Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Another woeful Wednesday Woos report:(

What have we here???

A Siberian Poodle Tail???

And where is his head????

Here I am and I am not a happy camper!  We won't show you any photos of the goriness.  The area really looks gross, but here is what happened.

I had to go the V.E.T again.  Mom found a lot of blood on the floor and discovered a bad boo boo on my tail.  They shaved my beautiful plume at the top and discovered not one, but two, big lumps.  One of them had burst.  Luckily not on the new carpets.  

Unfortunately they are the same evil tumors as the one I had on my chest back in 2009 and on my face in 2011.  Hemangiopericytoma - those wicked spindle cells that spread throughout the body.  After a long discussion about the options, the vet and Mom both agreed that the best thing was to remove the lump that had burst, cauterize the area and stitch it up.  The other one is still there right below the BIG hole where the burst one was removed.  The vet said I was a very brave boy because he was able to do the whole procedure without having to anesthetize me, just a local shot of lidocaine.  There is too much risk with anesthesia with a guy of my age.  I also got a big injection of antibiotics that cost mucho green papers but will last me for two weeks.  The vet didn't think my tummy could take oral antibiotics.  You see, they also switched my pain meds last week to tramadol and Marin, but my tummy isn't liking the change very much.  I am just a mess.

Mom here now.  At 15 and with all his medical problems, it really doesn't make much sense to put Phantom through a lot of surgery for these lumps.  His days are definitely numbered, but we couldn't have him here bleeding all the time.  I am just hoping this does the trick.  He will have to wear the bandage for two days and the collar for two weeks until the stitches come out.  Some of you may remember the terrible reaction he had after his chest surgery when he had to wear a t-shirt for weeks.  He got so depressed.  But I know he will try to lick the stitches without the collar.  I have a comfy collar on him now.  It allows him to get in and out of his crate.  I may try to get him one of the inflatable ones so he could eat more easily.  I have one but it is an extra large that we once used for Thunder.  I hope he will cooperate.

I hate this thing, but I will try as long as you keep the treats coming my way.

One other note - Ciara HAS been admitted to the study on seizures.  She has had one additional seizure since we last reported here. She must have another one by March 4th to stay in the study.  I am not wanting her to have any more, but if she does, at least she is being carefully monitored by the neurologist and his staff.  For now she is doing well.

Soooooo, you can understand why we haven't been posting much, not much good news around here to share:(

Woos - The OP Pack and Mom


  1. Oh poor Phantom! We're sorry to hear about the boo boos on your tail but it's good seeing you look so perky waiting for treats! We are sending our love and purrs for you to heal up quickly!

    We're glad Ciara is being monitored and so hope they find the cause of the seizures. We're sending her lots of love and purrs too! We're sending you hugs and purrs too Mom!

  2. Poor Mom, you have been through so much in the past year. With Phantom being sick and not eating well, Thunder having to say bye, and now again with Ciara's seizures and Phantom's lumps. We are going to pray for your sanity though, and your strength and peace to get through all this. Your furbabies are very important. My Buddy likes them a lot. He thinks they're the coolest pack around. He wants a pack too but doesn't have one anymore. So he likes to look at other packs so he can keep up with everything.

  3. Phantom we are so Sorry that you have this trouble with your tail and your tummy. We Have our paws crossed fur you buddy.
    We are very much glad that Ciara got into the study group.

    We TOTALLY understand that you all have a LOT on your plates and supper dishes... We are HERE. HERE for YOU when you need us.
    MANY Warm HUGS and CUDDLES to all of you and your peeps..
    POTP to one and all.

  4. My dear friend Phantom,
    we are so sorry for you! We don't know how to say it in English, but we feel us very close to you and your pack! You are a very old man indeed, but you look so sweet and adorable, so we cannnot think that your days are counted!
    And then this thing with Ciara too!
    Poor Mom, she has so many worries at the time!
    We wish you all the best and hope you don't have to suffer with all those bad things you must go through!
    Love and strong thoughts from us
    Arno and Silvia

  5. Sending hugs to ALL of you!
    I hope the combo of Tramadol and Marin help Phantom -- and being kicked out of the study for not having a seizure sounds like a great way to get kicked out. ;)
    You're in our prayers, K. Bon courage.

