Monday, May 13, 2024

Awww Monday

 Sigh - another rainy day!!!

Rain, rain, go away,

Come again another day.

Misty and Timber want to play.

Rain, rain, go away.

Woos - Misty (and Timber)

Note from Mom:  Does anyone know how I can fix Blogger so it doesn't keep sending many of the comments I get from regular readers to Spam?  It is driving me nuts.

It's another Awww Mondays Blog Hop Day sponsored by Comedy Plus.  Let's hop on board.


  1. I agree - too many rainy days are no fun.

  2. It's in the 90s here. We've had a lot of rain this winter/spring. I think it's over though. I'm not ready for this hot. I hope you get some sunshine and spring soon.

    I found Blogspot very difficult some years back and decided to go to WordPress, so I don't know anything about Blogspot anymore.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches to the pups and a hug to you. ♥

  3. No kidding sweeties, we're gonna have rain the rest of the week here too. Sorry, we don't know anything about blogger but that sure would be frustrating!

  4. I hope it stops raining soon! (I notice the same issue with Blogger!)

  5. We've been getting a lot of rain here too so we feel your pain, Misty.

  6. We had ours most of the weekend - and it is suppose to come back tomorrow or Wednesday - we are making the most of the nice stuff now - front door and back door open - and we just came in from doing a wee bit of weeding - and I went and greeting a couple walking by -

    What we would like to fix is not being able to post comments the first time or two - so the one with the thumbs Control C's - then refreshes the page - and Control V's - and we need to do that here now!

    Now off to assemble our Tuesday post!


  7. Kathie it does the very same thing to me. I have now idea how to fix it. I finally have trained myself to check comment several times a week. I found regs that I've known for years in there. Just recently Brian's Home was in spam.

    Misty maybe we need to give you a nickname of Sunny.

    You look very precious
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Blogger is being totally weird. I've no idea how to fix it tho. Love your beautiful dog - and yes this rain has been hard on them! #AwwMondays

  9. I am sorry about Blogger, which I am wrestling with on a daily basis, and I am sorry about the rain.

  10. Do what we do in Scotland. Ignore the rain and go out and play anyway!

  11. my blogger is doing that too and the thing is, there are 2 that every thing they post goes to spam. I usually have about 6 a day that go there, but mine are posting on the blog, even though they are in spam. I did what Cecilia does and check and publish. it does make me crazy.. I think Goolge wants to get rid of blogger, they don't make money off of it. Please send your rain down here, I am doing a rain dance to make it move down here, we are desparate

  12. Mom can't stand rain and we had a lot of it the past month. If rains at night, that's fine but not during the day!

  13. Rain will come, rain will go ... as long as you don't get any of that other bad-stuff-out-there ... we keep our eyes on midwest weather to be sure all of you are safe and sound! BLOGGER: ohmydogs, it's lots of spam stuff these days, even the OP Pack is often there, why? who knows. how to fix? who knows.
    just check it all the time, every time you check comments, check spam ...

  14. We sure hope the sun comes out for you soon!
    Rosy and Sunny
    Peeess...Blogger has been going down hill for awhile now...

  15. Hope you get some sunshine soon. XO

  16. There was a song, Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down.

    I figure Blogger is teaching its AI to detect spam, and it's not very good at it, a lot of my regular commenters end up in spam daily. I check it once each day and haul all of them back out, so it's always emptied each day and nothing builds up. That's the only way I've found to deal with it.

  17. Lulu: "We got a lot of rain here this year, but it seems to have finally stop! I hope yours stops soon too!"
    Java Bean: "Ayyy, we have been having to pull comments out of spam for a long time! But we have the WordPress! I guess it must be because spam is so delicious ..."

  18. It's been pretty rainy here too! We still get our long walks but no trips to the dog park because it would be too muddy. No fun at all!


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