and natural medicines. I do hope your regular doctor can help make decisions on this. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. OMG!!!! This sounds like a terrible experience especially after hearing that the doctor who did the tests didn't decipher any of it for you. Hopefully your own vet will be able to help with that. It brings back memories of when we had April years ago. She was also diagnosed with IBD. The morning she was supposed to have the same tests done, she had a bad seizure that basically left her unconscious. So the tests were never done. The vet put her on medication but her IBD was too far advanced for the meds to help much, especially having to be careful because of the seizures. So I do understand what you're going through. My prayers for Misty that she can be diagnosed quickly and get on a good treatment plan. ♥♥♥

  9. Lulu: "What a fiasco! We would be furious with that so-called specialist!"
    Charlee: "Yeah, and their nurse should know the difference between IBS and IBD! We sure do! Tucker and Dennis both had IBD—"
    Chaplin: "We think Dennis's was caused by medication for his heart."
    Charlee: "—and, yeah, that is a tough one for sure."
    Java Bean: "We dogs send lots of tail wags that your regular vet can help you come up with a plan that works for dulce niña Misty!"
    Chaplin: "And we Hipsters send lots of purrs!"

  10. The whole thing sounds sloppy and unprofessional. I'd be pissed too! So sorry you had to go through that and glad you can trust Dr. B to help you and Misty for a plan. Prayers and hugs for all of you.

  11. I am so sorry you are going through that. It seems like you keep getting hit time and again. I know your vet will help. They are the only doctors you can count on. Saying prayers for you all

  12. I am so sorry you are going through that. It seems like you keep getting hit time and again. I know your vet will help. They are the only doctors you can count on. Saying prayers for you all

  13. Not acceptable to make a family worry and wait! We keep Misty in our thoughts and prayers and we send Misty and you, Miss Kathie, huge hugs♥
    I think we might have gotten the same chintzy amount of snow, guys but at least it's some and not none!

  14. it is such a hard time when we nearly get sick with sorrows and there is no call and no information... and at the end incorrect ones... oh man... all the good luck and all guardian angels please hold your hands and paws tomorrow when you see your doc. B.

  15. You poor thing. That sounds awful for you, and totally unprofessional on the part of the specialist. We may have made a similar suggestion in the past but do you have any veterinary practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine anywhere around you? They may be offer to offer you some options tat would be better tolerated by Misty. We came across this on one website: "b) Chinese herbs can also effectively deal with intestinal cramping and spasm, while addressing the underlying inflammation. There are many Chinese herbal formulas that treat a variety of disease patterns, such as Dampness or Stasis in the Stomach. While these herbs are readily available, a veterinarian trained in Chinese herbals will help direct you to the appropriate formula for your dog or cat’s specific pattern of symptoms."

    We really hope you can find a good solution to make Misty comfortable.


    1. It is on my list of things to talk to vet about. Thanks.

  16. So sorry sweet girl, I know you were mortified when you couldn't stop peeing. this doctor needs to be tarred and feathered... will be praying your vet will have a plan that you can live by. Beaus dad has a reaction to almost every drug, he refuses most because he is just like you Misty. hugs to all of you. not enough snow to roll in but enough to keep you nice and cold.
    I do not trust doctors or vets, i have lost all trust with the majority of doctors. we get lost in the specialist thing for each thing. i read every word of this test and it might as well be written in German for all I got out of it. you need a translator and I hope the vet can do that.
    You will remember that August of 2021 Beaus vet said, do not walk Beau, from now on only let him
    out on leash and no running or fast walking allowed. BALDERDASH! is what I say, 7 days after he said that, i started my plan of a little a day and he has not missed walking since then and still climbs in and out of the car and pulls me like I am a sled if I try to walk slow...keep us posted. you did the right thing just stopping the pred. several years ago I took 3 pills the first day and my heart was racing and i was pretty much doing what you were doing and I called my primary doc and she said don't take another one. stop now.. good job mom

  17. That is an appalling way for the specialist and the vet's office to treat a client. I hope your own vet can decipher the report and put Misty on a good treatment plan.

    It grates on my last never when any doctor does this. And our sweet Misty is just such a patient and sweet girl. I'm sorry for you Kathie and for all this aggravation surely not good for you either. I hope you reg. vet can help you get Misty on track. Many hugs and purrs for you both.
    Hugs to all my Woo friends too.

  19. My gawd, that is some terrible treatment and service, I am glad I read this after I read the post about Dr. B., because this is just infuriating. I am so sorry you all had to go through this.


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