  6. OMD...we are also sending lots of hugs your way....Hang in there Phantom!!!

    Get well Smileys!
    Dory, Arty, Jakey & Bilbo

  7. Oh dear Phantom, don't get upset with the noise, but seven of us kitties are sending you our best purrs, and they are quite loud and meant to help you heal. Hugs and love from all of us.

  8. Whew, oh Phantom, we feel so bad for you, the cone of shame is always bad, that your meds and let the tail heal up buddy! Hoping them nasty seizures are over!

    The Mad Scots

  9. Sharing both the good news AND the bad news is just what Blogville does. We're all here for each other.

    Sending more prayers and POTP your way for both Phantom and Ciara.

  10. We send you and Phantom huge gentle hugs. I hope that Phantom can tolerate that thing... and that he enjoys the extra treats coming his way. I cannot tell you how much I wish that those stupid bumps on his tail had never appeared.

    I know that Ciara is weighing on your mind too. I wish with all my heart that both Ciara and Phantom would feel better.

  11. I'm so sorry. Hugs to everyone.

  12. We have our paws crossed tight for all of you. These are tough times. We hope everyone gets better soon.

  13. Oh Phantom - we are sorry to hear about your tail and your tummy. We admire your strength to hang in there - I'm sure the treats will be forthcoming.

    We are sorry to hear that so many tough things are happening to your pack, Momster. You are doing so well right now. Hang in there.
    I'm sure you have friends who can offer you a lot more, but if you ever need a chat, feel free to drop me a line. I'd love to be able to help.

    And this may sound a little strange but this is why you are my favourite blog; the Momster, even during bad times, always manages to post the news creatively (in this case, with the poodle tail and the whereabouts of the woofie head!).


  14. So, so sorry to hear all the icky news. Lots of warm fuzzies, thoughts, and prayers heading your way. Linda, Pepper, and Dublin

  15. Oh Phanton
    That boo boo sounds big and mean!
    I hope you get to feeling comfortable and no itchies and stuff. I keep you in my thoughts everyday. And were also glad Ciara got accepted in the study,,but if course we hope no more seizeures ever.
    So much going on at your house,, we understand.

  16. We are sending big hugs to old mr blue eyes and hope his tail heals with no problems

  17. Omd! Things are just not going your way guys! :(
    I'm glad you got the tumours taken care of, hopefully that does the trick!
    And I'm SO glad Ciara is in that study now!
    I sure hope things start turning around for all of you!
    And btw your Siberian poodle tail is very adorable despite why it looks like that!
    ((Husky hugz from DA pack))
    "Love is being owned by a husky"

  18. We're purring for you. We hope those nasty tumors don't bother you any more. We're purring for Ciara too. We hope they find out what's causing the seizures and can treat her for it.

    The Florida Furkids

  19. Sending good thoughts and healing wishes to Phantom and Ciara.

  20. 24 Paws crossed for you Phantom. We are sending Sibe Vibes your way!

  21. Phantom, you are a tough old man! We know you will do your best and ease some of momster's worry. Have you tried Pepsid with the Tramadol? Siku must do that or it overwhelms her tummy, too. Know we walk beside you every step of your journey and will always be there for you and your love.

  22. Oh Phantom...feel better, buddy

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  23. That's between a rock and a hard place for Ciara...tough choice. To have, or not. Bummer.

    Phantom, we hope you heal quickly and the other lump doesn't cause you ANY problems.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  24. Oh no! We feel for you mum. We are praying that the lancing does the trick and Phantom will be OK. So hard when they are old as you feel so helpless with limited options. We have our paws crossed for Clara too. As always in our thoughts and prayers.
    Best wishes Molly

  25. You poor boy, Phantom. This is just not fair! We're sending lots and lots of healing vibes and AireZen your way so you can lose this stoopid cone!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  26. Sending love & hugs.

    Love Ruby & Penny

  27. I am so so sowwy, poow phantom, such a vewy bwave boy..i hope he'll be comfowtabull and can enjoy his tweats and doesn't get sad, and poow just isn't faiw..mommi and I awe pwaying, my POTP is coming to you along wif my healing smoochie kisses.
    We send good thoughts fow Phantom and Ciawa's wecovewy.
    Asta and Mommi

  28. Oh Phantom, this news brought tears to Mom's eyes. We are so sorry that you are going through all this. You are such a brave boy and such a strong boy. We sure send you hugs and your Mom too with the hugs.We also hope that Ciara does well in that study and they can give you something to help. You sure are in our thoughts and prayers.

  29. Phantom and Ciara
    Mom and I are so very very sorry you are both feeling poorly. Phantom you are a brave Woo.
    Ciara we hope and pray the study finds an answer to your seizures.
    Hugs madi your bfff and mom

  30. Phantom, we are amazed at your patience with all that is going on! We're sending healing thoughts and prayers to you and Clara. Our woofie Trapper had a hard time with seizures and Clara, if you can help with a breakthrough, that would be wonderful!

    Take care,
    Tinker, Anastasia, Chopin, Angel Tom and Angel Trapper

  31. Poor Phantom, you have really been in the wars and I think you are such a brave fellow.

    I am sending lots of love and rumbly purrs to you and your whole family and I hope you feel much better soon


  32. We've been thinking of you and sending hugs and loves and GOLDEN healing vibes to all of your pups. We made Harlow a collar out of a towel and some duct tape. It allowed her lots of movement, was comfortable but prevented her from getting to her spay stitches.

    Good luck!

    Monty and Harlow

  33. Oh no! We are so sorry to hear that all that is going on. We've got our paws crossed and are sending healing Doxie hugs.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  34. We are purring very hard for you, furiends!!!

  35. we are so very sorry to hear everything going on with your pack. we are sending healing purrs

  36. We heard from Ann that Phantom and Ciara were having a few challenges and wanted to send you our love. Phantom, our seventeen year old cat, Leo, just had two large lumps removed from his back so we completely understand your state. His tummy is upset too from meds and now he is constipated! It sucks.We hope you do well with the cone...maybe it can be off when your pawrents are around.

    We are thinking of all of you and send our love.


    the critters in the cottage xo

  37. Oh Phantom, your poor lovely tail. Sending you lots of healing hugs and licks xxx

  38. We are sending healing thoughts your way for Phantom and Ciara.

    Lots of purrs,


  39. Oh no poor baby. Hope your tail gets all better soon

  40. Oh mom,,,you poor thing! decisions and more decisions, then couple that with trying to keep your new carpet clean post surgery! Our prayers are with you. please give Phantom and all the dogs special love from us and tell Ciara to be a sweet girl because we love her and are rooting for her to do well.

  41. Oh mom,,,you poor thing! decisions and more decisions, then couple that with trying to keep your new carpet clean post surgery! Our prayers are with you. please give Phantom and all the dogs special love from us and tell Ciara to be a sweet girl because we love her and are rooting for her to do well.

  42. Thank you for the update, and please know you are all in our thoughts during this difficult time.
    Stewey and his mom

  43. Hi to all OP pack!

    Our thoughts and prayers are always with you guys, even when you don't need them!

    We are hoping Phantom can heal up and enjoy the spring when it comes. Little Ciara too, she is too young to be having such problems. All blessings on these dear dogs, and lets add Lightning too, just for safetys sake!


    Stella, Zkhat and their Mom

  44. Poor certainly have been through the wringer buddy...I'm so sorry. NOT FAIR! I'm glad they got that one lump off your tail and you were so very brave about it all too! Sorry also that the meds are not fun...hopefully you will adjust to those my friend. Your Sister Ciara isn't a happy girl either I suppose. I'm glad you have each other to keep you going - and your dear Mom who loves you ALL as do all of us! WOO WOO WOO to ALL OF YOU!

    Love and Hugs, Sammy and Mom

  45. Ann @ Zoolatry had said you needed purrs and purrayers, so we wanted to stop by and offer ours. Whatever happens, may it be for your Highest Good, and be merciful.

    We're sending kitty kisses and hugs to you all.

    Nicki and Derry

  46. Dear Phantom, I cross my paws for you as hard as I can. I agree, a bursted lump or tumor is horrible, as that happened to our Frosty, we were shocked too and we made the same decision like you.

  47. Ann at Zoolatry's told me some (((purrs))) was needed over here , so here I am.
    Hope you both will feel better soon !

  48. Sending you our love!

    Stop on by for a visit

  49. We Beaglebratz herd the newz that there were sum sickiez goin'on over here an'that sum POTP wuz needed. Phantom - u b a good boy now - don't fret none'boutz them stitchez cuz all that iz werkin'tue make u all better. An'Ciara - u just tell that seizure monster tue GO AWAY! We know u will b closely watched butt u just don't need that seizure monster botherin'u.
    Here'z a whole lotta POTP an'prayerz an'hugz fer your mom.
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

  50. Oh, no. Poor Phantom. This getting old stuff is not easy sometimes. I hope he's comfortable and I know he's getting all the love (and treats) he can get.

    And I do hope Ciara gets to stay in the study, although the requirements to do so are, as you say, not the best.

    I haven't been blogging like I'd like either--my husband is dealing with an aggressive cancer and we spend out days getting radiation. Prognosis is good though.

  51. Oh my goodness! The cone of shame sucks the big one! We've had to use that on our kitty cats here at Forty Paws a few times. Bummer. We're sending tons of purrs and purrayers and headbutts to both Phantom and Ciara.

    Luf, Us and Maw

  52. Oh Poor Phantom. That sounds just so miserable. And the collar too. Noooooooooo! Hang in there , Buddy, and hang in there, Mom Kathie!

    Glad Ciara is doing better. we would also prefer the no more seizures scenario.

    Tommy (and all the family)

  53. My poor sweet woofie pals... I'm so sorry, and it sure seems like it's all happening at once. We're sending our BIGGEST RUMBLE and HAMMY purrs to you all, and to your mummy who must be beside herself with worry. Please be well.

  54. We are so sorry for the troubles that have found their way to your door. We are praying each day that the sun will shine brighter in your home. Give everyone a big hug and prayer from us.
    stella rose and family

  55. Awwww this makes me so sad, this is afte all my extended pack and I love each of my adopted pack so much, I really feel so sorry for Phantom with his cone of shame and bandaged poodle tail but I'm happy he got treated and is doing well, I wish I could give him a big hug for being so brave! Ciara needs hugs too, I really hope she is doing well and although another seizure is not what anyone wants it is good that she will be monitored and cared for. All the love to you all, power of paw and puggy licks to you all, love Frank your little wiggle woo XxxxX

  56. Oh my sweet Phantom...please get better soon. This is just no fun at all for anybody, especially yourself!
    Hang in there mom and be strong.
    Hugs to you and all.

    June & mom

  57. Phantom, I am so sorry that your evil tumor burst and put you through so much unpleasantness. I hope it heals up soon and you can ditch the cone. I am glad that Ciara is in the study, but I don't like the requirement that she have another seizure at all. I send hugs to Mom and the kitties are purring like mad for Phantom and Ciara.

  58. Oh poor Phantom! And poor Ciara too. You are going through some bad times. Wish we could give you a hug (or a couple of shots of vodka). We're thinking of you and hope things improve soon.

  59. We are sending BIG purrs to Phantom and Ciara. We wish them all the best.
    We also send purrs to you,Mom, as we know you are very worried.

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  60. Sending some comforting purrrrrrss to Phantom, Ciara, and their pawrents.

  61. We hate to read this about Phantom. We hope he heals well and doesn't get too impatient with the cone. Sending a hug for you.

    We hope Ciara doesn't have any more seizures. We know what a scare they are.

  62. Thinking of you and Phantom! Happy healing!

  63. Howdy Dear Woos. Blimey, you've had enough on your plates haven't you. We will send all our positive vibes to you that you have peaceful and relaxing days. Gentle hugs to you all.
    No worries, and LOVE, Stella and Rory

  64. So very sorry your beloved doggies are having health issues. Sending you comforting hugs and prayers.

  65. Oh No , you really are going through it at your pad. Must be such a worrying time for you all. Sending loads of healing pawrayers and love xxooxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  66. Oh, we are so sorry to read of all the Woo's woes.

    Phantom buddy, we are so sorry about the poodle tail but we thinks you wear it well and look very dashing and dangerous like a pirate. We <3 you buddy and are sending healing purrs paws crossed for a speedy recovery and many more happy days with your family.

    Ciara, we are sorry you had another seizure but are relieve you are in a study where you will be monitored. <3 and healing purrs to you, we hopes you don't have any more seizures/that they can find out why you are having them and fix it.

    Love and comforting purrs to all of you.


  67. I reallys do feel for you Phantom!
    That thing on your neck doesn't look to bad at all reallys.
    You keeps demanding them TREATS and they'll makes you feel betters.
    Big wet kisses,
    Enid xx

  68. What a lot of problems all at once. I read about Phantom and Ciara on the Cat Blogosphere site. I hope that both feel better very soon. Phantom looks very good at fifteen, and seems strong enough to fight these lumps. And, as you write, Ciara will be studied if she has any more seizures. It must be very bewildering for them. Good luck to all there.

  69. Poor guy, we wondered where you were. Although we had an idea you were busy with paws. Paws always come first.
    Amie had very similar things when she was an old girl. She came back from the vet looking like a patchwork quilt once. Another of our dogs also had seizures, all to do with her age. We used to keep her away from anything that she might hurt herself on. When it was over, she would get up and wonder what all the fuss had been about. Keep safe guys, lots and lots of love coming your way x x x

  70. We're sorry to read about the lumps on your tail, Phantom. You sure were a trooper at the vet! We think you deserve extra treats for being so brave. We hope you continue to look forward to your treats. :)

    Ciara, we are crossing our paws for you to continue doing well.

    We're keeping the both of you, Lightning and Mom in our purrayers.

  71. Tramadol is a wonderful pain killer but was really rough on my stomach. Make sure he doesn't take it on an empty stomach!

  72. Oh no, not you two, too! We are sending lots of big purrs and purrayers for all of you. (Mom included) We hope that Phantom heals quickly.

    Thank you for the sweet words for my Prancer Pie. He was such a blessing to us.

  73. We are sorry that all this is going on for you Phantom and we send you and Ciara all our good healing thoughts and our prayers.

  74. hello woos its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer abowt phantoms bad lumps that is no fun at all!!! the kone of shaym has ben putting in way too menny appeeranses laytly!!! we wil wag owr tails for a speedy rekuveree and for gud nooz abowt ciara!!! thank yoo for yore kind thawts dooring yore own diffikult time on owr loss of tucker this week it meens a lot to us to hav had all of his frends rally to his side dooring his final illness!!! ok bye

  75. Oh Phantom, I'm so worried now! This isn't good, I just hope that bandage and what the vet did will do the trick. It sounds really nasty, and I know you're quite an old man now, but I would hate to have you go too. Persevere with that cone, it's all for the better!
    Poor Ciara, things really aren't going well for you guys. I hope she's back to normal again soon!
    Thinking of you guys,
    Pippa :)

  76. Oh, my, goodness! I hope Phantom is feeling better!

    Cosmo says, "Feel better Old Dude"

  77. You guys are in our prayers. I know things are tough but try to enjoy the time you have with Phantom. You know he holds a very special place in my heart. I just wanna give him a big hug!
    Sending our love,
    Teresa and Taffy

  78. Oh gosh, we have missed so much! I am so sorry for dear Phantom …but I must say he still looks handsome even in his cone.

    So sorry to hear about Ciara. I hope the study gives some answers …Ruby has a history of seizures but fortunately she hasn't had one since she's been with us.

    Prayers for both Phantom and Ciara!!!!!

  79. May all these wonderful blogville comments comfort you like a warm blanket wrapped around your shoulders. You're in our thoughts!

  80. We is back but not happy to read 'bout Phantom and Ciara's trubbles. :( We has missed all of you very much too. Max and me is gonna send extra boxer puppy prayers to all of you and our mom is gonna send some of hers too.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  81. Adding my POTP to the senior's speedy recovery. Fifteen?!? That's like a bagillion years in human years. Get well soon, Phantom.

    Well, at least all seems well. Hope you get that other nasty tumor out...I thought it was one of those blood hematomas...

  82. We called by to see how things are, we can see they are not so good. We are so sorry it has been a bad start to this year. We do hope it gets better for you.
    We do think about you guys all the time and are sending good vibes we hope they help.
    Licks Bobby & Pip

  83. We stopped by to check on all of you and see how you are doing. Leaving purrs and pawtaps.

  84. So sorry to read all this. Sending love and healing thoughts to Phantom and Ciara.

  85. Don't know how I misses this post... But so very sorry to hear of Phantom's troubles... Hope he is on the mend by now! Good news on Ciara and the study!

  86. Hi - I am so so sorry to hear about Phantom :(:( Me and my pup Indiana Bones Taylor are sending healing slobbers from cold Baltimore to your house. We love your dogs and reading their stories. Feel better Phantom!


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